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  1. Re 532/33 --  Vintageann - ask Eddie if he knows Rick from Bulwell not Clifton  -  he has been out with them quite a few times at the Bell when he is in the Country and is often in touch with Bob Clifford.


    Don't know if this thread is alive but thought I would mention it - not read this forum in ages and now going to start it again. :-)

  2. my sister says they have woolworths in southafrica still but now run by a diferent company but kept its old name.must have been with the agreement of the company or i am sure they would have been sued as it was regitered world wide trade name.

    Woolworths are the best Supermarket in Australia - brilliant shop.

  3. I worked at Players for about 5 years from 1965 and absolutely loved working there.

    I was a "qualified secretary" as we were called in those days but had a flat to pay for so worked on the factory floor because the money was better than the office and worked as a factory clerk in Tobacco Factory then transfered to Qualtiy Control a couple of years later - loads of overtime if we wanted it to pay for our week-ends of pleasure.

    I played hockey for Players and we were given the best facilites and load of perks - week-ends away, all paid for and great mates to share it with.

    Yes they were strict but that is what work was all about then.

  4. I bought a pair of boots from Paul Smiths on Byard Lane - think they were what models wore then they sold them off in the shop but they were not cheap.

    Also bought some shoes from Lotus which I ordered from a catalogue and had them delivered to the shop - wore them until they dropped apart but they cost me 69/11 which was a fortune then. (got them on in this photo :laugh: )

    Spent all night outside Wallis' shop in Jan 67 (with your sister in law Mudgie) to get a pure wool red coat that was reduced to £4 then decided I didn't like it and sold it to a friend for the same money.

    Culotte dress from C & A was another favourite and my "best" maternity dress was from Biba and the buttons from it have been on at least 6 garments and still have them.

    The girl I shared a flat with still has all her Mary Quant clothes and will not let anybody touch them never mind wear them.

    Never bought anything from Birdcage - spent all money on shoes.

  5. Apple coarers (Spelling?) made from bone.

    My Mum had one (Probably still has) and made thousands (And I mean THOUSANDS) of apple pies (My Dads favourite) using it. And of course there were the baked apples filled with treacle and raisins, with "Carnation 'evaporated' Milk" poured over it.

    And there's another one or two "Carnation 'evaporated' Milk" , and 'condenced milk'

    Condensed and Carnation Milk are available in all supermarkets and they do a Light version of them now.

    My OH loves very thick black coffee with just a little condensed milk in it.

  6. My treat was a Frys Five Boys Chocolate bar and a tin of Carnation Milk !!

    My cousin was always allowed to have just the Carnation Milk without tinned fruit and bread and butter at Sunday teatime but my mother would never let me have this so when I did my grandmothers Co-op shop she used to put a tin of Carnation on the order and give it to me to have at her house.

    Why did we always have to have bread and butter with fruit and Carnation - worse than pobs.

    jackson - you used to get more pocket money than my Dad :laugh:

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  7. Many years ago we had our pub lliving accommodation redecorated but being busy did not have much time to speak to the painters except for letting them in and the staff giving them tea and cheese cobs etc.

    2 weeks later we were at reception in a Hotel in India when I heard this voice say - Hello Mrs.......... what are you doing here? The painters foreman and his wife on the same tour as us.

  8. Ok so the OH's grandmother suggested using old tea bags covered in olbas oil, apparently cats etc hate it and wont go near the flower bed. So thats what i did, this morning as i was up from 4am with the little one, there i was having a cuppa at the dinning table and saw my own cat digging up the freshly dug up soil!! Little bogger! And its not like he was using it as a toilet either, it looked like he was doing it for the sake of doing it.

    Sorry but that was a "spluttering my green tea all over the laptop" moment - made me laugh out loud. :laugh:

  9. I cannot quite make out what class of locomotive is shown, it looks too short to be a O4 2-8-0 and has what looks like a GNR tender so it is possibly a J5 or J6 0-6-0.

    The loco at Basford North is an ex GCR 4-6-2T LNER class A5.

    Sorry the pic is not too good - hubby does not know how they came to have a camera but wished it had been a better one.

  10. The green coaches were provided by the Southern Region at Bournmouth. The went North one day and back south the next day. The other set for the oposite direction were provided by York and were the normal BR standard colours. Each set making a one way trip each day.

    Bulwell Common was my spot for watching trains.

    My husbands spot as well - here are a couple of his photographs


    Train between Hucknall Road and Andover Road Bestwood Estate Nottingham


    The view 1st March 2013

    Photos taken opposite G & M Car Sales on Hucknall Road


    Basford North Station Bulwell Nottingham 1950's Me and my brother with two friends train spotting.

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  11. Thank you darkanza, I remembered you had to make a roux first. Perhaps I'll find some butterscotch essence in April when I'm over, perhaps a health food store?

    Getting very difficult to find in shops but is available online.

    If you are going to get vanilla can I suggest this one ---- - was recommended by Delia Smith in one of her programmes and it all but disappeared out of the shops for ages.

    Lakeland shop is 2-4 Wheelergate - you can see it when you are in the Square.

  12. I like to read Babs posts - so many things I never knew about Nottingham. Even though I came to Nottingham at 18 I know more about it than my own home town.

    We have a friend whose daughter has dyslexia and is (a quite young) assistant headmistress of a school in Yorkshire because it was recognisied when she started school unlike it being totally unknown when we were kids.