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  1. Just received the book on the camp and was surprised that on the second page and the last page was a photo of the football team I wrote about recently, I am the one in the middle of the photo. The book is great and brings back many happy memories.
  2. I left in 1956 and find it interesting that some of the teacher I had were still at the school. Nobby Auckland was my form master and used to take us for football, helping Alan Wade the ex Notts County player. The Headmaster was Mr Gallager. I enjoyed my time at John Players and had a good education, well I thought I did, I finished up a Chief Office in Local government so the education could not have been that bad.
  3. There was a shop half way up Landseer Street, but was not used as a shop until after the late 60's because until that time my Grand Parents lived there and it was used as a house.. Mike
  4. Hi, I used to use 'Ilki' cinema as it was known by the locals I was born and lived some 200yards away in Hague Street until I was 11years old and moved to Strelley in 1952. I never knew it was called Ilkeston Road Eclectic Picture Palace, fancy name for a flea pit!!!!! Mike
  5. Hi Could be it did begin with 'G' Mike
  6. Hi, Just read the above having just posted my memories on Pipewood Camp, I also went to Skegness before Pipewood and I would have been about 8 years old some 66 years ago. I enjoyed it, my first time away from home. At the time i was going to Forsters Street Junior School in Radford. Mike
  7. Last night I was watching a programme with my wife on train journeys and it went from Birmingham to Stafford via Rugeley and my wife said that she had never been to Rugeley. This brought back memories and I told her that when I was at junior school some 60 years ago I went to a camp known as Pipewood and I stayed for a month on holiday. We used to walk to Rugeley every Saturday buying sweets in Woolworths before walking back home. On a warm day I can remember it seemed a very long way. I can recall going on a walk that took in all the Ridgeways, Mavesyn-Pipe-Hamstall- Hill before returnig to