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  1. NewBasfordlad

    Demolished Memories

    And thank you for bring back some very pleasant memories
  2. NewBasfordlad

    The Day Brook (at Daybrook)

    Did some heavy work in that place when I worked for Sturton's on St Albans road Arnold
  3. NewBasfordlad

    Demolished Memories

    Seeing how I was going out with her for a few years, besotted I was, I am sure you now the tale of your first serious girlfriend, it's hard to pin it down but I reckon that would be just before we broke up so 69.
  4. NewBasfordlad

    Demolished Memories

    you now darn well that's a certain lady my first serious girlfriend on her way back to work after having collected lunch
  5. NewBasfordlad

    Pubs closing down

    I know we moan about the price of beer in town, I used to too until I stopped going but have you seen the rates they pay to the council it makes the eyes water. I only have two watering holes now the Woodlark in Lambley, expensive but nice, we are now waiting to see what happens as the landlord and landlady are retiring. The second one is the Balfour/conservative club in Arnold, much cheaper at £2-30p a pint, very clean, locked door so you don't get any trouble. Funny thing is I think I am the only conservative that goes in the place so I get ragged rotten.
  6. NewBasfordlad


    A score draw indeed.
  7. NewBasfordlad


    Oh dear Col are you upset that's unusual isn't it. and by the way I never mentioned Brexit you did. And about funding don't forget that Cameron spent well over the odds at one go 7 million limit 9 million of taxpayers money to mail shot every house in the UK or perhaps that doesn't count......
  8. NewBasfordlad

    'How does your garden grow?'

    I've asked a few gardening friends and to be honest at the moment we are stumped
  9. NewBasfordlad


    So the remoaners never broke the law or lied I didn't realise how perfect they all are. Both sides put their own spin on the facts as they presented them it what politicians do.
  10. NewBasfordlad

    A few random photos - 2

    Nice old gas fire in the 1930s control room, they were still going in the 60s with spares still available. Something you won't see today, dedicated spares usually cease manufacture after 15 year with Which magazine giving an average life for a modern boiler of just 10 years
  11. NewBasfordlad

    'How does your garden grow?'

    It will be interesting to find out
  12. NewBasfordlad

    'How does your garden grow?'

    That's strange mint is often use as a deterrent for fly's
  13. NewBasfordlad

    Old Streets of Nottingham

    Think to much of themselves??? A couple of years back we were called to a house on Standhill Road to change a ball cock in the tank in the roof space. The owner had already bought the ball cock and being unable to fit it had left it in the roof. The lad went up while I waited below as he weighs considerable less than me, all done off we went. The next day I get a phone call from her to tell me how we had damaged the bathroom ceiling and wanting the name of my insurance company, what she didn't know was I had been in the bathroom whilst waiting for the lad. I arranged to go and see her, and while there asked to see the damage we had allegedly caused, she pointed to a tiny white spot on a dark purple ceiling, then looked askance at me as I took out my camera and photographed the 6" hole in the middle of the ceiling where someone had tried to fit a bullseye light without first finding out where the roof joints were. When I refused to give her the information about the insurance company she said "I hope you know I work for the city council" to which I replied "tell me where and I will tell them that you have just tried to commit insurance fraud" The look on her face was something to be hold, she really thought that because she worked for the council I would be cowed in to retreat.
  14. NewBasfordlad

    The Lost City.

    Not far away Castle Works junction of Castle road and Castle boulevard, if you look at the iron gates on the building you can still see their Initials with the crest above the gates.
  15. NewBasfordlad

    The Lost City.

    Whitworth's from the days you had to be a 'registered plumber' and had to have your taps, tanks etc stamped by the water authority on Castle Boulevard. Now the phrase 'Master Plumber' means little or nothing.