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  1. Bobbers Mill Road area

    About the inland sea, if you go to the top winding house on the High Peak railway there is very informative plague near the viewing spot telling all about it. Did you know the Sahara was at one time under water and home to some of the largest sharks the world has ever seen. Then we worry about global warming!!!!
  2. How's your day?

    Chulla just one more point with your type of system run the heating pump once a month just for ten minutes this will help prevent jamming and burning out. You would believe how much pumps cost these days
  3. How's your day?

    Bloomin heck lots to say now. Chulla start saving young man 1972 Glow Worm in all possibility has no dedicated spares available. Regards to your pilot light, could be dirt easily fixed, could be thermocouple available, easily fixed, could be the gas valve could be 24 volt if it is it will be a new boiler, maybe 240 volt if it is the right model available could be fixed, pici will tell me. But you are right they don't make like they used to,the general advice these days is if you have a 10 year old boiler and it's going to cost £250 to repair get a new boiler there is too much else that can go wrong and it is all 10 years old. Glow Worm had a great reputation now shot to bits wouldn't touch a modern one with a barge pole. British Gas again don't touch them with a barge pole the industries best rip off merchants their prices are beyond ridiculous. They don't even have their own installers just subcontractors in British Gas overalls. Jill, bathrooms are a sticking point with some installers they tend not to be that well up on the electrical regulations so play safe and say it can't be done however it is actually dependant on the circumstances. Bathrooms are divided into 3 zones each with their own regulations. To put it simply if the appliance is 600mm from say the edge of the bath/shower or from a basin tap then it is perfectly legal and more importantly safe to install in that location. When you talk about the size of a combi like most people the first thing that springs to mind is the heating circuit but in fact in a domestic property that has very little to do with the size of a combi you choose. Most 3 or 4 bedroom homes need 12 to 16Kws to heat them where as the smallest combi is 24Kws it is all about hot water supply. If you where my client one of the questions I would ask is "Are you a shower girl or a bath girl?" Cheeky I know but you have to have a laugh at work but again it tells me how much of an hot water supply you are going to need, a bath needs a bigger boiler. It is at this point I would check the amount of cold water coming into the property at the first supply tap and would be looking for 14ltrs per minute. So for a shower girl I would recommend a Baxi Duo-tec 28kw with a 7 year guarantee, or for a bath girl a Baxi Dou-tec 33 just to fill the bath in a reasonable time. Because you are going to be spending about £2000 (a pure guess without seeing the installation) I would also recommend a Magnaclean filter cost about £100 but will seriously help protect your investment. If I can help with further advice let me know.
  4. Bobbers Mill Road area

    Thanks CT at last I have got my bearings
  5. How's your day?

    Glad you asked, there is so much carp out there. There several manufacturers that have a good reputation and some not to touch with a very long barge pole. Worcester Green Star are expensive but very good I have one myself which should tell a story, but I am sure on their guarantees at this time I will check for you. Found it extended to 7 years as of this year if debris filters fitted. Baxi are good and are offering 7 to 10 year guarantees dependant on the model. There are other good ones out there but these two companies offer great service with their own dedicated service engineers should things go wrong a must with modern combi boilers as are long guarantees. Some companies offer a guarantee but then sub-contract their repairs out which means you get the local plumber as and when. Which magazine did an article where they estimated that over a 10 year life cycle it would cost an estimated £1000 for repairs on top of the purchase price. Do you have an existing combi fitted or is this a first? It can make a big difference in the cost of installation. If we could work out a spec for you, you could then ask for quotes to produce that spec. One thing to remember Jill ..........Gas Safe registration does not mean good plumber, all it means they should be safe to work on gas. If you can get someone by recommendation so much the better. Finally where about do you live in Derby's Ask any question you like and I will try to help.
  6. How's your day?

    Col them zipper bags are what SWMBO uses to freeze her pureed tomatoes that way she can pack in loads of the stuff. The runners are washed, sliced and frozen by the bag full. Some tom's she will just freeze as is, if they are dry they won't stick together, these will go in the frying for my fried breakfast's. Today has been spent preparing for the arrival on Tues of the new van, assembling and spraying racking, took the Sportive for a wash & valet.
  7. Any Hippies here?

    Col I was seriously put off LSD so never tried it. One night we were in the pub in Buxton when in dashed one of the girls asking for help for her hubby, they lived in what used to be a posh Victorian part of the town. Her husband Brid had dropped a tab before setting off to the pub and as they walked down the road he had seen a gargoyle above some ones rear gate and could not pass it for fear of the 'monster'. Turning round to go home and now looking for more 'monsters' he saw another one between him and home, shaking with fear he sat down on the pavement edge and sobbed his socks off, he was still there crying when we arrived to escort him home. Having witnessed that I never even went near the stuff.
  8. How's your day?

    ^^^^^^Have to agree back in the 70s & 80s I knew a guy who was in the Rangers with me he was on the king cole and when I asked him why he replied. "I see it as my job to do the best I can for my family, the only skill I have is an HGV licence and at the moment jobs are hard to come by. All worked out with free school meals etc the dole pays better than working in a shop or factory." 3 months later he got a job with Hoveringham driving one of they 24 ton tippers and never looked back until the day he retired.
  9. Where in History would you like to have lived?

    ^^^^Life should not be measured purely in years but what you do with the years you have is more important IMO.
  10. Where in History would you like to have lived?

    There are times and places I would like to witness as an observer but as to actually living in a certain time I am very happy being here. In MHO my generation had it good, it was much harder before and seems to be going down hill now, we had the best of it.
  11. Any Hippies here?

    I must admit I once tried hash, me and a mate sat on Bulwell forest golf course one night and smoked a couple of spliffs, waited a while nothing happened no castles in the sky etc so we went to the Golden Ball and had a couple of pints, cheaper, more fun and legal.
  12. New Nottingham trams

    Ah our eco friendly trams. Trouble is it is now reported that the scientific evidence for man made global warming has been vastly exaggerated, apparently all the computer models are running 'hot', their experts words not mine. So we don't need the damn things anyway, any more than we need those stupidly expensive windmills.
  13. Any Hippies here?

    I was in Ireland for 7 months in 67 and in Buxton for the rest of the year so remember nothing of Nottingham at that time. I love good folk music amongst other things so enjoyed a lot of the hippy music.
  14. Garden wildlife pictures

    Cracking photo's Compo, surprising what can be achieved with patience.
  15. You Couldn't Make this Up !

    ^^^^That ones easy I have changed to a cross X and the best is no one seems to notice