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  1. I am not sure but when I asked Neil he seemed to think it was somewhere near the junction of Lincoln Street and David Lane. This would make sense as it would be close to the field where the cattle were kept but don't forget Neil was a sot. As to the location of Basford Wakes I can only speak with certainty about the 50s and later. The main part as already stated was on Billy Bacons field but there was an off shoot on a pub car park at the junction of Valley Road and Radford Road where there is now a McDonalds, these fair men parked their tractors and vans on the short stretch of Nottingham Road between Valley Road and Vernon Road to maximise the space on the car park.
  2. Tea

    Compo IMO all water has gone through animal organism's many times, if we think how long animal life has existed it must have been drunk and urinated many, many times. After all there is only so much water in the world it just goes round over and over again.
  3. Billy Bacons was/is that triangular patch of grass boarded by Lincoln Street, Nottingham Road and the railway line. Billy himself was quite successful according to his grandson Neil he had several butchers shops as well as a slaughter house and they even had servants when they lived in Basford. His son Neil's father started the decline in the family fortunes through gambling and womanising, and I have to say Neil did a good job of finishing it off through the booze. Neil was a cracking engineer very competent but with one rider only when he was SOBER!!!
  4. Rog, they are all on the south side of the ring road i.e. closest to the city, making them New Basford.
  5. Things you don't see anymore

    Fullers earth cream is still available but whether or not its the same stuff Jill is talking about I don't know. We used Fullers Earth powder in the army to absorb chemical agents, though now there is some discussion whether it is cacogenic or not.
  6. As a young boy one of our playgrounds was Billy Bacon's field, with the Leen running through it, it provided many hours of fun back in the 50s, it was also the main site of Basford Wakes held just after Goose Fair. Before our time Billy the local butcher kept cattle there prior to slaughter.
  7. That film is a cracker, most of us love steam loco's without a thought for the level of maintenance they need. The guy climbing in the fire box reminds me of yours truly climbing into large gas boilers at Notts Uni many years ago. Thanks Chulla.
  8. Things you don't see anymore

    ^^^^^^Strong liquorice, luved em
  9. Seasonal sausage roll

    Instead of gold they bought ...........................tomato ketchup and brown sauce.......
  10. How's your day?

    Got a phone call from the lad today, he had been called to an old fashioned system where when the hot tap was turned on they only got a minute of hot water then it ran cold. The previous plumber had tried to fix it but had given up and quoted £2175 for a new boiler, "what do you reckon?" he asked. "Ask them if they want it fixed for £75", when the answer was yes I told him "Nip into the loft, change the ball valve, cut back the expansion pipe which is to long and hold your hand out". £4 for a ball valve and 10 minutes, jobs a goodun, there's life in the old dog yet, it's lovely to beat these young'uns now again.
  11. A few B&W photos.

    Margie could that be the stairway to ..........heaven? Nice one Compo thanks..
  12. Catfan's Blog.

    I'll tell you Lizzie Ian reckoned it was CF for sure recognised his elbow.
  13. Things that make you happy !

    A couple of miniature apple trees in 40ltr containers and you'll get fruit as well. Double bubble as they say......
  14. Newspapers in Nottingham

    As a paper boy for Wild's on Eland street I didn't like Saturday night at all, first bag full of Evening Post, last paper 39 High Church street, then trudge back to the shop and fill up with the pink coloured Football Post, all the way round again and you've guessed it last paper 39 High Church street.
  15. Garden wildlife pictures

    Nice one Rog though I have noticed we are now getting a longer description LOL