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  1. Driving lessons - where and when?

    Only drive single deckers
  2. How's your day?

    Glad your feeling much better CF, commiserations LL I still haven't completely got rid of it, still using 4 hankies a day.
  3. Model Railways

    Well at last the baseboard is complete giving me an area of 68" x 26", not brilliant but good enough for my first attempt at n gauge. I have decided to make the 20" fiddle yard detachable to make transportation easier should I sell when complete, the rails will be joined using insulating joiners and the yard wired separately. As regards to what I am leaning toward using Lapford station on the Tarka line in Devon, as a basis but with a few extras. The line is still in use so I have yet to decide on what period I shall set it in. Now to the planning and marking out stage, before laying any track. Oh and if anyone sees me going wrong please shout up, I would sooner find out earlier than later.
  4. Driving habits

    I took my test in 63 after some lessons with a friend who was a driving instructor, mates rates and all that. Trouble was I had driven dads motors on old airfields since I was 12/13 and pick up some unacceptable habits. One of which was to leave my left hand on the gear stick during acceleration, my mate soon cured me though, he bought a 12" wooden rule along and rapped my knuckles. On test we went along Valley road, over Wilkinson street, where we did the 'emergency stop', through Forest Fields and back down Nottingham road to the test centre.
  5. Things you don't see anymore

    For the new Renault van Chulla, electrically heated and adjustment. Brew laughed you wouldn't want to know for his Merc. Loppy to give a clue Bestwood Park estate ex 3 bed council house about £120k to bay about £550 a month to rent.
  6. Cussons Soap Factory (outside views)

    Thanks Katy I don't usually have anything to do with Faceache but I will have to look. Thanks again
  7. Cussons Soap Factory (outside views)

    The reason I asked Katy was that Billy was a friend of mine from the early 70s to the 90s and some how we lost touch. He had had one brush with death back in the late 70s early 80s with some form of blood disease but got over that.
  8. Cussons Soap Factory (outside views)

    Katyjay ref your 2010 post, was this Billy (William) Whitlam armourer on Sharpe's Rifles and member of Notts & Derby Vintage Arms Society, also had a great interest in the Napoleonic Peninsular Wars?
  9. How's your day?

    Gas turned off all of all days...
  10. Is anyone still running Windoze 7?

    Being an IT numpty I stick with what I have until it falls to pieces so still running 7..
  11. Things that pee you off

    ^^^^^^^^^^Pretty much the same as me Rog but instead of shorts it is Snickers trousers with knee pads, I just love all those pockets and the pure comfort....
  12. Tram losses

    That's as maybe Ben, there should have been a law to stop private speculators. But if we stop and think how far the working man has come in our life times we have a lot to be thankful for. When we go back to the 50s and 60s and the ordinary guy couldn't get a bank account never mind a mortgage, a Post Office savings account was about as far as we got back then. If you try you will make some mistakes but if you don't try you get nowhere.
  13. The Classic

    I love the way the guy is striding past head held well down....
  14. Tram losses

    Sorry Ben I loved Maggie she allowed a lot of working class folk to own their own houses, people that would have had no chance 10 years earlier. And you can tell the bloke he is being well ripped off, round here they go for £550-£600 and it's a much nicer area then Aspley.
  15. It's cold outside

    Ah the Robinson Willey Visa Firegem