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  1. By the way, let us not forget the person responsible for the bag tax: Nick Clegg!
  2. Yes it does DaveN because I have a bin for dry matter which can be left until it fills up, but I've always used carrier bags for waste food etc. which needs to be taken out within 24 - 48 hours. Now I shall have to start buying bags for that purpose. One thing I've noticed in some supermarkets at self checkouts is that your own bag has to be 'verified' to make sure it really is your bag and you aren't trying to pinch one of theirs without paying 5p! I've also found that the bag tax doesn't just apply to food in supermarkets but to clothes and shoes etc. So if you've spent 40 or 50 quid on an
  3. Had a trip to Skeggy back in the summer (what summer!) There's a big chippy on the corner by the clock tower, Harry Ramsden's. Very basic, no frills, self service in polystyrene trays and plastic tables. My God, I thought, Harry Ramsden's has gone downhill, then I had another look, it was Harry Ramsbottom's! Funny thing was, the Asian guy behind the counter who seemed to be the boss didn't look like a Ramsden or a Ramsbottom!
  4. Michael Booth, #30 There's a simple reason for that, when you're right handed, you can see what you've written as you write from left to right. When you're left handed, you cover up what you're writing with your hand as you work across the page. Regarding computers, many companies had them installed in the 1970s, mainly to do wages, initially. Before that, a sort of forerunner to the computer was the comptometer, I can remember seeing many ads in the Sits Vacant columns for Comptometer Operators. Anyone else remember them or have experience of them?
  5. But the point is, it could never have been an outright and obvious assassination, it had to look like an accident!
  6. Re #69, not quoting but in answer to Merthyr Imp, Yes, I subscribe to that theory too. I don't think Phillip was wholly responsible but I think he was involved. Diana was becoming increasingly involved with Dodi-al -Fayed and it was looking quite likely that she was intending to marry him. Now there is no way that the British establishment would allow the Heir to the British throne to have a stepfather of the Muslim faith. Something had to be done and the establishment (whoever they may be) procured it. I don't doubt for a minute that Phillip was aware of what was going on!
  7. People in Britain will argue about the monarchy till the end of time, the fact is, virtually every civilised country in the world has a head of state of some kind, remember Hitler was Germany's head of state for a while! If we didn't have a monarchy, the only really credible alternative would be a republic with a presidential type of figurehead. Those who would prefer that in Britain are perfectly entitled to that view but I would throw down one challenge to them: Name one single person who you think would make a suitable or an acceptable president! How about President Blair? or President
  8. Bubblewrap, I think you are absolutely spot on in your analysis in post #3 There were a lot of bad decisions along the way, all the money wasted on the Selby and Vale of Belvoir coalfields which came to nothing. The millions spent on installing bunker loading facilities for merry-go-round trains at many pits which closed soon after. But that was management so it was all right, nothing was said. But what an absolute tragedy that this once mighty industry is soon to be extinct in Britain. I worked at Pye Hill for a short time in the 1970s and although I decided it wasn't for me, I'll be pr
  9. I should have said finished in 2010, not 2005. The five years since then have gone quick - but not that quick!
  10. I did too. Started with British Rail in 1979, finished with Network Rail in 2005. 31 years on the P/Way in various roles!
  11. That black and cream single decker on the F3 would certainly not have been going to Rennuth!
  12. Infamy, Infamy...........They've all got it in fa me!
  13. Skills have always been quite a substantial operator but now they've taken over one of their main competitors, Silverdale Tours, they must have almost doubled in size!
  14. StephenFord, you ask whatever happened to service numbers? I think the answer is that 'Marketing and Image Consultants' were brought in and convinced the management that bus services should be marketed like soap powder or breakfast cereals. The only tangible consequence is that they have fortunes out of turning up a lot of silly names - nice work if you can get it! The problem with 'Pronto' is, it's a jointly operated service shared by Trent and Stagecoach. If you buy a Trent all-day rover ticket, it's not valid on Pronto. Likewise, if you buy a Stagecoach all day rover ticket, that's not val
  15. Oliver Hardy (of Laurel and Hardy).............I've got nuthin to say!
  16. You'll be ok with Talk Talk. I've been with them for a long time now, I get basic internet and phone for twenty quid a month.
  17. If the parents were back 'home' in Nottingham, presumably the eldest child gave the police details of how to contact them. But it just shows what different values these people have, any British parents would have been beside themselves with worry, yet these would seem not even to have been reported. Unless of course, they had some reason for not wanting the police to become involved!
  18. I remember when I was little, my grandmother used to take a product called Juno Juniper. Can't find any mention of it on the internet, does anyone remember it?
  19. Is there going to be a third Victoria Bus Station? Any more information about it?
  20. It's totally wrong though, that council cuts should be forcing people into shops and pubs to answer the call of nature. Thing is, public toilets have become ever more sophisticated and consequently ever more expensive to provide and maintain. Obviously not for the ladies but I can't see why a french style cast iron pissoir can't be provided in the Old Market Square!
  21. Doesn't seem to be attracting much interest as yet, I had a look on Saturday. In it's new incarnation as 'Gresham Court' it is to be three units available as food / retail outlets. I think the developers though, whoever they are, have overlooked the fact that the area is already saturated with such things. The Bentinck next door is now a Starbucks, inside the new station front is a Costa and a Morrisons, there's a Tesco just round the corner in Station Street, down the road towards Broadmarsh is a Greggs and a Sainsburys and other similar outlets on the opposite side of Carrington Street too
  22. Apart from the small section of brick viaduct on Trent Street, I noticed the other day that the retaining wall (still with a refuge at the bottom) by the side of the new steps at Weekday Cross is still in place. I think that's about all that's left of the original infrastructure in the city apart from the clock tower of course.
  23. I've used AdBlockerPlus for quite a while and not had any problems with it. Also, for anyone who uses Facebook, I'd recommend FBPurity. It's free and stops all those annoying adverts which have become increasingly prevalent since Facebook was floated on the stock exchange and is now totally profit motivated.
  24. Can't say I'd be bothered if I never saw any of the stuff ever again!
  25. We used to have Camp Coffee at home when I was a kid. It's quite a nice drink if made with warm milk, pretty horrible if made with water though!