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  1. I may be wrong but I'm sure I've read somewhere that you can't just do away with a street which may be in the way of a railway station or shopping centre etc. This would explain why a public thoroughfare had to be maintained across Victoria Station and, after a fashion, still exists today from the clock tower through to Glasshouse Street.
  2. Remember the words of the great Brian: GENTLEMEN, NO SWEARING PLEASE
  3. I'm glad to hear that it's nothing to do with a certain fast food outlet. Surely you wouldn't love any of that stuff!
  4. I havn't seen those before, fascinating pictures. So sad to see it all being destroyed though!
  5. I remember a small garden to the right of Weekday Cross tunnel mouth with seats in it. Was it a commemorative garden? And what happened to the heating pipes which went through the tunnel? I take it that system no longer exists?
  6. Some interesting names there! Timber Hill became South Parade, I presume? and Swine Green. Not to mention Back Side, what a pity that was renamed!
  7. The latest batch of pictures have just been posted on the RCTS Mystery photos site, including demolition of Victoria, also some around Basford and Bulwell. Have a look, the locations havn't been added yet.
  8. I've got a couple of 1960 British ones. I don't suppose they're worth quite so much!
  9. I'd be lost without it. But my skills are very basic, I wish I could do more with it!
  10. Does he mean current ones or also defunct ones? There must be a sizable number throughout Nottinghamshire, wasn't the Chad free at one time?
  11. I've never read the book but the Wikipedia entry would be correct, the actual station was meant to be Codnor Park (or Codnor Park and Ironville) Strange because the nearest station to Swanwick Hayes was Butterley, less than a mile away but perhaps he knew there weren't many trains on that line! Codnor Park would have been about three miles away. In the film, the station was very clearly not Codnor Park, I heard it was somewhere on the Southern but it may well have been Gerrards Cross. Always enjoy seeing the film because I was born and grew up in Swanwick!
  12. It would be good if they were. It's a line with a fascinating history. In the good old days of British Rail, if you bought a ticket from Nottingham to London, it was valid to go that way as well as the usual Midland line.
  13. Thanks very much for that, I've got one broken tooth to come out and at least one filling to be renewed, no doubt they'll find more to do so my bill will probably be more than that. The water rates came yesterday and the television licence is due next month!
  14. You can do that but it's a two person job and the tin bath bends alarmingly in the middle while you're carrying it!
  15. I don't. I usually glance at the headlines on the news stand in the supermarket and the one that astonishes me most is the Express. My parents took the Daily Express and Sunday Express for many many years and how a once respected national newspaper has descended into the absolute garbage which it is today beggars all comprehension. You can almost guess what the headlines will be: NEW CURE FOR ARTHRITIS NEW CURE FOR DIABETES NEW CURE FOR DEMENTIA These 'stories' have been done so many times now, it's almost as if the Express is taking the p+$$ out of it's declining readership!
  16. I think it's Terry Bull.
  17. Not exactly American cars but I always remember as you go along Trowell Road just before Balloon Wood Cross Roads, there was someone who kept a couple of Austin Nash Metropolitans on a drive on the right. Quirky looking cars but apparently they'd do 100mph!
  18. Well whoever writes the book has obviously never been to Derby!
  19. Once we get into August, summer is definitely beginning to wind down. How come it never lasts as long as winter?
  20. I think it was actually supposed to be a Guernsey. Something to do with either the type of wool or the type of knit used in production.
  21. In today's report on East Midlands News about a possible future extension of the tram to Kimberley, it states that use could be made of an old trackbed and viaduct which are still in situ. Does anyone know which these are?
  22. The Commonwealth Games, I'm referring to. Now I fully understand that there will be avid sports enthusiasts who are loving every minute of them but I do feel that the BBC have gone a little over the top with their coverage. All next week, BBC1 starts with the games at 9am and continues through till midnight, stopping only for the news. Even the news bulletins contain reports about the games! That's fifteen hours per day on one, then BBC3 which usually doesn't start until 7pm is being started at 9am with thirteen hours coverage each day. Much of the usual BBC1 stuff has been shunted over to
  23. If you would like a really pleasant and enjoyable ride on a scheduled loco hauled service, I would recommend this: Make your way down to London on any Saturday and return by taking the Chiltern Railways service to Birmingham. It leaves Marylebone at 18.06 and is lightly loaded on Saturdays, no commuters. The Mk.3 carriages have been very nicely refurbished and there's a buffet car also. The quiet coach is usually the one behind the engine. It arrives in Birmingham just before 8pm, plenty of time to get back to Nottingham. It's a fast ride too, up through Bicester, Banbury and Leamington Spa
  24. The offices of the East Midlands Traffic Commissioners which did all road service licensing were in Trinity Square, at Birbeck House.