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  1. Well no one seems to want the retail units in Trinity Square. So why not turn it into a decent bus station to replace the horrible Victoria Centre bus station!
  2. Didn't know that the present day Burger King on the corner of Milton Street used to be Hopewells.
  3. Ken Platt. "I won't take me coat off, I'm not stoppin!"
  4. That doesn't surprise me in the least. They're gradually trying to force all passengers to either use ticket machines or book on line. The people who work in booking offices are seen as unnecessary wage earners - without them they would make more profit. The privatised railway, profit first, service second!
  5. I had a TV on rental from DER for many years. I stayed with them when they changed ownership, at one point they became Boxclever, I can't remember if they operated under any other names. Eventually, I acquired another set and told them I didn't want to rent any more. They told me I could buy the set I'd been renting, something which had never occurred to me.. Well, I thought if it was a reasonable price I might buy it as a spare because although it was an old set, it had never been any trouble. When they came back to me with a price, I couldn't believe it, TEN POUNDS! And I'd been paying t
  6. Blame the reality TV shows! All the young uns want to look like them on TOWIE or Made in Chelsea!
  7. All this talk about male members............................ positively vulgar!
  8. I don't remember it but I've seen many photographs of buses in the stands of the old Mount St. Bus Station with the pub in the background. Top side of it was a Trent booking office and a printers by the name of Willsons, I believe. The new Hearty Goodfellow obviously didn't last anything like as long as the old one!
  9. Surely there's no reason why you can't operate your iron from a light fitting now? If you can obtain a bayonet type fitting and wire your iron flex into it then swap it with the bulb and away you go. At least the flex would be out of the way instead of trailing on the floor! I think the reason many older houses had so few plug sockets was because no one envisaged so many electrical appliances and gadgets ever being invented!
  10. I noticed today that the one at the very top of Ilkeston Road has closed. Latterly called 'Severn' What did it used to be called?
  11. Mine was reading a bit low once. I was told to smoke and drink more and start worrying about things!
  12. These large numbers obviously reflect the huge size of the Co-op society in Nottingham. When I were a lad, we belonged to Ripley Co-op Society which was much smaller. My mum and aunt who usually went shopping together had their own separate numbers, they were 4825 and 4927.
  13. Always a nice day out in Lincoln (depending on the weather of course) and it's a nice ride on the train too. And you can always stop off in Newark if you want!
  14. It always makes me wonder how the junction came to be known as Bagthorpe. I understand that the village of Bagthorpe is up near Selston which is a long way away.
  15. Yes I know! Sixteen boxes and the rest at quarter fare!
  16. Did you know, that somewhere behind Rectory Junction box there is a maggot farm? You would know if you were in the vicinity in warm weather!
  17. Is this the exact spot where the line went under the road?
  18. I can always remember my mum saying 'Never put the batter in until there's blue smoke coming off the fat'
  19. If there was any Yorkshire Pudding left over, some people used to have it with jam spread on!
  20. All shop assistants nowadays seem programmed to ask "Are you all right?" Yes of course I'm all right or I wouldn't be bloody out! I'd love to say! Whatever happened to "Can I help you?"
  21. That one on Station Street, was it at the corner with Trent Street?
  22. I thought the title was the cue for a song!
  23. I gave up on Coronation Street a few years ago. A pity because it was a great British institution which we had watched ever since having our first black and white tv set, but it just got too ridiculous to watch any more. Lets just have a recap on how many serial killers there's been in the street now; Tony Gordon, Richard Hillman, John Stape, Karl at the pub, I mean, come on!
  24. Apparently Winter's coming back on Thursday!
  25. Camms had a go in Derby too. Derby Corporation responded by bringing out every bus they had and using them to block the streets so Camms couldn't get near the stops, but Camms persevered and when it became obvious they weren't going to give in, Derby decided they had no alternative but to buy them out. It was even a condition of the sale that Derby painted some of their buses in Camms colours. Mr Camm really must have been laughing all the way to the bank!