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  1. What is the name of the short 'No Entry' street?
  2. One thing's for sure, Victoria Centre Market doesn't have the same atmosphere!
  3. Wasn't one of them called 'Minnies Tea Bar' ?
  4. Well I never knew he was still performing. I wonder if he still splits his trousers on stage!
  5. Fantastic picture there of Weekday Cross because it shows Widdowsons factory, the bus station when it was still in horseshoe shape, the bridge over the Midland Station and Canal Street going across in the background. But what was the building which is broadside on to the viaduct, immediately to the right of the signal on the down line?
  6. I wonder how long they'll be able to keep filling those large shops with just pound items! Didn't the downstairs Poundworld used to be a Woolworths? It's hard to believe now that all that area beyond the escalators used to be the food court!
  7. It's quite surprising really, given how flat the rest of Lincolnshire is.
  8. Wigwam Lane in Hucknall. Did Indians used to live there?
  9. More rubbish! How the centre could look - but most probably won't! Could create 2000 jobs, There could be up to 1000 people working there. These 'developers' make the most ridiculous claims because they know that stupid gullible councillors will fall for it every time. No one wants Broadmarsh now, that's obvious to anybody. Pull it down, reinstate Carrington Street, make it easier to reach the bus and rail stations and do everyone a favour!
  10. When the centre gets it's 'makeover' with fancy new entrances on the corner and at the clock tower, perhaps there will be another Grand Opening (or re-opening) Everyone should be there with their cameras because it will be talked about on here in fifty years time!
  11. I can remember that in those days when a station closed, they simply locked the doors and that was it, they weren't boarded up or barricaded off or secured at all. I remember going into the old Midland Station at Kirkby after it had closed and I was amazed to see it had simply been abandoned. Of course people had been in and ransacked the place but there was still plenty of stuff around which would be worth a fair bit today. But because I was only a young lad, I daren't take anything in case the signalman in the box saw me!
  12. In my time on the railway, I remember a couple of regular trains, about twenty years ago, which the public wouldn't know about; Manchester to St. Pancras parcels, every night via Derby. Empty newspaper vans, ever afternoon from Derby to London, return with the next day's papers at night. The trains don't run now and the parcel depots have gone too. The public know about all the extra juggernauts roaring up and down the motorway now though!
  13. Easter stuff is in the shops now. Sainsburys had a stack of hot cross buns in last Friday - before the 12th day of Christmas had passed!
  14. I had totally forgotten that they used to sell some toys and models. I remember now buying a few Airfix kits for model railway wagons.from Fords in Ripley.
  15. Yes but read the ingredients. Many of the cheap ones have mint flavouring included, which is fine for some meals but not if you want them with fish & chips!
  16. The trouble is, most city councils won't have spare land just standing there doing nothing. They see such areas as potential sources of revenue which aren't being utilised. Here in Derby, our council is office mad, every time a plot of land becomes available, it's "Let's have an office block" We've got offices which have been empty for years but they still want more. If they ever did pull down Broadmarsh and if by chance the land wasn't used for a number of years, you know what daft idea someone would come up with: Let's have another shopping centre!
  17. I often think that but the main thing against it is the exceptionally busy Collin Street cutting across it. I think Broad Marsh suffers because it doesn't have a big draw. It had a big department store which was originally the Co-op (less said about them, the better!) then it was Allders but since they folded, there's nothing to attract people in, pound shops and cheap rubbish shops won't do it. Strange really, because it's in a prime position, close to the rail station and main bus station but it's poorly designed and not very attractive to either shoppers or businesses. Perhaps the best t
  18. Pixie, I agree with you about the café at the back of the market, I sometimes go there for a coffee. But I'm afraid it's not posh enough for the developers with the big ideas!
  19. I've never read such rubbish as that in the link! 'People don't dwell in Victoria Centre because it doesn't have a good food offering' Have they forgotten that it had a very good food court and it was ripped out so more shops could be put in? And presumably because the owners wanted more rental income too! Another issue is that bus passengers have to walk through the centre to get to the bus station. Ok, you can go along Milton Street and in by House of Fraser but that isn't a very good access. Vic Centre had a decent sized bus station and that was ripped out too, the present one isn't rea
  20. I'm a big fan of B&M Bargains too. A very good range of items in the larger branches. But I often pop into Poundland for a pack of sandwiches, they have a good selection.
  21. So that's one on Clumber Street, one one Wheeler Gate, one down Lister Gate. Any more?
  22. BUMP! Oooh, it's the first time I've done that, it was quite exciting! I thought I'd bump this thread because with all the total saturation coverage about Mandela, I'm losing the will to live too! Anyway, the best bargain at the moment is 4 tins of Smedley's Mushy Peas in Poundworld, for a pound!! A bit watery but not at all bad!
  23. Churchill planned his own funeral meticulously well in advance of his death. One thing he stipulated was that his funeral train should go from Waterloo Station to Handborough in Oxfordshire, the nearest station to Bladon, his burial place. One of his aides said to him 'But Sir, you don't go from Waterloo to Oxfordshire, you go from Paddington on the Western Region' Churchill knew though, that there was a connection from the Southern to the Western at Reading. ' If I die before DeGaulle and he comes to my funeral, I want him to be reminded that we beat the French at the Battle of Waterloo!'
  24. There was a shoe shop in Brighton about fifteen years ago. I doubt it was the owners real name but the sign above the window was; R. Soles.