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  1. Haha! I knew you'd think that! No, I remember seeing it and it was repeated a few years later. I'd love to see it again but it probably doesn't even exist anymore. I'm sure some of these good old plays would stand up very well against some of the absolute cr*p they do broadcast!
  2. Well I thought someone may have remembered 'Sling your Hook' It was first broadcast in 1969 and was the story of a group of Nottingham miners off to Blackpool for a long weekend. It was a comedy drama and followed their exploits. The start of it really was filmed in Nottingham and showed them leaving on a Barton coach.
  3. I've always thought that the man behind it was J Edgar Hoover. He hated Kennedy for his liberalism and support for equal rights, I firmly believe he also had Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King shot too. When Hoover died, there's no wonder there was panic in the FBI to destroy all his files and tapes before anyone found out the things he'd done during his long career!
  4. Here's a bit of trivia for anyone who may be interested, although it's not exactly a trivial matter. Today saw the start of the demolition of the Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield. It was built in 1990 and it's lasted just 23 years. It cost £29 million to build. It's been used for some rugby matches and a few pop concerts but perhaps never fully utilised. Sheffield Council said they couldn't justify the cost of running it when they have to find £50 million's worth of budget cuts so it has to go. Should it have been built in the first place? Well times were better then but it's £29 million d
  5. I've been with E-on for a long time now. About three years ago they sent me a letter saying they were introducing a standing charge. They hadn't had one before, it was simply a way of making more money. It's the same with water charges, one element of my bill is 'Surface Water Drainage' I live in a middle floor flat, I don't have any surfaces. But everyone has to pay it, it's just another way for them to make more money!
  6. Thanks for that, they were fascinating! Not being a native of Nottingham but one scene I recognised right from the first time I saw the film as a lad was where Arthur runs down Derby Road to jump on a bus going into town. I always used to think, if you're half way down Derby Road (when it was 2 way) it wouldn't be worth getting on a bus because you'd most likely be getting off at Mount Street or Old Market Square anyway! But of course it was just dramatic licence!
  7. Since they decided to close their department stores and concentrate on food only, they must be sitting on millions of pounds worth of property which nobody wants. Thinking of the large stores which are now boarded up, Long Eaton, Ilkeston, Chesterfield and Derby which is four storeys high but so old fashioned inside, it would need a fortune spending on it if anyone were to take it on, which I think is highly unlikely. In the past, I think the Co-op have been reluctant to dispose of property, even when they've finished using it, for example they still own a large part of Ripley, but what do
  8. Can anyone remember them? Did anyone ever wear them or own any? Well just in case you may be interested, they're available right now in H&M on Lister Gate at 7 quid a pair. Choice of colours too!
  9. No one would ever think that history could repeat itself in such a shocking way but it did in February this year. A spoil heap at Hatfield colliery in Yorkshire collapsed after days of heavy rain. Mercifully it wasn't near any populated area but it put the Doncaster to Scunthorpe rail line out of action for three months.
  10. The upmarket furniture store on Huntingdon Street I mean. Can anyone remember who occupied the building before them, say in the 1970's? There used to be a strange sort of tower on the corner, quite a slender affair, I don't think it served any purpose. it appeared to be just a feature but was certainly highly visible. Was the previous building torn down or was Hopewells an adaptation of it?
  11. Wasn't it a flawed concept, putting a large nightclub in an out of town industrial estate? There was something I was thinking of going to at Isis once but when I saw how difficult it was to get there (and get back) I quickly went off the idea!
  12. I agree with Pixie, cremation isn't nice but the problem with burial is if there are no relatives to tend the grave and they become unkempt and forgotten. I've heard too about Britain apparently running out of burial space in less than twenty years time. The authorities are worried it could lead to a wave of panic dying!
  13. So where exactly was Mac Market? Was it in the square where BHS and Argos now are, or was it on the long mall towards the bottom end?
  14. Went in Sainsburys last Friday, they had a special promotion, MINCE PIES! in the festive red boxes with holly leaves printed on. What's the point, they'll all be out of date long before Christmas!
  15. Here's a true story which happened a few years ago. Some guys at work had been working down London and were driving home after a night shift. Driving back up the motorway they felt hungry and pulled into a service area. They spotted posters everywhere saying 'BREAKFAST £1.25' That's great, they thought, we'll have some of that. They served their selves and moved on to the checkout. The girl on the till said to the first one, 'That's £5.00 please' The guy pointed to one of the posters and said 'What's that about Breakfast £1.25' That's right, she said, £1.25 for your bacon, £1.25 for you
  16. Shipley Woodside! There used to be quite a few in that area, Mapperley, Ormonde, Coppice, but most closed around the early 1970's
  17. I remember us finding an old invoice from when the old house we lived in first had electricity installed. It was before the second world war and was from the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Electric Power Company. There weren't many sockets and loose wires trailing upstairs, no cable trunking in those days!
  18. I reckon that Nottingham Station and Leicester must have been designed as a pair. The frontages are very similar.
  19. More interesting stuff! That's the first time I've seen a picture of the Collin's Almshouses and I never knew so many streets and houses had been demolished to make way for the old bus station. One further question, does anyone know when Widdowsons factory was demolished?
  20. Yet again on the news today we've had people telling us what fantastic benefits the proposed new High Speed Rail link could bring. If it ever does get the go ahead, HS2 is at least twenty five years in the future. It makes me wonder, can any one of these people give a guarantee that there will be enough energy to power the thing in 25 years time?
  21. Well thanks for that, it shows the old bus station very well. Is it possible to read the name of the two small streets to the left of New Bridge Street which linked it to Carrington St? I have a book entitled 'Buses in the Sixties' which has a picture dated June 1969, suggesting that buses entered Broad Marsh by New Bridge St. at that time, although the perspectives are very difficult to discern. If this was the case, it must have been a very short lived phase during the redevelopment of Broad Marsh because as was stated earlier, New Bridge St. was the exit until the parallel platform arrang
  22. Was it just the Almshouses in that V between Greyfriar Gate and Carrington St. or were there other buildings too? I have seen pictures but it's difficult to make out exactly what was there.
  23. Anyone remember 'Wild Thing' by The Troggs? It used to be claimed that it was recorded in the imperial caves at Matlock Bath!