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  1. Sad to see these familiar signal boxes gone forever. Always a shame when something passes into history!
  2. I remember that top location, wasn't it Peverill something, not Street, Yard maybe? I believe they had a regular service to Scarborough which was the one seaside place not served by the big boys, Trent or Bartons. I think Skills moved around various premises in the city over the years, I'd completely forgotten they sold toys though!
  3. I remember once travelling into Nottingham on one of Barton's ex-London Transport deckers with a pre select gearbox. Going up Derby Road, the lights at Lenton Boulevard were on red and we came to a stand side by side with another Barton decker with a manual gearbox. When the lights changed, the pre selector bus which I was on just left the other one standing!
  4. Hang on there's a catch! Quite true, Iceland do a 4 pint bottle for £1, but 4 pints is 2.272 litres. Some places, Farmfoods for example are charging £1 for 2 litres which is 0.272 ltrs less than 4 pints, so 'short measure' there! Sainsburys do a 4 pint bottle of 1% fat milk which has an orange label and top, for £1, very good it is too But go in Tesco and the exact same milk, exact same size is £1.29
  5. I love looking at the locations. That lot should keep me quiet for an hour or two!
  6. Anyone who claims that Nottingham is crap surely can't have been to Derby!
  7. No, the blockade starts tomorrow so the last trains are tonight. Mick's photo is interesting because if you look closely (I've got a Wilko's 50p magnifying glass!) the junction and the curve off to the left have been removed. Also the signal on the left hand arm of the post has been removed so the remaining signals are right hand two for Loughborough and the middle signal indicating the curve round to Trent Box which is still in use today. So the picture was taken after Sawley Junction was abolished. Whenever I pass by on a train now, it's amazing to think there used to be a double track rai
  8. Well well, I was in Newark on Saturday afternoon and I didn't know anything about this. I did see one of those fabulous American cars driving round town though. I was on Newark market place about 4.30pm, literally burning in the sun, then 5 minutes later there was thunder, lightening and torrential rain!
  9. I agree with taxi ray, I think there will be chaos on Station Street because when you come down the steps from the middle station footbridge, the pavement isn't very wide at that point. Also the fact that many train travellers nowadays have so much luggage, you'd think they were moving house! Given the fact that the buses will be spread out along Station St. from the Granby to Jury's Inn, I think there'll be a lot of confused passengers!
  10. The train from London will take you as far as East Midlands Parkway station. From there, according to the booklet, it's a 40 minute bus ride into Nottingham.
  11. Well it was St Swithin's Day today and it doesn't look as if it's going to rain for forty days and forty nights. We must be due for a drought warning very soon!
  12. Sounds daunting doesn't it! But it starts on Saturday, Nottingham Station shuts for six weeks for complete remodelling, no trains, all replaced by buses. Passengers for Leicester and London have to go by bus to East Midlands Parkway Trains from Derby are turning back at Beeston Buses all the way to Mansfield and Worksop, also Newark and Grantham. In fact they say fourty buses an hour will be leaving from Station Street. They've been planning it for months and apparently it all works fine, on paper.......!
  13. Apparently, Barton's fitted some chocolate machines inside their buses once but they didn't last long because people found out how to fiddle them and the chocolate was usually melted anyway!
  14. From Leen Valley Junction (below the number 250 on Cliff Ton's map) the line which goes under the bridge at Hucknall Rd/Arnold Rd junction is just about all still intact, well the trackbed is, all the way down to Moor Bridge. in fact, isn't it some sort of trail or public walkway?
  15. The sad thing about mobiles is that they've taken away peoples capacity to think for themselves. No one ever makes a decision anymore, they just get on their mobiles. A chap at work got a call from his wife in the supermarket: 'They havn't got any steak and kidney pies, will minced beef do?' - True story! But people can't bear to put them down for a single second, even if they're not making calls they're playing games on them! I completely agree with catfan, certain places, churches, crematorium, designated quite places, libraries etc. should be allowed to install phone blockers so that n
  16. I used to tan extemely easily but in the last few years I seem to have lost the ability. Which means either the sun hasn't been strong enough or I'm turning into a vampire!
  17. Looking at that picture, the thought occurred to me; if the departure point for WBUDC buses was South Parade, how did they get there? If they came up Lister Gate and Wheeler Gate, did they do a circle of the Market Square? If not, what streets did they use?
  18. Anyone remember a haulier named Swingler of Keyworth? They may even be still in business. The owner used to have a restored traction engine which he exhibited at steam rallies.
  19. A disaster? I'd call it hell on earth. I live here, I see it every day! How the Health & Safety people allow buses to reverse directly into the path of incoming vehicles, I simply don't understand!
  20. Apparently woodchip was once produced as paint (emulsion) containing wood chips. You would stir it like mad and then you had a few minutes to get painting before the chips all sunk to the bottom and you had to get stirring again!
  21. That's because the old type hand propelled wheelchair has almost died out now. You very seldom see them used nowadays. People have gone for mobility buggies in a big way and buses, trains too, simply can't take them on board. I would guess that people who use buggies aren't much interested in going on a bus either. So when the new legislation comes in, in 2015 which states that no buses can have step entrances and they must all have ramps, it will be an obsolete requirement and will cause a lot of money to be spent unnecessarily.
  22. You must have been thinking of Trent buses rather than the Corporation's!
  23. Looking at some pictures of Barton buses which I would guess were from the early 1950's, I noticed that some of them had the destination Hillman Estate. I can't find this anywhere. Where was Hillman Estate?
  24. Anyone know what year The Britannia Inn, which was opposite the bottom end of Huntingdon St. Bus Station disappeared?