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  1. In case anyone has not seen this, Micky went back on the ice for the first time for over 40 years to make a video for a song she wrote which was recorded by our band. She wore the same boots that she had worn as a young girl. By the way, the second time she went on the ice, she broke her arm!
  2. I've been looking around. Apparently all episodes of 'The Cool Spot' are lost. I've found the following, which indicates the series in 1964 was called 'The Cool Spot', whereas the series before was called 'Hot Ice' -
  3. You've made Micky, my wife, very happy. She skated in one of these shows and later saw herself on the programme on TV. She has been looking for mentions of it on the internet or footage on YouTube but been unsuccessful. She thought it was called Hot Ice, not 'The Cool Spot'. She remembers skating to Dave Berry & the Four Pennies. She remembers there was a real buzz around the stadium. All the skaters were very excited about seeing the stars and being on TV.
  4. Hi crankypig, I was at the '12 Hours of Happiness' festival. It is mentioned in my blog. You've missed off the artist list Eclection and Yes.
  5. Tangerine Dream at Albert Hall - 8th November 1976
  6. I forgot to say Paul, some of the memories I mentioned above have been used in the book 'Sawdust Caesars' by Tony Beesley - the history of Mods told in their own words.
  7. Hi Paul. Some of my memories are already written down on my Blog. Feel free to check it out. Here are a couple of links - Memories of the Dungeon - Gigs I remember going to in the 60s - I will be writing about live gigs in the 70s, 80s, etc but haven't done them yet. I also record podcasts of the music I listened and danced to at the clubs in Nottingham in the 60s. These can be found on MixCloud eg F
  8. Moz

    David Bowie

    I have always liked all sorts of music. If you've read my blog on music in the 60s I saw back then Chicken Shack, Family and the original Fleetwood Mac. I never saw Rory Gallagher or Free, missed them somehow. I saw Tony McPhee just a few years ago at the Brit.
  9. Moz

    David Bowie

    My view
  10. New Blog post uploaded about some of the live music I saw back in the 60s. Were you there?
  11. Happy New Year to everyone from Micky and I !!!
  12. Some one has to be different RGR
  13. Hi, if anybody is interested I've set up a couple of new sites/areas recently. One is my blog which will contain my ramblings/memories of things like Nottingham of the past and my childhood. The other contains some of my photos, mainly wildlife & nature. Links: Blog - Photos -
  14. Merry Christmas everyone And hears a Christmas Soul podcast -
  15. Hi, hope everyone is OK. Not been on here for a while. Micky, my wife, and I were talking the other day about Wollaton Hall. She remembers back in the early 80s being given a tour around the place seeing the many exhibits on display both in the public areas and downstairs in the 'vaults' where there were many more. We wondered if anyone knew what had happened to these many exhibits as only a few are now on display. Have they been stored somewhere? Given away or sold? Or just destroyed? Any information welcome.
  16. Another new podcast uploaded for all you 60s dancers & hipsters -
  17. I have two very different memories of Colemans - one, meeting my little sister after her Saturday morning dancing lesson (I think I heard them playing Cathy's Clown by the Everly Brothers) - two, going twice in the 70s to see 2 groups - Dr Feelgood and Gong
  18. Happy new Year to everyone. I have uploaded a new podcast, please enjoy -
  19. Happy New Year to everyone from Maurice & Micky (& Dawn)
  20. Moz


    Very short notice for us apart from you but MozMicDawn will be playing at Hopkinson Vintage, Antique and Arts Centre on Station Street, Nottingham tomorrow (Saturday 13th December) between 8 & 9 pm. Anyone & everyone welcome.
  21. New podcast uploaded - Christmas Soul - Merry Christmas everyone
  22. Moz


    Just put MozMicDawn's new video on YouTube. Micky wrote the song and went back on the ice for the first time after about 40 years to make the video. Hope you enjoy.
  23. If anyone is interested, my new podcast, slightly different to the norm, contains songs covered by the Salty Dogs. Please enjoy:
  24. Me with the book & open at the page about the Dungeon
  25. Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices by Tony Beesley available now. Trying unsuccessfully to load photos....blah blah blah