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  1. Just noticed Notts Tv is on Virgin Channel 159 today, but doesn't start broadcasting till 4.00
  2. I have now created 3 podcasts of the music I heard in the clubs in the 60s. Here are the links - If anyone has any specific tracks they'd like me to include on a future podcast, please let me know.
  3. I'm on Facebook if anyone's interested - Maurice Moore
  4. Mick, if you like a page, it does not show you who else likes the page. You just see there are 86 likes.
  5. Here's a picture of the Major Oak as it used to be, back in the 60s. The children are my wife Micky with 2 of her cousins.
  6. I remember going to a fold club regularly in the 60s on Canal Street - I think it was at the Bowling Green. I also sang at a pub on Carlton Hill, can;t remember the name. On the other thread (News House), it was mentioned that it was difficult to find out who was on at the Gladstone - I get a regular email informing me who is on (I signed up when I went a couple of years ago to see Paul Downes, who is an old friend of my wife). There are still folk clubs running, but a lot have been replaced by Open Mic nights which are run at most pubs it seems and generally have a wider range of music (not
  7. Does anyone know when the Dungeon closed down? When did it become whatever it was next?
  8. My brother-in-law, Dave Clewes, has played trombone in many jazz bands over the years.
  9. I can't remember - lost in the mists of time, like many possessions.
  10. Its a DKR Defiant, powered by a Villiers engine. It was bright orange, I think It was originally purple and I resprayed it. I do have another photo showing the colour.
  11. This month's podcast has now been uploaded, containing more dance music from the clubs of Nottingham back in the 60s - more soul, more Motown, more rhythm & blues & ska. To hear:
  12. I'm the one sitting down in the middle, Dusty standing at the back - I can't remember his surname.
  13. I've been reading this thread (still not read all of it) and there are many names I recognise from the past. I wondered if anyone had noticed the photo I used on my podcast of music from the Dungeon days and recognised anyone on it. I have been having a problem attaching links to my posts. Anyway the photo was taken by Tiggs in the castle grounds at easter, 1966. In it are me, Dusty, Ann & Jean McLeod, Ann Gidlow (who married Eddie from the mini boys), Adrian & Pauline. I have reattached the podcast & the photo in the hope that you can see them. By the way, for those who enjo
  14. I also went down the Central Market. I still have my Triang & Hornby railways, but no longer the Dinky's or the many Britain's soldiers or even the Bayco (all have got lost in transit).
  15. Strange - I was creating a podcast of music I heard when I first went to the Dungeon, then I saw this thread & another about the old club. Some of the songs mentioned were already on there. (Although I haven't put Prince Buster on - for a later podcast & Rex Garvin reminds me more of the Beachcomber). Anyway I've finished the podcast & uploaded it now. Here's the link:
  16. If anyone is interested, I've been creating some podcasts, some of our own music, others of music I grew up listening to. Two are available now: one of songs Mickey & I wrote, the other songs written & recorded by our band, MozMicDawn. Links are below. More to follow.
  17. I also saw Steampacket at the Dungeon and a few weeks later Shotgun Express at the Beachcomber. Both great bands.
  18. Lots of memories from this tread. Saw the great Small Faces at the Dungeon, the Who at the Dungeon and the Theatre Royal, Hoochie Coochie men (which included Elton John) backing Long John Baldry and Patti Labelle & the Bluebirds (later Labelle), Steam Packet at the Dungeon, Shotgun Express at the Beachcomber, Tim Rose & Chicken Shack at the Boat Club. Probably more on this list. The Stork Club was mentioned - I remember it but not where it was, remind me, please.
  19. I went to the one at Colwick Racecourse - '12-Hour Happiness', poster below. Not many people there, but some good bands. This was in 1969. I don't remember receiving my 'free flowers' (last line of poster).
  20. No I didn't see Hooky, I was elsewhere. Looks like he was pretty good from this clip.
  21. I thought Jake did a great set at Splendour - very professional, even though he doesn't speak very much.
  22. Does anyone on here know anything about Cyril Stapleton, the bandleader, born in Nottingham? He was my wife's brother-in-law. There doesn't seem to be much about him on the internet. It would be good if anyone had any information about him.
  23. Moz


    Thanks to those of you who came to see MozMicDawn at the Lion last night - it was thoroughly enjoyable for us and hopefully for you too. Most of the sound was recorded - I will work through to see if I can put out any sound bites. Also unknown to most of us, the second set was Skype'd to Cyprus - international fame! I don't know whether anyone has noticed this, but on previous posts have I have put up links to a song & video made by the band. Just a bit of history - Micky & I went out together in the 70's & then split up, lead separate lives before meeting up again after a 30 y