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  1. Hi everyone, just joined this site and not read everything yet. I'm looking for pictures and memories for my 'Memories' that I'm writing. I went to the Dungeon, Beachcomber, etc. I've always been different - my scooter was a big orange DKR Defiant. I played in the Salty Dogs - we supported Junior Walker & the All-Stars at the Sherwood Rooms. Was anyone there?
  2. I have 2 channels on YouTube - 'MozMicDawn' contains an assortment of live videos of the band playing. 'MozMoore' contains some songs/music written by my wife and I including one which has been recorded by Lauren Lovejoy.
  3. The Salty Dogs played around Nottingham back in the 60s a combination of soul , r&b, blues - mod music, later a bit of psychedelia. The band contained: Phil - guitar and vocals Johnnie - bass Stan - drums Maurice (me) - guitar, vocals and harmonica. Later John joined us on keyboard and we changed out name to the Velvet Explosion. The band split up when the members started moving around the country. Phil continued playing music in bands such as Slender Loris and is still playing now - I saw him in Nottingham a few months ago as part of Grievous Angel. Johnnie died several years ago. I haven't seen or heard anything of Stan for many years. After not doing much music for a while, I started playing again and play Open Mic's around Nottingham & have been in several bands. I now spend my time writing & recording music & songs and playing in a 60s cover band called MozMicDawn playing some of the songs we played in the Salty Dogs plus many more. I haven't seen John for several years, last heard of in London. Another person who played with the Salty Dogs occasionally was Tony Crosby, who I still see around. I am currently writing my memories (or memoirs), so if anyone has any photos/memories of the Salty Dogs, please let me know. Other things for my memories (any photos etc welcome) include the clubs (Dungeon, Beachcomber, Ad-Lib, Boat & Brit etc) coffee bars (Kardomah, L Shaped Room, Four Seasons, Peppermill), mod times of the 60s, 'hippy' times of the 60s/70s - I'm sure there's much more, it all comes back to me very slowly, if at all.
  4. Are you still interested in news about the Salty Dogs?