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  1. i live in derbyshire and have a gold card i can use on nottm city transport but not on the trams , something to do with the trams being run in conjunction with another firm
  2. the building i am talking about was on highbury road , but i dont think it was a school house . more like a gate house . it was built of bulwell stone. on the other corner is an electricity sub station which is still there and ajacent to that is basford registry office
  3. are you confusing the old gate house at the corner of the highbury hospital entrance , across the road from the entrance to henry mellish school
  4. when i lived in chapel st leonards it was lincoln co-op , but in skegness it was the nottm co-op , hows that for logic
  5. welcome to nottstagia, i aso live in derbyshire near alfreton
  6. does anyone know where aukland street is or was in nottingham, i,m asking for my sister , she needs it for the family tree
  7. what happened to the jelly [ best part of the pie] or is that another eu rule , no jellt
  8. when i lived in bulwell it was always a bit black over dirty huckna
  9. if you are that bored , get off then
  10. if you buy a long block of icecream theres no need for a little machine , just slice it , it fits perfect
  11. parma violets were a powdery sweet that tasted of perfume , i think you can still buy them , they were sold in tube like love hearts
  12. i rember when i was about 6 years old having my mouth painted with the purple stuff because i had canker, [by the way it was called gention violet]
  13. i think the clothes shop was called judes, the lady that ran it before it closed lived on saxondale drive at bulwell when i lived there , i,m sure the outside was painted red
  14. dont like the new colour as much as the old blue one , it looks much too brash
  15. Deepest sympathy to all Anns family, my thoughts are with you at this sad time Barbara
  16. there was a tripe shop on wollaton street , opposite the gibbons stamp shop . used to sell tripe and onions, think it was where the royal hotel is now
  17. reading your post brings back memories of my younger days . we visited every cinema in the meadows during a week . i remember the imperial on wilford road , the grove on kirkwhite street and the globe at trent bridge
  18. not last night but the night before two big tom cats came to my door i went down stairs to let them in and they hit me on the head with the rolling pin i went upstairs to get in bed and they thru the pickle pot over my head
  19. i remember in the early 60,s walking by the pub facing the gaumont, next door to gibbons stamp shop [ was it called the hand and heart ?] when what i thought was a window box or a chimney fell between me and my husband , but it was the landlady , she fell from an upstairs window flat on to the pavement . we stopped with her t untill the ambulance came then left . i thought she was dead but heard later that she survived the fall
  20. Queen Victoria,s statue , the last time i heard it was in the memorial gardens on the embankment
  21. thats the one . it used to be called william hollins , they made very good quality clothesfor the vyella range. i believe they still have a factory at Selston
  22. the building i,m talking about was on the left hand side of castle boulevard just round the corner fron the labour exchange. it was a big white stone building with a clock standing off the building
  23. although ive been left the meadows for some time now i feel sure the building on castle boulevard is still there
  24. anyone of you oldies remember the big one in february 1957 ? i worked on the top floor of the vyella building on castle boulevard ,boy did that building shake