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  1. Happy Birthday John. Congratulations !cheers! Would have been my Dad's birthday today.
  2. Love tennis so in early 1981 I wrote a local newspaper article. With no experience at all, I actually interviewed his two up-and-coming youngsters. Against all the odds, the article was actually printed, resulting in a very young Mandy Grunfeld being offered a free place at Didsbury Lawn Tennis Club, where all the stars used to appear the week prior to Wimbledon. Later, she did appear at Wimbledon once, but never made the bigtime - shame. Received no payment from the paper but did receive 2 Wimbledon Centre Court tickets from her grateful Father, where I saw Mckenroe and others play. Ha
  3. jane


    Poor donkeys, they shouldn't be on the beach in those conditions. Hope the owner was with them but he/she probably employs a lackey
  4. What can I say Beefy? I know, I will wave my flag Brown says that is the thing to do
  5. jane


    Looking on the bright side BIP, if the flood defences are close to your bungalow they should provide protection others would love to have Still raining heavily here on/off but no flooding yet. A brook in the Ribble area burst its banks, flooding local houses, and Clitheroe, Lancs now has some flooding too. It's very widespread. Even Wimbledon is a wash-out. Meanwhile, Brown suggests that we all wave our union flags in defiance, so , yes, that feels much better! We must support the tennis players that are left (no Brits) in this rain, and defy the terrorists with our flags
  6. No doubting that she does look masculine but isn't she married?
  7. Oh dear, out again in the 5th set after pulling back 2 sets to 0 lead by Lopez. Next year again, maybe.
  8. jane


    I definitely misheard !rotfl!
  9. jane


    Beefy I'm sure that the News Reporter said the other 2 routes into those regions, but maybe I misheard? We have had another decent day though not as sunny as yesterday. There seems to be no end in sight yet! Those poor people
  10. jane


    As I speak, they are working like mad to stabilise the dam before more rain arrives. Pumping out as much water as possible in order ro reduce the water level. A membrane has been placed across the breach and sand is being used for something?
  11. jane


    It's not looking good Frank because more rain is forecast, particularly for these areas. The dam is unstable and on the verge of collapse. The people in this region are absolutely terrified though many have been relocated for now. No chance of the A1 being re-opened yet, also the M1 is closed. Only access now is M4 and M5 but not if it rains again. It's dangerous, 2 people have died already. News reporters and the locals say that they have never seen anything like it before. No schools, shops, nor transport - everything brought to a halt. Even the sewage works are flooded out. Appa
  12. Took Tim 5 sets though when he should have won last night. Still, at least he did win in the end so into next round !! Still feel better if Murray was there too though!!!
  13. jane


    First day of sunshine in a while here too. According to the News, Nottingham suffered really bad flooding earlier in the week. Liverpool had some too. The clean-up will cost oodles and people's houses are full of mud. Tonights News covered Sheffield Centre, Rotherham and Barnsley, all in the same mess. Lots of people can't even spend a night in their homes. They are all praying for more sunshine so that the water will subside and things will dry out. We can but hope.
  14. Derek Hatton wins again, and very easily in the 4th round
  15. Murray out of Wimbledon with a wrist problem, so now we have Henman lol