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  1. Time you sorted this boy! He must have been abused as a child?
  2. Be careful Owdtite, there are apparently some very nice people here, but there are a minority that you would not want over your doorstep. Sadly I do not have any plans to visit your area
  3. I am sorry to hear your loss Loppylugs. I have suffered the same loss before some years ago. It makes me appreciate the time I spend with my dogs. I do hope that you give a second chance to another friend who is in need a good home, and caring owner.
  4. I see the sick individual is still at it. According to members online list. (Thanks Slipnot for drawing our attention to it.) Perhaps they should award you the Nottstalgia Member of the year trophy. This is what he thinks of us... "forum of brainless shits" I watched as a number of these names passed through the online list. Nothing better to do with their life. I wonder what he (or she?) actually looks like. I bet hes a real NOB!
  5. Rooney left the plane swaggering, Arrogant as ever. Youd think he had scored the cup winning goal Sack Em!
  6. Do I smell Goose Cooking? Hmmmmmm My compliments to the chef
  7. I drove past the White Hart the other day. Big do going on. Some nice bikes and a few good old boys there. Think I saw it mentioned here earlier. I would have dropped in for a quick one, but my manner of dress was inappropriate. I would have looked a bit out of place. Perhaps I could have approached one of the group and asked, "Are you Piggy?" Perhaps not Eh?
  8. GERMAN PROPAGANDA? Personally I was torn between the two teams, It was clear which one was the better.
  9. "Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs..."

  10. I think you must have been pissed at the time Beef! There was only one 'b' in ar·ri·ba
  11. Thank you beef. I was referring to the influx of scheisse kopf types that I saw postings from! Cant be Notts people?
  12. Been away from here, working in Germany for a few years. Whats happening. Where did all these SHITS come from!
  13. Just logged in as member posted no Problem?