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  1. The Fat guy with the exposed belly did originally have red hair then it turned white. He was always shouting at passers by. for many years he lived in carboard boxes in a narrow alley behind what was then a City Council Housing office on Mansfield Road where Huntingdon St starts and sadly one day the staff there found he had died during the night. I remember him being hauled off to somewhere and given a bath and fresh new clothes every year or so and as soon as he was kitted out he would shred the clothes and bare his BIG belly again.. ut There was also a tall skinny character called CHRIS wh
  2. My local Saturday visit as a young teen was to the Metropole ABC Minors Club and I was eventually appointed a Monitor, supposedly suprvising the smaller kids. As I got older (around 1958) I gravitated to the Gaumont Saturday show as you got a live Rock n'Roll Band playing between the B movie and main feature. Regulars there were IVAN JAY & THE JAYMEN and the lead guitarist was Graham Barnes, later to find fame as ALVIN LEE both solo and with his band TEN YEARS AFTER.. what a great musician he was. Sadly he passed away earlier this year. Coincidentally for many years we lived next door to
  3. Hi Nigel3 and Pat, that was just wonderful hearing from you and filling in more pieces of the jigsaw. I don't remember any more of the names of the staff but I will ask my friends who I still see who were also "BO" regulars.. We have coffee just down the road from where it was and look up at the site of the THREE TUNS and the BO and wish we could regain our lost youth and be back in there... SO GOOD, SUCH FUN, GREAT PEOPLE.
  4. Hi everyone, I've just joined NOTTSTALGIA and started a FORUM about the BOHEMIAN COFFEE BAR, Fletcher Gate. I did not know about THIS Forum , so maybe you will check out my postings? Graham who owned the BO did indeed look like Jesus and his helper was ELKI who was either German or Austrian, I have a feeling that the PAPRIKA Pancake House replaced the BO in the same location, but I am awaiting a call from a friend who might remember more clearly than I.
  5. No I never went to those Rock n' Roll nights, I sort of moved on to the coffee bar scene and I wonder if anyone remembers a local Gene Vincent lookalike and wannabee who "clunked" around town in leathers and a leg iron ( even tho' he didn't neeed it). He was a dead ringer for Gene. I saw Gene live twice, first at the Palace Mansfield then a few years later at the Sherwood Rooms he was SO GREAT and this lookalike showed up to the Sherwood Rooms event so we sort of had STEREO GENE's !!!! I never had a full TED Suit either, but did have a copy of ELVIS's stripey jacket with velvet collar ( drai
  6. Hi Systema, no I lived at Whitemoor and Western Blvd, then later in Sherwood. I think we all trawled most of the coffee bars in those days before we found one that ticked all the boxes!! I seem to remember that the "BO" fed us a loop of taped music dominated by Nina & Frederic, Peter Paul and Mary and similar, but one of the crowd of regulars was a wonderful folk singer/songwriter called SPIKE WOODS who wrote some great songs and I paticularly remember a song he wrote about worm picking... Yes some of the crowd used to go down to the cricket ground and other places at dawn and beat the gr
  7. Never considered myself remotely Beatnik, but the Art school and college girls were very fit and friendly !!!! We were into Trad Jazz and Folk Music as well as God's own original Rock n' Roll. It was just such a sociable crowd. Of course we visited the Toreador( and the Sargasso upstairs), 49, The Bamboo and the L-shaped Room ( anyone remember that one?) I myself didn't go to the Art college but the name Rimas does ring a vague bell.
  8. I used to hang around with some young Teds from Radford Blvd area back around 1958. Met them at St Margaret's Youth club dance nights on Aspley Lane. They were intimidating but really nice guys when you got to know them. The leader of our group was a Ken Trout and I remember that his older brother ( i forget his first name) and another character called "Big Bev" were Senior Teds in Radford. One night I went with friends to a dance in Bulwell and waliking back to the bus stop I was jumped by the local Bulwell Teds, but luckily for me one of them recognised me as being Ken Trout's mate and they
  9. Hi there, I'm trying to contact anyone who frequented the above coffee bar in the period 1958-1962. Situated above the THREE TUNS Pub it was the prefered hang-out for the Art College and Art School crowd. run by a slim bearded guy called Graham Bullers and a German or Austrian lady called Elfi. from my own research it seems Graham emigrated to Canada at some point and sadly passed away a few years ago. he was also the owner of Donitas Restaurant. I spent many happy hours there and it was a hugely social crowd. I remember particularly Jeff ( or Geoff) Brooks and his stunning girlfriend Rhonda (