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  1. Realise this is an old post, but if you still have these and want them looking at - I'll do your choicest FIVE of them for free. It's kinda my job...
  2. My dad was born in 10 Enfield Street in 1938. Not sure why, as his mother lived on Goldsmith Street (I’m assuming it’s not the one in Beechdale). Anyone know anything about who the tenants were then? (Big ask) Findmypast says it was vacant in 1939, so I’m now at a loss... :(
  3. Hi there, There will be a 170 years celebration of the School of Art this year at NTU (it's still there - now part of the School of Art & Design at Nottingham Trent University). If you have any photos from your time there you'd like to share, there will soon be a Flickr/Pinterest page to upload them to - or have a look through other people's uploads to see if you spot anyone or anything you recognise! I can let you know when it goes live. Or check the NTU school of Art & Design Facebook page for updates. In the meantime - if you - or anyone you know has photographs from their time st
  4. not me, ta - 'gives me terrible gip... Will credit in full, of course. We're good like that.
  5. Thank you. I'm not, no - but my fella is from New'astle.
  6. Wow. Thank you. That would be great. If you could post them to me, I'd really appreciate that. We'd like to credit you where we use them, if you'd like to send me your details? I'll happily forward you some blank DVDs, if you want to put an address on their too. I'll try pm-ing you in a moment.
  7. Hi there, all. Just joined up. I was wondering if you might be able to help direct me to any footage available of Nottingham from 1900s onward? I work at Nottingham Trent University in the School of Art & Design and we're celebrating our 150 year of the School main building (Waverley) and would really love to use old footage as part of the celebrations. The only thing I've come acroos is a DVD of the Mitchell and Kenyon footage. I would *really* appreciate any help and advice. We have a small budget, but would be willing to pay! Thanks!