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  1. Hi Enigma, I will look them out tomorrow, not brilliant ones but I'll see what I can do.
  2. Hi Dennis, blimey yes I can, not Fred Preistman though. I loved it there, my first job from College, all I ever wanted to do was work in the Haulage world. Being bought up with vintage vehicles, jeeps, Commer truck with a Queen Mary trailer, Austin K9 and Commer coach. Married a HGV driver of course! Did have my provisional and drove a Globetrotter (best truck out!) to Newark to the Lorry Driver of the Year Competition. Just wish I had gone for training to get my licence!
  3. Welcome Terence, thought it was you I added :-) Like the photo!
  4. Hi Pianoman, good to hear, hope you enjoy the group! :-)
  5. Hi, I am an Admin on Eastwood and Kimberley Bygones on Facebook which is a group to share photos and memories of Eastwood, Kimberley and surrounding villages. It is a very friendly group with about 2200 members that are very knowledgeable. We have many photos in our archive and we are always keen to see new members that may have photos to share of anything from our area, places, people, school photos, groups, old local vehicles etc., We also love to hear your memories of Eastwood and Kimberley area. Friends have been reunited and there were a couple of meet ups last year organised by mem
  6. I asked on here quite a while ago if anyone had a photo of the Colliers Arms that stood at Babbington Pit at Cinderhill. Nobody had one of the pub but I wondered if since then one had been found? Strange that there doesn't seem to be one on the lost pubs website either, reference to it but no photo.
  7. The name rings a bell, Jim Hill, Derick Bools, Ian Ecob, Chic Jones I remember
  8. I worked at Marshalls from 1979 in the International Department with Peter Rhodes, Beryl and boss Jim ?. Can remember many of the drivers, great company to work for, loved it there. Still have a few photos of the trucks. Our department was taken over by Vaughan Associates and moved to R H Freight.
  9. Stone pillar, entrance to Giltbrook Hall
  10. Yes the stone pillar near Screwfix is all that remains of the entrance to Giltbrook Hall that stood further back. I have been told about the layout of the pillars and the entrance to the Hall there but there are no photos to be found. I have tried Eastwood Library and Kimberley and my next point of call will be Nottingham Library. Thanks pooh bear for the info on the residents of the Hall, will look into it further.
  11. Thanks for your replies. I have a copy of the old photo of Giltbrook House that poohbear gave which is now Giltbrook Nursing Home and visited it this week to photograph it. The stone pillar that stands at the side of the road near Screwfix is the only remains of the entrance to Giltbrook Hall. Some members of our facebook group have recollections of the Hall long since demolished but we are having no luck with a photo.
  12. Hi, I wonder if anyone has a photograph of Giltbrook Hall in Giltbrook that used to be roughly where Screwfix is now. People have recollections of it but nobody has seen a photo of it. Think it was demolished 70/80 years ago? Or if anyone has any information on it. Thanks
  13. Thanks plantfit, I have tried searching for the footage you mention but no luck. I have tried many sites to find a photo of the Colliers but it seems as if there are not any out there, very annoying but will keep trying.
  14. Hi, The Colliers Arms stood at the side of Babbington Colliery on the A610 at Cinderhill. The pit closed in 1986 and the site is now the Phoenix Tram Station and also there is the Beefeater Millers Barn. Hope this helps you locate where it was.