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  1. My grandma used to get me the Eagle, the Beezer and the Beano every week - always read them in that order! Also, at times fairly regularly read Swift, Zip, Buster ('son of Andy Capp') Knockout and I also used to read the Wizard as an older child. Only read the occasional copy of Dandy, Topper, Film Fun and others.
  2. Yes the Americans do spell it that way - but then they would.
  3. A really comprehensive history of the railways of Newark. Also covers the Southwell line, the Nottingham - Lincoln line stations from Burton Joyce to Swinderby and the Bottesford line. An A5-size hardback published by The Oakwood Press in 1999. May still be in print. Back cover:
  4. Published in 2015. Nottingham (from both Victoria and Midland stations) to Bottesford covers just under half of the book. As with others in this series it includes photos maps and plans of all the stations on the line. Cover picture is of Bottesford. Back cover shows Sleaford and Boston:
  5. This book in the series has only the Swinderby to Lincoln section of the line outside the county. It also includes the whole of the Rolleston to Mansfield line. Photos, maps and plans of all stations are included, with a double page map of Nottingham Midland and its western approach. Published in 2013. Front cover shows 'Green Arrow' at Swinderby. Back cover photos are scenes at Southwell and Newark.
  6. Published in 2015. 20 pages of this book are related to this thread, covering the line from Upper Broughton to Nottingham Midland. The book includes maps, plans and photos of all the stations in the area covered. Especially of interest is a double-page 1915 map of the eastern part of the area covered by the Midland station. Back cover:
  7. The second volume, published by Book Law in 2012. Back cover:
  8. Published by Book Law in 2010. The first volume of everything you could wish to know about the line. Front cover picture is of St. Ann's Well station. Back cover:
  9. And here's the fourth volume in the series, published by the RCTS in 2003. Chapters are: Historical Introduction Netherfield Junction - Grantham Saxondale Junction - Stathern Junction Bottesford - Newark Bottesford - Melton Mowbray Ironstone Branches Great Dalby - Welham Sidings & Drayton Junction The Leicester Line Back cover:
  10. I'm away on holiday at the moment, so as the busy doctor said when the man went to him complaining that he seemed to be shrinking - "you'll just have to be a little patient."
  11. The third volume in the series. Published by the RCTS in 2000. Chapters are: Historical Introduction Babbington Junction - Awsworth Junction Giltbrook Viaduct - Pinxton Awsworth Station - Ilkeston Nutbrook and Heanor Branch The Stanton Branch Back cover:
  12. The second book in this series. Published by the RCTS in 2000 Chapters are: Historical Introduction Weekday Cross Junction - Annesley GCR Leen Valley Junction - Annesley GNR Leen Valley Extension Again the back cover is blank.
  13. This is the first of a series of four large-size softback books. Published by the RCTS in 1999. Chapters are: Historical Introduction Colwick Yard and Motive Power Depot Netherfield and Colwick - Nottingham London Road Gedling - Leen Valley Junction - Basford and Bulwell Nottingham Suburban Railway Should still be obtainable second hand. Back cover is completely blank so here's one of the many maps and plans of Colwick yard and parts of it that are included in the book:
  14. Yes, Bulwell Common station in the distance. The 9F is just passing over the junction for the line round to Basford North. Back cover pictures show an unidentified B1 4-6-0 coming off the spur to the Leen Valley line. Bottom left picture was taken at Bingham, centre is Lowdham in 1980 and the other is Bottesford West Junction signalbox in 2005.
  15. A large-size softback published by Book Law in 2013. Should still be in print. Covers the Great Central line from Annesley to Victoria with about one third of the book comprising photos of the latter. Back cover:
  16. Published by Foxline in 1991. Softback book, mainly pictorial but with very extended captions so is good for history. A later edition was produced with a different cover and may still be print - not sure. Back cover:
  17. The above book has a map showing the yard in 1901 and it states the layout is essentially that which served the railway until closure. It's spread over a double page so it would be difficult to scan and put on here.
  18. Although published by Book Law and in a similar format to the last three books I've mentioned this is not part of the same series. Published in 2004 and maybe not so easy to find. Back cover:
  19. The caption is: 'Peckett saddle tank 'Lady Angela' at work on the Kingston-on-Soar Gypsum branch in 1960.' From information inside the book, the engine operated there until 1970. The line joined the main line just north of Kegworth. I haven't been that way for over 20 years, but from the train you could still make out where it ran. 'Lady Angela' was preserved, and I photographed her at Buckfastleigh on the South Devon Railway in 2013:
  20. I remember seeing it. Not quite the same as 'Vote Peck - X' that was on Northern Bridge for many years.
  21. The third volume in this series is mostly oddments: Tramways and Private Sidings The Preservation Era Hidden Heritage Specials and Charters NET Line One Published in 2009. Seems to be less common on Ebay than the other two volumes. Back cover:
  22. I suppose it depends on the definition of 'town'.
  23. I was going by your phrase 'to town'.
  24. Also a MUST is the second volume in this series. Published in 2007. Chapters are: The Midland Counties Railway Railways Around the Erewash The Lincoln Line Railways of the Leen Valley The Ambergate, Nottingham, Boston & eastern Junction Railway By Midland to Melton The Great Central Railway south of the Trent These books often turn up on Ebay. Back cover:
  25. Then 10 minutes walk to the Market Square?