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  1. And Storm Nelson - Sea Adventurer, who had the 'Silver Fleet'. From memory, 'Silver Spray', I think was the schooner, 'Silver Foam' was a motor boat, 'Silver Fish'(?) was a submarine, 'Silver Fly'(?) a helicopter, and 'Silver Flea' was a miniature helicopter.
  2. Of course there was another Famous Five in the Billy Bunter stories. I think they were all in that video that was posted - Harry Wharton, Bob Cherry, Frank Nugent, Johnny Bull and Hurree Singh. Wasn't Billy Bunter on TV in the Saturday tea time slot? 'Mr Pastry' was another programme that used to be on at that time - and who else remembers 'Gary Halliday'? All these were in the days before 'Dr Who' came along.
  3. . I think Billy Bunter was featured in a comic too. Dennis Billy Bunter was in the 'Knockout' in my day (1960-ish). Have a look here (if it works):[1961-10-07]%20(comicsuk).pdf
  4. Yes, the 29 was the Ciy Hospital bus - did it terminate in the hospital grounds? Perhaps it only ran during hospital visiting hours - I'm just guessing at that. You're right about the 2. I can't remember where it left from in town, but it went by an obscure route, then eventually heading up Hucknall Road to Valley Road and along there to Daybrook (I think). So you could have got a 2 and walked up from Valley Road to get to the City Hospital. But the 6 and the 28 went right past the entrance - or an 18 or 49 went past the Edwards Lane entrance to the hospital at the other end. Re the 2 -
  5. Never mind Melton Mowbray, if you're ever in Lincoln get a Curtis's pork pie. I was brought up on having pork pie for breakfast every Sunday as well as Christmas (still do) but that was living in Lincolnshire in the 1950s before we moved to Nottingham. I'd always thought it was a Lincolnshire custom, in fact when I was living in Nottingham people expressed surprise at the thought of pork pie for breakfast. No disrespect to Pork Farms, but I've always considered them as bog standard pork pies - mind you I'm quite happy to get one when they have them in the local Tesco, as I discovered when I
  6. Yes, the Metropole was our local cinema after we moved to Sherwood in 1961. Used to go there regularly, but I could never get up early enough on a Saturday to go to 'Minors Matinees'! A particular memory is of Charles Hawtrey making a personal appearance at a showing of 'Carry on Cowboy' when it first came out (1966). Don't remember anything of what he said, though, and we were at the back of the stalls, so didn't get a good view of him either! You could see the illuminated red 'Metropole' sign at the top of the tower for miles around at night. After it was closed and later became a Kwik-
  7. One or two people have commented that the new line wouldn't be used by ordinary passengers, but HS1 is. That's the line from St Pancras to the Channel Tunnel which has services on it (the 'Javelin' trains) for people travelling to places like Ebbsfleet, Ashford, Dover etc. When we were on holiday in Folkestone a couple of years ago we used it for a day trip to London. I can't remember or not whether it was more expensive than by the slower service on the old route, but if so it wasn't enough to put us off using it.
  8. Thanks. I've just discovered this site, so as I trawl back through the topics I may be replying to stuff that was last discussed ages ago. I see there's another thread going about cinemas which covers some of the things recently mentioned on this one. Re The Scala on Market Street, which was its name when I first remember it, it would have been about 1964 or 1965 when it was converted to a News and Cartoon cinema, and my mother and I used to go there quite a lot. One reason was that as it was a continuous performance of short pieces you didn't have to bother about getting there for a particu
  9. Regarding the earlier posts about what films were showing when the Odeon became a two-screen cinema, I also remember them as being The Sound of Music in Odeon 1 - and that it ran for over a year. Mary Poppins was the opening film in Odeon 2 and it also ran for quite a while, but not as long. I expect most people on here have memories of the Odeon. Back in the late 1950s/early 1960s we could seldom afford to go there. I would have given anything to see Sink the Bismarck when that first came out, but no - my mother said we had to wait until it came to the Cavendish - only I don't think it ev
  10. I wonder if people complained when they pulled down the old Exchange buildings?
  11. While non of these Warships probably never came anywhere near to Nottingham in their working lives, the Hymeks were built by Beyer Peacock in Manchester and delivered to the Western Region via the Peak Line through Derby, I recall being on a Firbeck School trip to Derbyshire in 1961/62 and seeing a brand new example come humming along ( hydraulics had a different sound to them ) as we were heading for Haddon Hall, probably between there and Rowsley. At least some of the Hymeks (D7000 series) were delivered by means of the Great Central main line - i.e. they would have crossed the Pennines on