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  1. Earlier this year (2018) David Birch began producing a Volume 4 of the NSR history, this was to be a digital volume, not a printed book like the others. After a few pages and quite a few photographs were sent out there's been silence. Anyone in touch with David? I know he had major damage to the roof of his house from the the "Beast From The East" and maybe he's still sorting that out. If you look back to Feb of this year on this page you'll see a post from David about the new volume. Cheers all, MB
  2. Isn't the Mapperley Tunnel the one that has an enormous rubbish pile underneath one of the air shafts? If so, there are several videos on YouTube of people exploring the tunnel, accessing from the Gedling end. I believe there is a Facebook group now for the Nottingham Suburban Railway. Cheers all MB
  3. Mine arrived today as well, very pleased with the selection of photographs and looking forward to a good read this weekend. MB
  4. Welcome David and thanks for the update on Vol 3! Good to hear that you're in better health. Looking forward to the Vol 3 launch next month and like others on this forum I have put in my order already to Booklaw. I'm already a FONSR member and you should have had a reply to the latest newsletter from my Norfolk address. Best regards MB
  5. Ladies and Gents, Some very good news, see:- My order is going in tonight! All the best, MB
  6. I seem to have fallen off Booklaw's mailing list. Has anyone asked them for news of David and Volume 3 recently? Cheers MB
  7. Sorry, nothing heard back from David or his wife and I felt it wasn't right to send a follow-up e-mail. Maybe someone will take up the reins and finish the third volume. All the best for Xmas and 2018 to fellow NSR fans. MB
  8. Well, no response to my e-mail of June 20th by David or his wife, hope that isn't a bad sign. Cheers all, MB
  9. Hi BW, I've e-mailed the address used in the Dec 2014 message I had from David's wife (see #117) and asked after his health.also what was happening about his NSR work. I didn't ask directly about Vol 3, will wait to see if I get a response. Reading through the newsletters David sent to Friends of NSR (FONSR) I see that Vol 3 was planned to be largely photographs and David had a lot of not previously seen material he intended to include in the book. Cheers MB
  10. Thanks BW. All that's left then is to contact David and get his input. MB
  11. I agree! The closure years are what interests me the most. I grew up around in the area around the line and Thorneywood tunnel went directly under our house, the brickworks was in action until early in my teens and so the promised Volume 3 photos were always going to be what I wanted to see. MB
  12. Compo, The last e-mail that I had from David Birch is a round-robin to members of his Friends of the NSR in Dec 2014 group. It is written on David's behalf by his wife as he was still unwell. The move to Butterwick that katyjay mentioned is also in the e-mail with the full postal address. There is quite a bit on health matters, so I won't quote that here but if anyone with a genuine interest in the NSR books wants a copy off-list then P/M me. From reading the last part of the message, it looks like some sort of breakdown in comms between David and Booklaw, possibly his
  13. That's a shame. Can only wish David well in the absence of any news about his health. Volume 3 was to cover the closure years, the period most of interest to me. MB
  14. Hi All, My latest Booklaw catalogue, Issue 1 Spring 2017, turned up today and there is no longer any mention of volume 3 of this series of books, just 1 & 2 on offer at £12.99 each (page 7 of catalogue), I've heard nothing from the NSR mailing list about David's health either. Any news? MB