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  1. Royal Navy Circa 1962/74

    I joined HMS Fisgard in January 1964 in class S50. Went to HMS Collingwood in January 1965 then transferred to the Royal Australian Navy in October 1965.
  2. Rowena White

    Thank you very much for all your input. I have now made contact and we have exchanged our own brief history of time (LOL). Regards Andrew

    Then there was the chap who saw a UFO and didn`t know what it was! I have never seen any object that I would describe as a UFO but I have observed radar reflections whilst at sea of apparent solid objects doing things no known earthly object would do. The radar checked out o.k.. This was back in the early 1970`s when I was in the navy. It led me to a life time interest in the electromagnetic spectrum and sensor technology. Our eyes only pick up a miniscule part of this spectrum. I am still working on the construction of a mobile sensor array, spectrum analyser and computer analysis programmes. I did start a sighting listing called "Ufocomfil", some have called it "Ufocomfile", google it if you must. By the way, I come from Beta Sygni (lol).
  4. Rowena White

    Thank you all very much for your input. The next step is an attempt at contact. Regards
  5. The Oz Contingent

    Doing lots of stuff up the trains these days. Have to keep busy. Check out Willans Hill Miniature Railway page on Facebook. Regards to all.
  6. Rowena White

    Thank you Jill and Katyjay. The name Sue Pollard rings a bell. I used to do stuff backstage for the Gilbert and Sullivan productions in 1962 and 1963. I will try the contact. Cheers
  7. Wow! Gaps of 10 years on this topic! Still, quite a few of us are still on the right side of the turf!.
  8. Mundella Moderator

    Hi Alison, nearly 11 years later and I just tried to access your site but to no avail. Is that your site problem or a server problem? Anyway, being in our seventh decade, maybe I should travel east from Wagga to the coast and catch up. Catch me on Facebook. Regards Andrew Cole
  9. Rowena White

    I have been trying to find out what happened to an old class mate from Mundella Grammar School, Rowena White. Over 25 years on the internet have not resulted in any information at all. I have now reached my 3 score and 10 and find I need to reconnect and review my past in order to complete my journey. This wonderful invention has enabled me to find many friends that I lost contact with when I joined the Royal Navy in 1964. I have been in Australia since 1965 when I transferred to the Royal Australian Navy. I am also on Facebook as myself and on the Willans Hill Miniature Railway page.. Thank you and warmest regards to all. Andrew Cole
  10. The Oz Contingent

    10 years and three failed relationships later and still no closer to a list (LOL). I find Facebook a good source of old friends but also sad news of people I knew having passed on from this life. I am still on the right side of the turf and play with miniature railways mostly now instead of model aircraft. All the best to you all.
  11. The `Jules et Jim` Cafe off Goosegate

    So it would appear. I have viewed it on Google Earth and it certainly looks to be the place. I wonder what happened to the owner Rene and his wife. They used to live on a boat at Gunthorpe Lock.
  12. Beecroft and Son (Toyshop)

    On a sad note, Foxy, Malcolm Fox, who replied to my post, has passed away recently. He was a true friend when I was in England. R.I.P. Foxy.
  13. Tollerton Aerodrome

    I used to catch the bus out there in the early 1960`s with my model aircraft. The Gee Dee model aircraft club used to fly control line and free flight and the Forresters club would fly radio control. Geoff Pike, George Bradley were a couple of the radio chaps names I remember. They would fly the Ed Kazmursky ORION aircraft, the 1960 world champion one.. I eventually made an ORION here in Australia in the 1990`s when I was teaching at RAAF Wagga. Great companions and great days.
  14. The `Jules et Jim` Cafe off Goosegate

    Here we are four years later, another relationship down the gurgler but a nice stable one for the last two years. Maybe I have met my match after all this time (LOL). Stephen Porter and I have communicated quite often but he has not managed to get to the old shop or basement to look for the aircraft at all. Any volunteers? Carol, what is the situation with Dave Turner now? I don`t play much these days, my hands don`t want to work as they should. I am mainly involved with the miniature railway here (Willans Hill Miniature Railway on Facebook) since I was made redundant. I have to keep the old brain working. Regards to all.
  15. Beecroft and Son (Toyshop)

    Four years since I have been here and I find a photo of my exact memories. I have been in contact with Sue Beecroft. David was interviewed by some historical society because he is the last of the Beecrofts. No more will we see their store and yes, they are now an internet store only. I guess our generation has seen so much of the tradition be broken up or fade away. Even the military traditions are gone.