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  1. DaveJ


    "Marrer" is "mate" in Geordie dialect. Probably imported by miners from Newcasltle coming to work in the Notts coalfield. What about "It semt to me uzit wont jonuk"?
  2. DaveJ


    Origin of "Serry" Derived from late Middle Ages "Sirrah" a form of address between men of equal rank. Used a lot in Shakespeare's plays for instance. I often heard "sedge" and "serreh" in the 50s. West of Nottingham mainly and once in Hucknall I heard it as "Sorry" from a certain Mick the Pidge at the NCB workshop in Bestwood village where I worked for 18 months in the late 60s. That place was a mine (almost literally!) of local dialect. Mick once referred to seeing a friend crossing a nearby railway bridge as "Aaah, ah lit on 'im as ee wuh crossin' oer t'bridge." Sadly these old forms of
  3. BulwellBrians original posting reminded me that further along Highbury Vale from Henrietta St opposite a pub/Chatham St was a bike shop owned by Clarkes, the parents of Kenneth Clarke currently minister without portfolio in our glorious coalition government (in 2014) and MP for Rushcliffe and educated at Nottingham Boys High School. This information came to me from a school friend, John Parr who lived on Chatham St. And so it goes on..... Dave J Kraków. Pl
  4. Well I'm on it now! (Dave Jackson) We lived on Sandhurst Rd Bulwell - opposite the cricket pavilion with Hemmington's farm behind the "house" - it was a prefab. When I was 13 we moved to Arnside Rd since me and my brother were at High Pavement GS and it was just on the door-step. I remember eating in the Padstow Palace dinner hall when HP's school kitchen was temporarily closed for some reason. My brother and my two sisters all attended Henry Whipple Junior school. I was at HP from 1955 - the year it was opened - until 1962. I now live in Kraków in southern Poland. I left the UK in 2005 a
  5. No it was built next to the railway bridge - accessed via the top of Lawton Drive where Springfield schools were when I last visited in 2006. The site of Bulwell Hall was a car park back then about a half mile from the Golf Club House DaveJ
  6. I remember having to use the footbridge over the railway then turn right and there was a field where the fair was held. There was a trolley terminus opposite the station - Number 37? It went up to Sherwood Rise then into the city centre. There was a saying when someone said "It in't fair" you replied "It's not t'wakes either". DaveJ Krakow Poland (ex Sandhurst and Arnside Roads)
  7. Who remembers Hole's Newark Ales and Offiler's from Derby?
  8. Pearson's main entrance was originally on Long Row but there was a service entrance on Parliament St I think. Originally they sold good quality furniture etc. My maternal grandfather was a delivery man with them for years. Originally he worked for Goodliffes (Spelling?) driving a horse and cart. They sold out to Pearson's. DaveJ
  9. Wasn't Jacky a rag & bone man between the wars? I was brought up in Bulwell and his fame had spread there in the 50s