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  1. Hi I see you went to Chandos , what is your name as the photo on your profile looks like my class .

    Allan Smith . 

    1. wardy


      hi allan  brian ward ring a bell

    2. wardy
  2. Compo ,You should reenact the photo ,I'd bet we wouldn't be able to tell the difference 😂
  3. Hi Andrea .... I have a house near Taberno not far from Huercal Overa where do you live ?
  4. It's 42c/104f here in Spain today ,but it's forecast to warm up from next week, I'll be glad to get back to Nottingham .
  5. I also had a MK1 Lotus Cortina with full rally spec ,it went like Sh#t of a shovel , things like Mgs ,Spitfires ,TR4s ,Ford Capri, Frog Eyed Sprits were all left for dead at the traffic lights ,I of course was the worlds best driver in those days ,since then I've lost all my driving skills and I'm now just below average .
  6. I'm at my house in Spain at the moment and on Spanish TV they are saying that they were about 1.6 km /1 mile to 1.8km /1.15 miles apart the camera angle just makes it look much worse .
  7. Why would any man want to do that ??????????
  8. Being a builder I thought that you were referring to the metal bar I'd use to withdraw nails .
  9. It's on the road between Selston and Kirkby opposite the old Bentinck Pit ....Mainly a food pub now .
  10. Just to clear things up , I can confirm that it is the "Caroline Club" in the first picture as I did a lot of the alterations when it was converted from a railway mens club to the "Caroline Club "around 1975-76 , the club was named after Caroline the niece of the owner Mrs Unwin ,she ran the club with her son Bobby and daughter Roisin ....on the opening night I was the DJ and Jimmy "Mr Fuzzy Fingers" Willan was on the Keyboard ,It traded as a club for a few years before closing and I was led to believe that Bobby Unwin used the large arched shed at the back as a garage for his lorries.
  11. I used to own the Countryman Pub at Kirkby in Ashfield It was originally know as the Lime Burners but changed it's name over 20 years ago ,and is still referred to by the locals as the Bonners .
  12. I can remember speed boat races near the racecourse , the used to launch from the slipway next to Colwick hall ,this is also where the timeing Marshalls were ,this was in the late 50's early 60's in those days you could walk from the railway bridge on Colwick Rd on a tarmac road that crossed the racecourse at the time I think it was it was the only way to get to Colwick Hall .
  13. Going a little further afield there is a place in Austria called F##king. They tried to get it changed to Fugging but were told "no Fugging chance as that name had already been taken "