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  1. Listening to an American station called Green Onions Radio via Tune In Radio . Listening on the laptop and blue-toothed to the TV Sound bar . They play non stop Soul , Blues , Motown mainly 60s , no djs , no adverts , great so far ! https://tunein.com/radio/Green-Onions-Radio-s253292/


    No problem Patricia . Assume Harriet Pendleton married...... but who to ?
  3. This was posted on the Nottingham facebook page . Basically someones home video showing their trips . After about 6 mins in , the Nottingham segment starts and shows extensive views from the castle and then Carter Gate and the Square . It must have been a Sunday , before Sunday trading was introduced as its so quiet .

    How's your day?

    Oh I see . Not sure Nonna , as far as I know when he comes home here , he still uses his UK passport but whether that will change after Brexit , no idea . The granddaughter will have dual passports as far as I know , that's why they have just applied for her UK one before the change .

    How's your day?

    I guess his residency is now the north of the Netherlands , Nonna . They have bought a house there and their daughter is now settled at school now there .

    How's your day?

    Our son who lives in the Netherlands just got a letter from the government there , saying there will be no change to his status during 2019 but it will be reviewed in 2020 . Luckily he applied just over 4 years ago for a residency and that seems to mean he is safe to stay . He"s also just applied for a Dutch driving licence and had to surrender his UK licence . They've just applied for a UK passport for our granddaughter who was born Hertfordshire to keep her dual status .


    Welcome Patricia ....here's something to be going on with . The obit in 1930 of Alderman John Ernest Pendleton : Below is the 1891 Census showing the parents of John Ernest Pendleton together with all John Ernest's many siblings living at Vernon Road , Basford . John Ernest Pendleton born c1869 , is elsewhere with wife Elizabeth (nee Watson) on this Census . I believe father Elias Pendleton married an Ann Hodges in Basford in 1867. On the later 1901 Census , the family are living 207 Cinder Hill , with the addition of two more children , Anne born 1893 and Elsie born 1895 . Re the Ethel Pendleton you mentioned ( seen above on the 1891 Census born 1891) , she married a George Scott Philpott in 1917 . Later in 1939 they are living 48 Roland Avenue , Basford district , in addition to them , there are 2 blanked out names , plus an Edith M Philpott born 1930 whose surname was later altered to Schulze and altered again to Hamilton.
  8. Was browsing through a church magazine for St.James Church . Marshall Hill Drive , Mapperley from 1949 . In it was an advert for Mapperley Tea Gardens which I don't remember ever hearing about . Strangely , if you google it , a reference comes up in the National Archives for 1960 , when a drinks licence was applied for there . Looking in the news archives there are numerous adverts for the above for dances and a room to hire but no address , many in the 1930's . Many of the adverts give the name "C.Gilbert" . Searching the 1939 Register , a Christopher J. Gilbert living at 942, Woodborough Road gives his occupation as "Baker ,Confectioner". 942, Woodborough Rd today is the site of the Co-op Supermarket on Mapperley Plains . I was 11 years old in 1960 and this was my stomping ground , it may have been the site of the Tea Gardens but I really don't remember what was there before the Co-op . Anyone remember it or are there any pics ?

    How's your day?

    You should have felt "at home" there Lizzie , surrounded by Mapperley bricks "Extensive brickyards existed on Mapperley Hills for several centuries. They ultimately supplied much of the building material for the city and 10 million Mapperley bricks were used to build St Pancras station in London. Nottingham Patent Brick Company"
  10. Dave Rowberry was my older brother's big pal as teenagers , (though not sure my bro was in that choir ) . Think they formed a skiffle band . I've got a great moody black and white photo of them somewhere , when they did a trip to France . Must dig it out . My claim to fame is that one of The Animals broke my space-gun ! It was one of those guns that you wound up a sort of helicopter blade and fired it up into the air . Dave over-wound it and it never worked again ....probably 60 years ago and have never forgotten that !
  11. On a couple of Nottingham related Facebook sites there has been mention of Bertie Mee , the former Arsenal manager , who was born Bulwell in 1918 . It's not clear what road he was born on but two years later in 1920 , the family were living at 63 Repton Road , Bulwell. Prior to management he was a footballer playing for Derby County and Mansfield . After an injury he later trained as a physio before taking up the caretaker-managers job at Arsenal taking over from Billie Wright . More here on his wiki , ( though they call him "Bertram" but can't see any evidence that that was his name , every official reference calls him Bertie ) . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertie_Mee He took Colin Addison to Arsenal from Forest He had a much older brother called George Mee , sometimes called Georgie Mee or "Little Georgie" born 1900 also in Bulwell . George was a much better footballer and played for a number of teams in the 1920s and had a record 200 consecutive appearances for Blackpool before moving on to Derby . His wiki here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgie_Mee Whats not mentioned is that George was also an entertainer : GEORGE MEE AS VOCALIST George Mee, Derby County's popular left-winger, sang solos at a concert given by the band of the 5th Battalion. Sherwood Foresters to help the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, held at the Drill Hall, Derby, last night. 05 May 1930 - Derby Daily Telegraph - Derby, GEORGE MEE TAKES TO THE STAGE UNREHEARSED SONG AT SUNDERLAND THEATRE , HUGE SUCCESS . BIG AUDIENCE MYSTIFIED By "BASEBALL " GEORGIE MEE The Derby County left winger, took to the stage at Sunderland when the Rams visited that town in quest of League points 30 December 1929 - Derby Daily Telegraph . Later he took on a hotel/pub in Blackpool , no doubt entertaining the clients . Bertie and Georgie's parents were an Edwin Mee born 1875 Derbyshire . Mother was Gertrude Alice Wyld. They married in 1898 at Daybrook. 1911 they are living in Arnold with George born 1900 , plus sisters , Clarice Ivy , born 1901 and Beatrice Ivy , b1910. 1920 Electoral Register and Edwin and Gertrude are living at 63 Repton Road , Bulwell . 1929 father Edwin is a mental ward attendant at Bagthorpe and they are still at 63 Repton Road . 1939 at they are living at 12 Roderick Street . 1948 Edwin and Gertrude celebrate their Golden Wedding and living 110 Beckley Road , Broxtowe , according to the news article below that mentions son's , Georgie and Bertie . Another member of the family carried on the footballing tradition . George Mee , son of the above played for Forest Forest Sign George Mee. the young Nottingham Forest inside forward, son of the other George Mee. of Derby County and Blackpool fame , has signed professional form for the Forest. He was one of the five colts who shone in the team which beat Walsall . In seven Notts Amateur League games he has scored 23 goals . 20 October 1941 - Nottingham Journal
  12. My original piece contains a slight error . George Mee was actually born in Arnold in 1900 (not Bulwell) . He attended the Primitive Methodist Chapel Sunday School as a boy there and returned in 1931 to give a concert . The family at one time lived on Front Street . GEORGE MEE ENCORED AT SCHOOL CONCERT George Mee, the Derby County footballer, was one of the artists at concert given by the members of the Primitive Methodist Church Sunday School, Arnold, last night. He was born in Arnold, and attended the Sunday School as a boy ..... 04 December 1931 - Derby Daily Telegraph - I suspect he liked his entertaining more than his football , throughout the early 1930s he can be seen in Blackpool summer shows as a regular on the bill of the Rocklands Pavilion there .
  13. Not impossible Ben . Appears she was born 1945 , Colleena A Mee . Her father was probably an Ernest Mee . George and Bertie Mee did have a brother called Ernest who signed at one point for Mansfield . Unfortunately there are a few too many Ernest Mees in Notts to pinpoint which one was Colleena's father (without buying certificates !).
  14. Stand to be corrected but you may have the wrong one . Though Bertie was born 25th Dec 1918 his birth record appears in the 1st QTR of 1919 as Bertie . His death in 2001 is also recorded as Bertie .
  15. DAVIDW

    Enjoying owt on the box lately ?

    We must be in a minority but had never watched any of the Luther series before.....until we were gripped by the last one over the new year . Didn't realise that fabulous Ruth Wilson had a part in it ....she's brilliant as a sexy executioner but with a sense of humour ! One of the early episodes had her and the dour Nicola Walker acting together .... They could make a modern day Cagney and Lacey ? Anyway we are now binge watching on BBC iPlayer the whole collection (Series 1 onwards) , its is a bit scary and gory , indeed switched off last night as a man was about to put his hand in a blender to avoid having his fingerprints taken !
  16. Picture of Bulwell gentleman who were the last to keep an ancient Manorial rights tradition going . To be honest don't fully understand the finer details of the proceedings but it may be of interest to any family researchers with Bulwell connections . (seems to be a lot of Widdowsons in the picture ) The photo and details appeared in the Evening Post of July 1943 in an old picture quiz feature , obviously the original image is much earlier (actually 1896 ) . Text from the Evening Post . Sitting of the Bulwell Manor Copyhold Court - now defunct - at The Red Lion Inn , Coventry Road , and the members were as follows : Left to Right (Front Row seated) Messrs .Samuel Jennison , J.H. Hardy , Edwin Widdowson (foreman) , Arthur Browne (steward) and William Moore . Centre Row : Messrs R .Widdowson , William Reeve , , George Toft , Walter Widdowson , Henry Hanson , Henry W. Rogers (steward's clerk) and John Smith . Top Row Messrs. A P.Lee (junior clerk) , William Harwood , F.H. Wilkinson , William Stanley and Alfred Widdowson . BULWELL MEMORY ANCIENT COURT RECALLED The Bulwell Court Leet , an institution....had its origin in the dim past . Records are in existence dating from 1723 but those before that time have been lost . While in the early days the court had criminal jurisdiction , later , as the Court Baron - or Copyhold Court - it dealt with matters affecting the estate of the lord of the manor and met each Easter up to the time of the Bulwell Hall estate , together with the manor and manorial rights being acquired by the Nottingham Corporation . Afterwards the court was held at Bulwell Hall and Highbury Vale Hotel. At each of the courts a jury of 13 , composed of men holding property of the copyhold tenure was sworn in , a bailiff , town crier and pinder being appointed and the steward chose the foreman . The proceedings were opened by the bailiff calling from the door : "Oh yez ! O yez ! O yez! " and ordering all having business there to attend A CURIOUS CUSTOM . Heirs of deceased copyholders were requested to be present and if they failed to do so after three successive courts, the property was liable to forfeiture to the Lord of the Manor . After the business had been transacted a dinner was provided and before proceedings ended , a large bowl of punch was placed on the table and the health of the Lord and steward being drunk . Amongst the many customs was one that if a man died intestate his youngest son - instead of his eldest son-became entitled to the copyhold property . A copyholder was entitled to fish in the Leen and to take turf and soil from Bulwell Forest . Of the group shown...... only three were still alive (in 1943) , namely Mr.A.P.Lee (then junior clerk ) , Henry W. Rogers ( stewards clerk who at 73 has very many happy memories of the old courts ) , and F.H. Wilkinson (whose fund of knowledge about Bulwell and district is equal to any living native ) .
  17. DAVIDW

    Customer Service in UK

    Not exactly about direct customer service , more customer experience but we have a brand new Costa opened before Christmas on the edge of town . Went in on to give it a try Friday as Mrs W insists on having a coffee whenever we are out . Not the relaxing experience we expected ! The place was full of teenagers , probably about 13 or 14 years old , in various groups huddled around different tables . Some had their feet on the lower tables , some were sitting on tables , some lounging with feet on chairs . They probably occupied a quarter of all the seats .No drink or food in front of them and whilst we were there , none of them bought any drinks . To be fair they were no more noisy than you would expect a bunch of teenagers to be but there was a continual tooing and froing as different ones (mainly girls) rolled some tobacco and went out to have a smoke , leaving the door wide open each time on a cold day . A couple of lads were swinging monkey-like on the struts of the outside parasol ! One came back in to unplug his phone charger out the mains and another came back in , asking for first-aid as he'd injured his hand whilst hanging off the parasol . There were three young staff on and none of them said a word to the teens at any time . I suppose on a cold winters day there's not much for kids to do and it will be different tomorrow when they are back at school but put us off going in there again .
  18. Never heard of them before but this attractive seasonal poster cropped up today on a Facebook page . They did herbal ingredients for herbal beers . In the late 1800s they were at Park Place , Park Row . Later in the 1950s they were at Beech Avenue , Basford and the managing director was a familiar name .....Elliott Durham .
  19. DAVIDW

    Parliament Street Methodists FC

    I played for Parliament Street Meths Colts in the early 1960s . Member here , Paradiddle posted a photo of the team in a Gedling School thread a while ago . Half the team in the photo went to Gedling . Somehow though I must have been absent (or dropped ) when the photo was taken Can't seem to embed the photo but scroll down to the foot of this page to view : https://nottstalgia.com/forums/topic/4897-gedling-school-class-photo-623/?page=8
  20. Went in our local HMV yesterday thinking there would be a few bargains in CDs but as TBI says above just a rack of regular stuff at 2 for £10 . One album I did spot at £5.99 was a Jimmy Summerville hits compilation . In Sainsbury's last week , (before the sale ) , same album was £4 . 50% more expensive !.
  21. DAVIDW

    The Wilson family - Bingham

    Welcome Tony . Think you have the wrong Thomas Wilson there . This appears to be your Thomas Wilson born Bingham 1817 , who married an Ann Colton in 1843 Nottingham district. This is the 1861 Census showing George Wilson born c 1850 (Actually Dec Qtr 1849) with parents and siblings ' 1861 England, Wales & Scotland Census Long Acre, Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England Thomas Wilson Head Married Male 44 1817 Carpenter Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England Ann Wilson Wife Married Female 38 1823 - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England George Wilson Son - Male 11 1850 Scholar Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England Mary A Wilson Daughter - Female 7 1854 Scholar Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England James Wilson Son - Male 5 1856 Scholar Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England Richard Wilson Son - Male 3 1858 - Bingham, Nottinghamshire, England Herbert Wilson Son - Male 1 1860 Looks like your George Wilson born c1850 married an Eliza Rigley in Basford district (which included Ilkeston ) in 1872 . Hope this helps !
  22. Now I see why we may not have heard much of the company , they moved to Staffs in 1957 . This history from the National Archives : The company of Newball and Mason was originally founded by Thomas Ayres Newball and Thomas Mason. In 1850 Thomas Ayres Newball had opened a chemist shop at 36 Derby Road, Nottingham and in c1859, at the age of fifteen, Thomas Mason became his apprentice. After several years, Thomas Mason opened his own shop on Derby Road and it was at this time that he invented the 'extract of herbs', a concentrated essence that could be made up into the non-alcoholic beverage, 'Botanic Beer'. In the 1870's the two businesses were amalgamated to form Newball and Mason, chemist and druggist, with premises near the Market Place and at 10 Derby Road (Morris's Trade Directory for 1877) With the growing popularity of botanic beer, in 1875 Thomas Mason opened a factory on Park Row in Nottingham, to produce his 'extract of herbs' Benjamin Deaville joined the company as an apprentice in 1880 and after serving a three year apprenticeship, he decided to concentrate on the manufacturing side of the business, later becoming a partner in the company In 1890, the company moved into a larger factory on Terrace Street in Hyson Green and in 1902, they moved again to a former lace factory on Beech Avenue, New Basford. This factory was known as the 'Maville Works', combining the names of Mason and Deaville. By this time, Newball and Mason had diversified to produce not only the 'extract of herbs' but also coffee, fruit essences and flavourings, household chemicals, culinary and medicinal herbs, the latter being grown on the company's herb and fruit farm in Bunny In 1911, Thomas Mason died and Benjamin Deaville became the sole proprietor. In 1925 he decided to form a private limited company and held the position of chairman and managing director until his death in 1938. The factory was then re-modelled and re-equipped with modern machinery and in 1946 the company acquired a fish canning factory in Mevagissey, Cornwall. By 1957 Newball and Mason had moved production to Sedgley in Staffordshire
  23. I had the same thought !
  24. DAVIDW

    Earthquake 1957

    Maybe he had a date after school The Evening Post archives don't reach up to 1957 yet but these other regional papers say the quake hit at 3.44p.m. in Nott'm . ALARM CALLS AT ONE A MINUTE TOWNS and villages in 11 English counties felt the shock of an earth tremor yesterday at about 3.45 p.m. Hundreds of houses were damaged, several people injured ....... 12 February 1957 - Birmingham Daily Post Many Anxious Inquiries A distinct earth tremor was felt by several business people In the centre of Liverpool about 3.45 pm. People working In offices in the city telephoned the Liverpool Echo anxiously ...... The quake shook Nottingham at about 3.44 pm . Almost immediately a Nottingham telephone exchange was swamped with emergency calls. One of the first Nottingham reports was a chimney stack collapsing . In West Bridgford a housewife said all her pots and pans had been thrown off her pantry shelf. The tremor was particularly bad in the Hucknall district . The tremor hit Lincoln at about the same time . 11 February 1957 - Liverpool Echo - Liverpool, Lancashire, England
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    Facebook page

    Maybe 40,000 members but if you spend time in giving an informative comment on one of the images , you are lucky if you get 3 "likes" in appreciation , as I'm sure Cliff Ton found.