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  1. Not saying they built the houses you're interested in but a 1949/1950 a firm called Progressive Builders of 107 Carlton Hill were advertising extensively in the local newspapers for tradesmen to fulfil contracts for housing schemes for Carlton Council at Valley Road and Southcliffe Road . Managing Director was a F.I.Greenwood .

    Help Needed

    May be better contacting a Derby newspaper . The only Robin Hood Cycling Club I can see was named after the Robin Hood pub in Iron-Gate Derby......but that was late 1800s !
  3. Was browsing through a church magazine for St.James Church . Marshall Hill Drive , Mapperley from 1949 . In it was an advert for Mapperley Tea Gardens which I don't remember ever hearing about . Strangely , if you google it , a reference comes up in the National Archives for 1960 , when a drinks licence was applied for there . Looking in the news archives there are numerous adverts for the above for dances and a room to hire but no address , many in the 1930's . Many of the adverts give the name "C.Gilbert" . Searching the 1939 Register , a Christopher J. Gilbert living at 942, Woodborough Road gives his occupation as "Baker ,Confectioner". 942, Woodborough Rd today is the site of the Co-op Supermarket on Mapperley Plains . I was 11 years old in 1960 and this was my stomping ground , it may have been the site of the Tea Gardens but I really don't remember what was there before the Co-op . Anyone remember it or are there any pics ?

    Hello - Shore family, Basford

    Death notice in Nottingham Journal : SHORE. —On April 14th. 1928 at 53. Mandalay street. Richard Shore junior, aged 35. Interment Wednesday, 2.30 p.m at General Cemetery.
  5. This should keep music buffs busy for a while . The Boston (USA) Public Library have put online some 48000 recordings , many of them 78s . I selected "Ellington" and these came up but earlier had a listen to some old Sonny Boy Williamson tracks . https://archive.org/details/78rpm_bostonpubliclibrary?and[]=ellington&sin=
  6. Bubblewrap and I have had a difference of opinion about this year photo from Westdale Lane Juniors as we both went there , as well as Gedling School . When I posted it many years ago , on another site I said it was from 1960 , assuming it was the final year at the juniors . Bubblewrap thinks it was maybe a year or two before that and I must admit some of the girls on the front do look younger than 11 . Or did we just look younger then ? Mind you he is right , when we left , there were some new bungalows built on Digby Ave beyond the playground and I can't see them there . Some names I remember : Dave Wilson, Michael Morris, David Wragg,Trevor Chaplin , Dave Clark ,Bobby Freeman Gillian Elvis Carole Dickinson, Judith Wales,Ann Marchington,Susan Atherton, Christine Hall Andrew Smith, Bruce Middleton ? Lesley Budding ,Paul Swinscoe, Michael Harold Linda Slade, Mareen Budding, Diane Humphrey, Marylin Marks Any more names welcome :
  7. Welcome Ruth . Not sure if it's my imagination but I seem to remember a roaring coal or coke fired stove in the corner of the classroom . It's a wonder we didn't all fall asleep !

    Alfred Street Central

    1940s a pub called the Freemans Arms was on that corner and was a designated air raid shelter ! https://picturenottingham.co.uk/image-library/image-details/poster/NTGM013235/posterid/NTGM013235.html http://www.closedpubs.co.uk/nottinghamshire/nottingham_ng3_freemensarms.html

    Help needed on grave at Nottingham Church Cemetery

    Ann , looks like it was Raymond A Maxfield born Dec Qtr 1923 , died 1950 in Witten , Germany
  10. Same with Gedling School , now being demolished and 10 years younger than me .
  11. I searched the news archives for this Haywood Road nursery and nothing came up but I did see mention of another nursery I'd never heard of before in the vicinity . In the early 1940s there were a few adverts for Vryenhoef's Nursery on Mapperley Plains . Cornelius Vryenhoef , a Dutchman appeared to have worked for Thos. Robinson prior to the 1920s before setting up on his own . This is one of his adverts : OVAL-LEAF Privet, 2 1/2ft , 10/- per 100 ; £4/10/- per 1,000. — C. Vryenhoef, Mapperley Plains. 21 February 1941 - Nottingham Evening Post
  12. DAVIDW

    How's your day?

    I had given up growing tomatoes and any veg , as by the time they have matured , the price of them in the shops is usually pennies. Plus the fact the constant watering and care of them if you go away for a week . However for Christmas , my son gave me a tomato growing kit . Tiny pots , compost and 6 varieties of tomatoes . A couple are ordinary looking tom's but in addition some coloured varieties, yellow ones , green ones and black ones ! I didn't think they'd do much but sod's law , all the seeds "took" and I've ended up with 18 plants . I can get about 6 in the greenhouse and made a lean-to frame for another 6 in gro bags , against a sunny wall . If I can't give the rest away I guess they will have to be potted up and spread round the garden , though I've never had much luck with outdoor tom's in the past.
  13. Can't find anything specific about a nursery on Haywood Road other than that it is mentioned in Electoral Roles in the 1930s as being owned by a James John Arnold Doubleday (born c1874 , son of John &Ann Doubleday) whose address was given as 14 Corby Road. He married an Ada Arnold in W Bridgford in 1896. They had a son , also called James born 1897 but unfortunately he died in France in WW1. That's all so far .
  14. I've only just noticed that old editions of the Football Post are now available online (subscription needed) . So if you want to re-live some of those memorable matches of your youth ........ I believe on both you can enter a search term and get a small snippet of the article but to view the entire article or page will cost unfortunately . (I tried it using the search term "Le Flem" !) https://search.findmypast.co.uk/search/british-newspapers?newspaper=football post (nottingham) https://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/search/results?retrievecountrycounts=false&newspapertitle=football post (nottingham)&sortorder=dayearly
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    I see Poundland are opening in the old Virgin record shop in WheelerGate. http://www.nottinghampost.com/Pound-shop-old-record-store/story-20233109-detail/story.html that makes 3 Poundlands in a relatively small area . Its probably better than an empty shop but you wonder at the economics of it , taking on shops with such high rents and theres only so many customers . Many years since I went into Nottingham but I imagine there are also 99p stores and I have seen a picture of a Poundworld in the Broadmarsh . Not to mention Home Bargains and B&M. Poundland have just opened their 500th store and this rapid expansion could be to do with them being listed on the stockmarket next year but I wonder who will be the first chain to fold . Wilkos now seem to be the new Woolworths , are they still as busy ? They are still a bit of a novelty down here being relatively new stores . When we lived in Notts we often went to the Wilkos in Carlton Sq . and that was always busy but they must be suffering from all these bargain stores .
  16. I would have been working there when those photos were taken , the older photos from near opening day have the GEM sign on the left hand front facia of the building . For some reason (planning?) the size of the sign was reduced and later plonked on top of the front entrance canopy . That front entrance was later closed and sole entry to the store was at the side facing the larger car park . Think that happened when ASDA took over most of the concessions and swung the checkouts round to that side of the store . I remember there being 40 checkouts in all .
  17. This photo of a gravestone "eaten by a tree" cropped up on a Facebook history page today . Grave of John Smith Thorpe 1831-1871 plus his three sons : Thomas Smith Thorpe , born 1861-1866 William Bowler Timothy Thorpe , born 1858- 1866 John James Thorpe , 1869-1874 On the 1861 Census , John Smith Thorpe is living at Denmark Court, 1, Island Street, St Mary, Nottingham . John's occupation was given as "Policeman". He married a Jane Catherine Whitton in 1853 in her home town of Gainsborough . Haven't found out what happened to Jane yet . They also had a daughter , Lily , born in 1866 .
  18. DAVIDW

    Mapperley Tea Gardens

    Great photo .....wonder how long before it appears elsewhere ?
  19. DAVIDW


    Hope you are feeling better Carnie and enjoy the rest of your day ! Happy birthday.
  20. Googling "anti-biotics" and "itching" does bring up a number of hits saying that one in ten people have allergic reactions and one of those can result in hives . I think this is what's affected me as it's the first time I've taken strong anti bacs. I'm continuing with the anti histamines and the itching (all upper body) is slowly receding .
  21. Just caught part of this programme on BBC 2 , called Restoring Englands Heritage , hosted by Selina Scott . It featured a piece about the ornate chapel that is gradually crumbling away at the converted asylum complex at Mapperley . For Bubblewrap there is also a piece about Taylors Bell Foundry at Loughborough . On iplayer for a few weeks http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b03k1zk1/restoring-englands-heritage-east-midlands
  22. How weird , I have the same condition . A few weeks ago had problems in the nether regions and took a few anti- biotics. A few days after (water works all ok now) had a 2 hour session of shivering just couldn't get warm , no appetite . The next night in bed , totally opposite ringing with sweat . Then the itching started , just on upper body . Like you , lathering in moisturiser helps a bit . I thought it some virus as there are odd things going about at the mo. Trying anti-histamines to see if they will help and might lather myself in pile cream next !
  23. DAVIDW

    Hunt & Co (Printers)

    From the 1930s when it was H.Hunt and Co , Ticket Printers, Hucknall-road (opposite Leonard-avenue). There was a court case when they were sued by a paper supplier . Hunts didn't pay for the paper as it was 5 thousands of an inch too thick to go through the Trent Bus Co ticket machines !
  24. .There was a Horse and Groom on Wheeler Gate in 1859 . ...inquest at the Horse and Groom, Wheeler-gate, of William Lovett, aged 82. Deceased lived in Houndsgate, and had for some time been suffering from. ..... 30 September 1859 - Nottingham Journal -
  25. DAVIDW

    Digby Colliery

    Could be named in deference to Digby Lord Middleton of Wollaton Hall who sold property to the founder of the mine , Thomas Bayley ? "Lenton Abbey House was formerly the property of Lord Middleton but was sold c 1860 to a Mr Thomas Bayley along with a portion of Lord Middleton's Beeston estate. Bayley was born in 1813 and was a leather manufacturer at Lenton, Giltbrook and Newark. He was also a founder of Digby Colliery. On his death in 1874 he left it to his daughter"