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  1. There was a record stall in the Vic market, think it was called Pendulum.
  2. The Kardomah on King street was used exclusively by NCT staff in the 90's.
  3. Was the Kardomah on King street?
  4. It's just been announced that Barrow are National league champions and Notts County will be in the playoffs for a place in league football.
  5. Nottingham Heritage vehicles is on Portland road Hucknall. It's mostly NCT buses, take a look at their web site.
  6. We were told to cough into our elbows, those that went out and bought toilet rolls don't know their ar5e from their elbow.
  7. What happens on tour stays on tour.
  8. I was dragged in from the garden when a photographer knocked on the door offering to take professional photos, I never won any beauty contests.
  9. Still got the dirty knees.
  10. Correct, Mellisa wins the prize for being first.
  11. I checked that out on my calculator and it is correct Phil.
  12. Don't drink brake fluid, you might not be able to stop properly.