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  1. I had a Dansette Conquest record player, it had a 16 speed which used to play children's nursery rhymes, I think they were brightly coloured.
  2. I can get on the site at work using my phone but can't log on at home.
  3. Taken from Woodthorpe flats, you can see Elmswood gardens and the gable end of St Martins church. In the distance you can see 'Bendigos ring' at Bestwood. If you zoom in close you can see City Hospital and nurse Rached at the second window on the right.
  4. I used to have a Morris Minor, I think there were only 3 buttons on the dash, lights, heater and wipers.
  5. We didn't do Latin at Roland Green school, just picked out equine dentures, donate and inspect.
  6. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
  7. Ben, what powers does a store detective have, power of arrest, detaining, asking for name and address etc?
  8. Totally agree, been there tonight to see the Halle orchestra. On tier 2 the sound was poor.
  9. Yes the barber employs staff and the shop is always busy, SPQR.
  10. A chap called Gareth runs it, he also has a shop in Beeston doing the same deal.
  11. Happy Bithday Col.
  12. 26 year old man arrested, 2 year old was unharmed.
  13. I remember the second one, we called it the Witches hat, don't get your legs trapped underneath.
  14. Another option, go on to dogs trust web site and print off details of how to stop your dogs barking, then send it through the post to the dog owners.
  15. Get in touch with the local environmental health officer about the dogs, heavy curtains with an acoustic liner will be a lot cheaper than glazing, earplugs will be even cheaper.
  16. denshaw

    Taxi Company

    On Fonacar it was £30 a week, made some good money at weekends and could tell a few stories, not on here though.
  17. The original Dunkirk flyover was quite crude, look as though it was in 3 sections, quite narrow too. When we ran light back from Clifton I sometimes used the flyover at Clifton bridge, saved going round the roundabout.
  18. denshaw

    Taxi Company

    Nev greenhoff? Set up a company in Bridgford around 1979 it was A 2 B.
  19. denshaw

    Taxi Company

    In 1978 I worked for MMD on Huntingdon street and then Fonacar.
  20. denshaw

    Taxi Company

    Check a cab were somewhere near Ilkeston road. About 1979 possibly before.
  21. I had a Simca 1100 around 1979, nice little car but like Col said, it went rotten.
  22. Hyson Green Asda, known locally as scabby Asda.