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  1. Never trust any dog, I've been bitten by German Shephards, a Doberman and a Jack Russell. Learn about dogs behaviour and how their mind works.
  2. 50 years ago today Victoria train station closed.
  3. When I was at school lots of kids had outgrown their trousers, me included. We just used to say they had a short week.
  4. Tattooist must have been Butch. (Name not nature)
  5. Happy birthday to Lizzie and Mick2me.
  6. I knew a Philip Marshall that lived on Traffic st, he would be about 64 now.
  7. They should have Women's names, they can be really wild and when they leave they take the house with them.
  8. I don't remember that one CT, the petrol station had two entrances, one on Valley Rd and the other on Nottingham Rd. It was at the rear of the bank.
  9. Possibly NCV garage on Hucknall Road.
  10. There used to be a Skoda dealers called Renshaw and Newsome on Edwards Lane near City hospital. The place opposite the Futurist was a petrol station.
  11. Bekay, my ex's uncle went to Radford Boulevard school, Peter Hogg. No idea what year though.
  12. Are we talking about Park Tavern in Basford or Park Tavern on Nuthall rd or Hall Park Tavern?
  13. I was there on Saturday evening, street food and live music. A great atmosphere.
  14. Wellies! You were lucky, I only had one welly.
  15. Where Siddha? He's renovated a few cars.
  16. I drove along Sherwood rise last night and noticed a place called the Gables opposite Ebury road, it is a fairly new building and is an independent retirement home with 28 one bedroom properties.
  17. Those that had sun dials.
  18. Notts won, played 4 won 1, drew 1, lost 2.