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  1. 10/10 for that Anne. Hey Beefy, i once delivered a Telephone answering machine to Charlie Drake. B)
  2. Hi Anne, try explaining going outside for a fag. !laughing!
  3. All these birds getting lost reminds me . Where's Caz gone?
  4. The City ground was built wrongly, the seats were facing the pitch.
  5. 1 Papplewick (pumping station) ? 4 East leake ?
  6. Ayup bip, good luck in your new home.
  7. 1 North Wheatley (Dennis Wheatley)
  8. Grove inn corner of Sherbrooke road Daybrook Chestnut Tree Sherwood. Ex Crantock Hotel. Forest Inn nr Forest Road if its still there?
  9. Yes Mick the valve shop is still there. Excellent value for electrical, car spares and key cutting.
  10. Apparently Gordon is living in Wollaton and has been offered a thousand pounds to do a guest appearance but he turned them down.
  11. Enjoyed that Robt. Any more ?
  12. Old couple near Gedling Bert 'n' Joyce Same direction Flying Pig ?