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  1. Yesterday in Nottingham 8 people were fined £200 each and 26 people warned about house parties.
  2. Went in the Works bookshop at the weekend, 20 birthday cards for a quid.
  3. There once was a Scotsman named Andy Who went in the pub for a shandy When he lifted his kilt to wipe what he'd spilt the barmaid said crikey that's Andy.
  4. Goodbye Lamouchi. Hello Hughton.
  5. In some areas it's better to put them on the roof, it stops people nickin em.
  6. Were they like Dame Edna's ?
  7. Just waft your arms and up you go, it's easy.
  8. Jill, I sometimes have a similar dream about a house. In this house I climb about five staircases and each level has several bedrooms which I have never explored. Also not flying but I dream I can levitate maybe thirty feet from the ground. Not had this dream for a few years but used to dream it regularly.
  9. I'll be your agent Ben, 15% of your contract and I'll get you a good 5 year deal.
  10. Breaking News Forest have scored a goal.
  11. I used to be a member of the social club, it opened in1974 and Will close on Nov 1st.
  12. 11 Wollaton 12 Edwalton
  13. I would guess that was taken 1950s, fleet no 782 ?
  14. It's Arnold Road shops, maybe they changed route numbers at some time?
  15. As you go up or down stairs, keep your feet further apart, saving wear and tear on the centre of the carpet.
  16. Malcolm has been overlooked, I would like to nominate him as keeper of the (piano) keys.
  17. Order ! Order ! two pints of lager and a packet crisps please.
  18. Forest sign 11 new players but still lose 1 - 0 to Huddersfield.
  19. If you stand on the Great Wall of China it's possible to see the moon.
  20. I thought 1 was Gotham and 2 Dunkirk.
  21. I had a test drive in a Renault Zoe, not impressed. At work we use a Nissan electric van, in Winter it's got a range of about 90 miles.
  22. Nottingham Forest scoring goals.