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  1. There used to be a tattooist on Alfred street, he was called Butch.
  2. Have they passed their driving test?
  3. I use a smell chucker, never get ploblems with worms.
  4. Stay home? Go for a meal, Stay home, Here's 50% off your meal,stay home?
  5. Someone told me that a caravan on the east coast can cost up to £1,000 per weeks rental.
  6. Would you Believe 16" wheels.
  7. Well done Notts, enjoy your trip to Wembley.
  8. Suppose you can Roam around Skeggy.
  9. Don't take a sleeping tablet and a laxative on the same night.
  10. All stocking up before they have to wear a mask (tomorrow Friday)
  11. I've got a mate who goes to the same resort in Turkey twice a year, each to their own.
  12. Margie you sound just the type of player Forest need for next season.
  13. You can't hum if your holding your nose. did you just try it?
  14. I'm too busy deleting reports.
  15. It's great if you like chips and bingo.
  16. Found a great radio station Mellow Magic, you can find it on digital.
  17. Anyone seen Sticky Vicky in Benidorm?
  18. denshaw


    There is a care home in Clifton named after Laura Chambers, does anyone know who she was?
  19. I was forced to watch, several times.
  20. Barbara Sharon from Sneinton Dale? Don't ask.
  21. Been away for the weekend in Rutland, drove past Rutland water many times and always wanted to look closer, we stayed close to there in a coach house. Did a walk round Hambleton about 5 miles. Most of the coffee shops were cautious, sanitiser on entry and took our names and addresses. Pubs were quiet, people are still cautious, sat outside where we could.
  22. Hi Richard, I knew the Wheeldons very well when they lived in the meadows.
  23. There was a record stall in the Vic market, think it was called Pendulum.