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  1. Hiya. I know the pond you mean, I'm almost certain they had one at the back of the girls school, I think they was also a footpath that Led to Netherfield, it bougt you out near the fox and hounds I think??
  2. Does anybody remember anything about a Nursery opposite a bowling Green on Conway road carton. I'm talking approx 43 years ago. It was a big house with a long drive going up to it well it seemed long to me, I was only three?
  3. Sorry I've not got back to you sooner, just realised you replied, just getting use to this site, ha ha Being stuck outside an aviary with a migraine sounds more like a punishment!! Ha ha Thanks for all that info, I don't remember to much about it because I was so young Tell me, was they a fish pond somewhere in the school grounds? I have vivid memories of being pulled out of one several times but not sure where.
  4. Ha ha!!! A, up matey, I'm good thanks, what dragged me to Sheffield? Your going to love this one, decided to buy a Narrow boat, spent ages looking for one i liked, finally found one in Sheffield, at the time I was working in Sheffield, decided to move on to the boat, so kept it moored their, so me and the Mrs live on it full time now and have done for about 4years, she also works in Sheffield, But I'm now working in London? Ha ha, get home every weekend though. Are you in Chesterfield now? How's things?
  5. It is!! And I'm glad you've come on because you been to every school I went to, you know most of the people I know, and I've been trying to figure out who the Hell you are!!!! Ha ha
  6. Up the top end Cavendish you had, the Pendreds The astills, Ron hitchcock ( scratch) and his brother kev. Chris mason, Kev nougal Alan Benner (Ben) who i think actually lived on marwood. etc etc
  7. Cynthea lives in Netherfield!!! Youll have to say hi for me when you see her Dont tell her i use to have a right crush on her though, ha ha She had a younger sister named samantha. I can remember her dad, Donald, he had a push bike which was his pride and joy, it even had indicators on it, we use to really take the Mick out of him, ha, i think he use to work on the Buses?
  8. Not sure about a David cross, but seems to much of a coincidence for him not to be related to Carol.
  9. I think he's name was Carol cross your lived at the farm, The72 and 26 buses use to stop at the bottom of this drive, I can remember Leon, They was Trev Bellshaw who lived 2 doors up from the co op, Darren and Linda stanley a little further up.. Me opposite in the schol house Ian Gee opposite the Forum. Brian, Belinda, and shaun shore Steve Middleton.brothers, mick, colin, Dave and sharon atkinson Jimmy and catherine lowe Wendy fisher All the shepherds The list ir endless ha ha Funny how things suddenly come back to you.
  10. My dad was 4, ft,6. I can remember Fred being so tall. We got chased out the orchard by some bloke who now I assume was the perv your on about, glad I was a fast runner, ha Did you know anybody up the top end of Cavendish road, or on Coningsworth?
  11. Russia! !! That's it, your brilliant, that's been bugging me for so long. Can you remember the orchard? Nice plums, ha ha You may be about the same age as my brother, Ian kirk, don't know if you know him or not.
  12. Sorry to hear that about Fred, that's no age I think your right about him not being an hells angel, I can remember, my dad also did the security at the Saturday night Disco, and with him only being 4ft.6 if they was any trouble, Fred was always their to sort it out. Bless him