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  1. Who u talking to Dodie, is this my long lost cousin Dawn?
  2. I attended Cantrell Infants, must have been 1962/63. The only thing I remember about it was a big gong inside the entrance that used to be struck at the start/end of the school day.
  3. That's the one and good photo on the other thread thanks
  4. Anyone help my old memory? There used to be a large church on Mansfield Road/York Street area. I remember it being a very large church. Not to be confused with the Trinity Church. Any one recall its name or have photo?
  5. Some time since I posted on here but taking about my old academy thought I'd better have a say. Went to player through juniors and seniors, leaving finally in 1972. Still think of the place with great fondness, tough place at times but had great teachers and class mates. Mind you was with the elite in 5G1. ?. Lived on Frinton Road near St Martha's,
  6. Cars were using the bridge until at least the mid 1970's
  7. Just off the roundabout was timber merchants Nixon Knowles, Started work there straight from school in 1972 and spent the next 40 years in the timber trade.
  8. Broxtowe Wood, Oldmoor Pond Srelley, Bulwell Bogs.....happy times
  9. would never happen down Meadow Lane!
  10. My ex father in law used to make raspberry vinegar and seemed to be a cure for most things, but in particular colds, used to drink it hot, with a drop of whiskey. The more the whiskey the quicker the results!!
  11. Went to the John Player School Bilborough, left in 1972. Will always remember two amazing teachers, maths teacher Harry Terry and the English teacher, Jack 'Nobby' Aucland although I did get the cane off him on more than once!
  12. Was born in Deptford Street 1956, my sister tells me a trip to the bogs was a regular event, you could get to the Lean through the allotments to Whitebridge (?) and then the path to Bulwell. My sister still lives in Bulwell and took her own kids to play there, and then the grand kids. In her own words 'I've come a long way in life'!
  13. Before I came here only thing I knew was that Roy Keene played for Cobh Ramblers. The place is steeped in history, then known as Queenstown was the last port of call for the Titanic. Now main port for cruise liners coming to Ireland with nearly 70 due this year. I work in local tourist office to promoting the place my job!
  14. Hello all, Malcolm Smith here, spent first 46 years of my life in Nottingham before moving to Ireland 10 years ago. Produced in Bulwell before moving to Browtowe, Ruddington and then Hucknall. Miss decent beer, Notts County, and a few of me mates. Love living by the sea here in Cobh.