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  1. It's amazing how much interest you've shown; thanks to all of you. I rarely have all this time free to play with Google Earth but thanks to you lot I found out about street view and have been thoroughly enjoying myself all morning. I might even have identified the spot. Yes, I could apply for a birth certificate but living abroad makes it a bit of a hassle. From what I read on their website, it seems possible to make email enquiries with the Nottinghamshire Archives so I sent them a short missive asking for help. I'll let you know how I get on. Nice weekend to everyone. Robert
  2. I have never questioned what Mum told me (not in these matters at least!) so for the last 50+ years I have been quite convinced I was born at number six hundred and thirty-something Sherwood Rise. It was when I asked her if we could go to see the house that she told me it wasn't there any more but that there was a Tesco in its place. I suppose Tesco could have been a synonym for supermarket, like 'Hoover' for vacuum cleaner or 'Bendix' for launderette. The concept of supermarket was pretty new at the time. Looking at Google Earth for clues, it seems quite possible that Sherwood Rise doesn't
  3. When I was a kid, Mum told me they had built a Tesco supermarket on the spot where I was born. I was a kid many years ago so the store might have changed hands many times since then but could anyone direct me to the spot in Google Earth? It would have been around 600 on Sherwood Rise in the mid-50's and a Tesco in the early 60's. It suppose it might even be a Tesco still today. Thanks to anyone who can help. Robert
  4. I remember the song going like this: We come along on Saturday morning, Greeting everybody with a smile. We come along on Saturday mornng, Knowing it's all worthwhile. As members of the GB club we all intend to be, Good citizens when we grow up and members of the Free. We come along on Saturday morning, Greeting everybody with a smile, Smile, SMILE, Greeting everybody with a smile Robert
  5. Sorry... Clearly I need to learn how to do this properly. The uploader now says I can attach up to 2MB but it refuses a 23K GIF file and identifies it as being 89.26K... I'd appreciate some help here ...
  6. My mobile 'phone was already antiquated when Noah got afloat so these photographs are not the best you can get but they're the best I could do... Trolley buses were brought back into service in this area about four years ago but given the topography of the area, no routes run inland but only along the coast. In the bigger cities they use the articulated models and in Nice, which is the closest major city if we exclude Monte-Carlo, they have just finished a light railway similar to that Mick shows us a few posts up except that the carriages are really jumbo by comparison. In Milan and Turin,
  7. These are the autographs of the last driver and conducter of the last trolleybus in public service, they don't appear to tally with the names given by Robert. This is the special ticket that they signed:- Wow. You had me in tears there. You have more mum-related stuff than I do! I had a whole wad of those tickets and not one survives. I should have remembered conductress (Pauline Marion) PM Bertins 4377 (you need only check my email address to get it) - I said Corbett because that was Mum's maiden name and she was divorced at the time. About the driver ... Heinz was her regular mate, coul
  8. Thanks. It's nice to get noticed. !! Yes, Bordighera is correct.
  9. Someone I know's Dad was last driver of that bus, a Mr Farnsworth, I think it was a no.36) You're dead right about the number but the name is most certainly wrong. The driver was Heinz Seifert and the conductress was Pauline Corbett. The last ride got into Parliament street bus depot at about twenty past midnight and although we hadn't been allowed to ride together with mum, my brother and I were still up when she got home. I'd never waited up for her finishing lates and was lucky if I got to see her when she finished splits so I remember the event for that reason as well. Soon afterwards, t
  10. Personally, I think the guy must've been nuts, but he apparently didn't feel pain! Could have been Gerry..? My Mum's ex went through this spell where he'd do everything the great Kabhula did and 'terrified' us kids with these nails through his tongue, swallowing lit cigarettes and fireballs not to mention the pins and needles he'd stick here and there. "Mind over Matter" he called it. Mum agreed with you - he was bonkers and I know he didn't feel pain (got bonked on the head...) or the opposite of pain, but that's another story. Robert
  11. This topic has been moved here by a Forum Moderator Well, well. I just walked in here looking for memory jolts and what do I find? You're talking about me mum! Pauline was the last conductress of a public service trolley bus in Nottingham, she was on lates and did the last journey on the 79 I think it was. Is that the one that got all the Players workers at one end of the route and all the schoolkids at the other? She did that route for years. They did a commemorative run a few days later but mum wasn't invited and all she got was a bunch of souvenir tickets tied with a laggy band. I've no i