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  1. Michael its not what you want to hear but they can now get on with sorting things positivly ,although I know how she feels positive thoughts are a must
  2. Hope you return michael with good news,you are always one of the first to offer others support when needed ,good luck
  3. There was a girl at trent bridge 1965/1969 with the surname cumberpatch she would be around 60yrs old now,not sure where in meadows she was from I thought around blackstone st but could quite easily have been annesley st,wish I could remember herchristian name Mick do you remember cumberpatch from TB would be a bit younger than you I think.
  4. Denshaw yours man for that bit of meddas
  5. Meadows born and bread can never remember a queens place.
  6. Wo be tide you,meaning just you dare,anyone else heard this
  7. When I lived in wilford village they found a little girls body just short of the toll bridge ,perhaps early 80s ,perhaps they could have put a plaque in memory of that poor little soul that was killed so tragically.
  8. Sad memories compo,but nice you recall old friends,wish we had the technoligy then what we have now ,I to have very few photos of my childhood and none of my teens,
  9. I used to be a weirwolf ,but i'm alright nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  10. ...


    Berra behave ya sen,I heard said when I was a kid
  11. I have never had a speeding fine,the max I can do is 4 mph,my piston is a bit worn,I have 2 boots, I have to break not brake,I am a clapped out pedestrian,
  12. The report actually stated that summer born babies were in fact at a definate disadvantage because they were youngest in the class ,and the report showed that ,that disadvantage was carried through to later life.
  13. Our shop survived with 5am to 9 pm 7 days a week every day of the year,only closed 1day christmas day.that was just opening times, still books to do,unfortunately working hard and long hours takes it toll on your health,still dont know how these different shops open 10am and close 5pm mon to friday,they always close after a few weeks ,hard work is the only way nowadays to make it in your own business and even then theres no gaurentees
  14. andy bones was a smallish shop between bridgeway hall and cromford st few doors up from (bens bookshop,selectadisc).
  15. Great cat fan now dont over indulge ,enjoy your good health.
  16. The side roads off kirkwhite st waterway st and connecting side roads Would have gave possibilities.
  17. We used to go to co.op staff canteen on meadow lane, very cheap subsidised,and nice grub
  18. ...

    George Ezra

    Dont know whats up cant pm and by the sound of it or receive pm,thinks its just a glitch as soon as it all right I will pm you,do you have my email,if not perhaps if anyone has it perhaps they will pass it on ,gave it firbeck ask him for it , tell him I said its ok ,dont really want to post it ,
  19. Don ,when you have people like me that has managed to park a sit on up a tree with the front facing the sky,I very nearly needed insurance, but I did have the neatest bark in the area.
  20. I know catfan I was just saying that to a friend the day,he agreed and hes been dead 50 years