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  1. Several old GN lines have been converted to footpaths. You can walk from Moor Bridge to the outskirts of Hucknall, Linby to Annesley and Sutton to Pleasley if you are feeling particularly energetic
  2. ... and then you read that they've died
  3. A national map of hill forts has just been published online. Yo need to be good at geography to find places, but it shows quite a few north of Nottingham and in the Derbyshire borders.
  4. Looks remarkably like St Andrews on Mansfield Road Nottingham
  5. Mansfield wasn't far behind, as the Mansfield & Pinxton line had a horse drawn service from 1832. The station has been rebuilt twice but is still more or less on the same site.
  6. Some of those West Bridgford buses look like they are from a different age by the late 1960s. You almost expect a man with a red flag to be walking in front of them
  7. When I was very young, a large lady arrived at our house with a very large bag. That evening I was shown my younger sister for the very first time. When I asked who the big lady was, dad told me that she was the midwife and she had come to deliver my sister. When I thought about it, it was obvious - my sister had been delivered in that very large bag
  8. Saw ROC5Y last year at my local filling station, on a very expensive car.......Saw the driver too - no prizes for guessing who it was.
  9. Bestwood station building still exists, but is barely recognisable. It has been extended and an extra storey added to turn it into a house. The GNR had a bridge over the Midland branch to Bestwood colliery and ironworks.
  10. There is definitely a smallpox hospital marked on pre-ww2 maps near where the infants school later was.
  11. Answering my own question The initial livery of the Mansfield tramcars was red and cream. In 1908, two nearly new Brush tramcars (Nos. 19 and 20), built in 1905-6, were purchased from the Cavehill and Whitewell Tramway which operated on the outskirts of Belfast; these arrived in Mansfield still in their light green and cream livery. The green and cream livery became the standard for all the Balfour Beatty & Co. Ltd. group of companies and, eventually, all the Mansfield tramcars were repainted into those colours. From
  12. Nottingham Road, Mansfield also had trams. Not sure what colour they were.
  13. Looks as close to Bulwell as Watnall.
  14. There were some good engineering drawings and plans of the London Road end of the viaducts in 'The Engineer' around 1899-1900. I have a copy of the relevant pages somewhere on my PC but can't find them just at the moment.
  15. So, have they managed to fit this new wall of galaxies on a single page, or is it a double spread? Will the post lady be able to push it through my letterbox? Either way, it's the most remarkable thing so far described in these pages.
  16. If I were travelling at the speed of light I would be too busy looking where I was going to worry about what was disappearing behind me One of the arguments for it being dark at night is that much of the light from stars hasn't reached us yet. The Universe only lit up a long time after it was formed and by then the distant stars were a long way away - and generally speeding away from us.
  17. There may well be a stronger belief in flat earth now than there ever was. There are forums and other things on the Web these days spreading the word. There are quite a few people out there today who really do believe the Earth is flat. Like HERE
  18. Lots of things are very mysterious without quantum physics, like how plants get so much energy out of photosynthesis. Even our sense of smell, which people thought had been sussed out a very long time ago turns out not to work the way we were all told at school. Quantum Physics is everywhere!
  19. I remember there was a hardware shop next to the bus shelter on the opposite side of the road to The Byron - more or less opposite where Lloyd's Bank is now. No idea what the name was though.
  20. We could all have a 1:76 scale model of you
  21. I remember me and my parents passing an elderly Barton bus, broken down on the climb up Broughton Hill on the way to Melton - probably in the early 1960s. I was very young at the time, but I remember seeing the passengers walking up the hill and leaving the bus behind. I assume they thought it would be quicker to walk to Melton than wait for another bus.
  22. The gym was Nottingham London Road station, later Nottingham London Road (Low Level) - the former Great Northern Railway station see for history and photos
  23. Couple of links to Langley Mill Pottery here