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  1. Couple of links to Langley Mill Pottery here
  2. Yes, 1 hour back on Saturday night/Sunday morning.
  3. More of a miniature car than a bubble car. Even had 4 wheels. Only 200 or so were built though, so quite rare even when new.
  4. Yes, looking at old OS maps on the NLS site, the railway network was quite extensive, with small collieries dotted all over the place. I see the lines extended down past Watnall brickworks to just beyond what is now Watnal Bakery and also up towards Brinsley and Selston. The large mound rhs of the main road on the approaches to Underwood from the Moorgreen Reservoir direction was a small colliery too. How much was owned by Barber Walker is not shown of course on the maps. Maybe a new topic is called for.
  5. I see lots of railways and collieries on these maps. I assume they too were part of the Barber Walker empire? Is there anything online or in books and records about them, which I believe was quite extensive. Maybe ought to be another topic tho'
  6. Here is a short article about Barry Taylor's haulage firm
  7. Sorry, but the 1880 OS map clearly shows a small old brickyard just opposite where the Reuben Shaw nursery's public entrance now is, but well back from the road. The one you refer to is a completely different one.
  8. According to the old maps, the lane shown in post #45 originally ran to a brickyard. Definitely not the Manse
  9. Bored, so I thought I would see if I could find it on Google. The ringed building fits the site of the manse exactly. Directly opposite the start of Reuben Shaws
  10. A really impressive line-up. Many thanks for the video link.
  11. Hull had its own telephone company, so wasn't Post Office at all, unlike the rest of the country. I think Hull was the only council to take up the option to set up its own telephone service way back in the early days of telephony.
  12. Quite a trip, Ripley to Nottingham by trolleybus - is there a map anywhere that shows the route?
  13. Thanks for that - far more detail than I could have imagined!
  14. Green ones would be Mansfield District - closely associated with Midland General until absorbed by East Midland as part of NBC. Some single deckers had joint livery and both fleetnames (Mansfield District-Midland General) or the other way around.
  15. Ref #229, what's the Barton bus on the far right? Remember the 12A very well. What a route though, via Hucknall.
  16. Just out of curiosity, did trolleybuses have batteries so they could run a short distance without using the overhead wires?
  17. If we are heading out of town, then another good viewing point of the city is north of Hucknall - either on the main road south of Annesley (if you are lazy) or the top of Misk Hill, just above Misk Farm (f you are feeling fit)
  18. His postage costs seem inconsistent. You can get 3 bottles of ink delivered for $17.06 here. Postage charges are slightly high because they cover any import costs too. I would email them and see what they can do to reduce the cost, if I were you.
  19. To be fair, I think TBI got the location first. I just provided some evidence.
  20. The actual times are now available on the Web. Normally, Kirkby to Nottm is around 25 min, using Thursday morning as a guide. With the diversion they are 31-39 min on the Saturday morning, depending on the train. There would be no intermediate station stops to slow the train down.
  21. I guess even the Victoria Centre will disappear some day.
  22. Yes sorry! Forgot that the 141 bus is diverted also - a chance to try a rare routing of this too before the bridge is reopened
  23. Hi Bryeio Many thanks for the details of the exhibition, which must have taken many hours unpaid work to compile and complete. It is clearly a work of great enthusiasm and energy. I guess I misread the hype and had slightly exaggerated expectations on seeing the very professional looking flyer in post #1. Sincere apologies if my earlier comments caused any offence.
  24. I see the RHL is closed south of Kirkby over the coming Bank Holiday weekend, so that the old bridge at Hucknall station can be replaced. Trains to/from Nottingham Kirkby and Mansfield are still running, so I guess they are being diverted via Ilkeston, Langley Mill and Pinxton. A rare chance to use the Pye Bridge to Kirkby line. I think it was last used like this when they were building the Tramway to Hucknall.