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  1. I used to walk along Nottingham Road when I was young, past all those buildings, on my way to and from the old Butlers Hill Schools. I remember seeing some of the buildings being knocked down when they widened the road.


    I remember a big man with thick rimmed glasses often standing outside the house next to what is now Bestwood Road. He always seemed to have a flat cap and a thick overcoat on, whatever the weather. He always said hello, with a broad smile on his face when we passed by.

  2. The origin of the disease is very difficult to work out. It was first publicised in China, but there is evidence of coronavirus elsewhere before the retrospectively-traced first cases there in October. There is a possibility at least that it was lurking in a number of places before the right conditions arose for an epidemic. The WHO is currently doing a detailed investigation.


    Spanish flu, immediately after WW1, is a good example of misrepresentation. It got a lot of publicity as Spanish newspapers were not censored at the time, whereas in most of Europe and America, news was suppressed. It is likely that it started in America a year or two earlier, but no one knows for sure.

  3. 10 minutes ago, The Pianoman said:

    I thought the reason it was called Covid-19 was to do with its 'discovery' in 2019.

    Officially, it was identified in China in December 2019 as a new disease, but has been traced back subsequently to earlier in the year.

  4. Recent evidence suggests that the virus has been out there for some time - and not just in China. Scientists have been testing old water samples in several European countries and found evidence of the virus from 2019. It is quite possible that it was out there in a form that people just didn't notice for some time. Even today many sufferers don't realise they had it. The serious cases were likely just assumed to be pneumonia.


    The virus differs slightly from one part of the world to another. Examining the different strains suggests that most UK infections came from places like Italy and Spain, not China. Even if it wasn't in the UK last year, the sheer volume of holiday traffic to places like Northern Italy and Spain over Xmas/New Year  could have brought loads of cases into the UK before we even knew it existed.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Jill Sparrow said:

    Better still, why not stay away altogether? Leave those places to the wild creatures whose home and habitat it is and afford them the dignity of getting on with their lives undisturbed. They don't need us, our armed guards, our cameras or our pieces of fruit.  They need to be left alone.

    I include places like The Yemen, Brazil and Mexico in my experience of armed guards - it's not just the really undeveloped parts of the world. Many depend heavily on tourism. Mexico, for example, would suffer badly economically if tourism were banned or discouraged.

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  6. According to Facebook it is a Daimler with Massey bodywork, taken outside Newark Bus Station. Full caption is


    Gash of Newark was a keen user of Daimler chassis are here we see a CVG6 type double decker with Massey body, featuring platform doors. As was normal with Gash, this vehicle gave long service, from 1954 until 1987 when it was sold direct into preservation.

  7. Depends what you are used to. On relatively flat ground, like canal towpaths I find I can walk forever. Across country in the Lake District or the Peak District is far more strenuous because of the steep gradients and rougher ground.

  8. 5 hours ago, Stavertongirl said:

    If it did come from the “live” markets in China they haven’t learnt anything, they are open again, business as usual.

    Apparently there is some doubt about that now. At least one very early victim has been identified who lived elsewhere. The Wunan market may just have been a place where lots of people congregated close together. Bats may be a more likely source of the virus, though not necessarily directly to humans.

  9. 1 hour ago, Cliff Ton said:

    That'a a very recent photo, so it wasn't taken during construction of the line. I don't believe NET have any service vehicles which look like that.


    I suspect that the explanation might be that the drone (?) took several exposures which were then stitched together - although I admit I can't see another join anywhere.

    Yes, looking again it is definitely photoshopped - see enlargement below. Most of the tram has been brushed out for some reason and the track has been modified too - why, I can't imagine!



  10. 9 hours ago, IAN FINN said:

    Where was Manners brick yard dad built a garage in 60s with them my job was to wheelbarrow them up the long driveway and stack them then mix the cement by hand while he laid the bricks.The lorry driver for Manners was Charlie Page he lived on Larkfields est. Nuthall.

    see second section on this page


  11. Only one team gets relegated from League 2 this year and Macclesfield are very close to going into administration which, if it happened  would probably mean they were expelled and no team is relegated this year. A good year to play badly? IIRC Stags benefitted like this once before when they avoided the drop from Div 3 to Div 4 as Peterborough were deducted points for irregularities and relegated instead.

  12. 2 hours ago, Beekay said:

    The voice on my satnav, (when I  actually  use it) refers to them as " Traffic circle". Heaven knows what that means. My neighbour hasn't  a clue when I  talk about going round an island'. He said he never knew there were islands in Sussex !!

    Even if we exclude small islands in rivers like the Arun, you still have Thorney Island and Pilsley Island ;)