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  1. 9 hours ago, IAN FINN said:

    Where was Manners brick yard dad built a garage in 60s with them my job was to wheelbarrow them up the long driveway and stack them then mix the cement by hand while he laid the bricks.The lorry driver for Manners was Charlie Page he lived on Larkfields est. Nuthall.

    see second section on this page


  2. Only one team gets relegated from League 2 this year and Macclesfield are very close to going into administration which, if it happened  would probably mean they were expelled and no team is relegated this year. A good year to play badly? IIRC Stags benefitted like this once before when they avoided the drop from Div 3 to Div 4 as Peterborough were deducted points for irregularities and relegated instead.

  3. 2 hours ago, Beekay said:

    The voice on my satnav, (when I  actually  use it) refers to them as " Traffic circle". Heaven knows what that means. My neighbour hasn't  a clue when I  talk about going round an island'. He said he never knew there were islands in Sussex !!

    Even if we exclude small islands in rivers like the Arun, you still have Thorney Island and Pilsley Island ;)

  4. The lower 4 have a playoff for the right to play the second and third teams in the final playoffs. Only 2 teams will get promoted - the top team and the winner of the playoffs.


    The Bury situation is being solved by only one team being relegated from League 2 this year.

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  5. Leaves on the line also make the rails slippery. I am told that the Robin Hood line suffers from this. Some years they have implemented a special timetable with one train an hour skipping certain stations and the other taking things very carefully when stopping and starting from the likes of Kirkby and Sutton Parkway.

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  6. On older trans everything put down the toilet went straight out onto the track. Not very nice having poo and urine all over the sleepers at a railway station (never mind anywhere else). Nowadays nearly all trains have retention tanks, so no problem.

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  7. I have been to Mexico twice, but not for many years. Most buses in rural areas seemed to be ex-US school buses at the time.


    I got on a bus one evening with friends. We worried, as he took our fares, that the driver seemed very young - maybe early teens at the most. We sat down and noticed that locals getting on the bus didn't seem even slightly perturbed.


    Eventually it came to departure time. The lad got out of the driver's seat and the real driver, a mature man, got on the bus and took his place.



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