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  1. What really stunned the folks that were on the scene at Roswell - other than the craft itself, was the fact that they found human body parts on board. As for the cows they are very close to humans and thus can be used for their blood, and secreation factors.....in particular glands. After all that's what they're after from us....sperm - eggs - blood and glands. I don't know why it seems so far fetched to some of you? Even our own American Government are 50 ahead of what is available today to us. Germany had the same contact with inter-dimentional beings......and arranged their own deals with them.....have you ever seen the UFO craft that Germany made? So easy to debunk everything......the research is so much more rewarding!
  2. To Bilbraborn: As you can see, more closed minds here than those willing to expand their limitations for the sake of the truth. The information is out there, I've given the names, sources and layed it all out plain and simple....and still I get flack. OH....I'm just trying to help the ones like yourself, and right from the start that's all I wanted to do, and stated so. People don't really want to know how far down the human rase has sunk. Preached lies for so long that the truth can't be accepted. When I first came upon the truth, I also had a hard time with the discovery of it all. The Dulce Wars - Presient Eisenhower had three secret meetings with Aliens - Nortic in appearence - this from Pentagon consultant claims. A contract was signed between the president and the aliens.....the contract was again signed later on by Ronald Regan.....papers stolen from area 51. Beyond UFO's - check out The ILLUMINATI - STARGATE - better known as - Jump Rooms......Berry Obama will get you there.....also check out George Carlin's show at the end of his life....on youtube.
  3. To Bilbraborn, Thank you for your post, it was refreshing. It seems that most people here want hands on proof. In the past my post here have included names of people who were in the know, and where my information came from. Many still reject the information I offer. So with that in mind here's the moon landing story: Yes we did make it to the moon and back again....but not by ourselves......but with the help of inter-dimentional beings overseeing the entire event. Once on the moon - the men were told to get off the planet and don't come back (loose translation) - to their shock and surprise, as you can imagine...they wern't alone. There is a mining operation going on there - yes inside the planet not on the surface.....as with most planets the life is inside - Earth is the exception for human beings.....and what about Earth? Check it out. NASA - did have a back up plan just in case the mission failed - thus the Hollywood made video tape of them acting out a moon landing made on a movie set.....this too is true. How about Stargate - not the movie of the TV show......check out "Jump Room" and find our US President was on Mars in his younger days when his name was Barry.....told from the other people in the program at the same time - two others in the program told the same story. Jump rooms go planet to planet in a minute or less.........you step into a lift like box, the door closes with the setting provided......the door opens and you're there...and not feeling very well, due to the speed of the trip.....and what a trip the travellers report. NASA and the powers that be all are well aware of these things ---- its the mass public that's been kept in the dark since the death of JFK, who was the last president to be elected by the public.....all others have been placed into that position years hence. Everything is inter-connected......all you have to do is follow the facts. Angels - you're 100% correct.....and Moses went into a cloud and returned with the "TEN" ----- The star led to the son of god.....and the burning bush talking.....water into wine.....the blind to see ----- the lame to walk.......take these stories as fact and discover what was once a reality.......the son of god was half human and half inter-dimentional being......easy enough......and the reporters in the Holy Book wrote down what they saw.....brave men they were. The rolling of the stone and no son of god to be found. and what about Mary? Birth without sex....not a big leap in today's world.
  4. Truth - Stranger Than Fiction! Hidden In Plain Sight......for those who seek the truth - the truth will set you free. It's a shame that France is still angry because the USA came in, took over and saved their A$$.....in world war two. A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.....that being France and its retired population!
  5. Hand-shakes from strangers whom I helped, hugs from ladies for my kindness and then took my good friend "Till" (his name) out to see his girlfriend this evening. Like in the movie My Best Friend - or is it almost best friends! He's 40 and always makes me smile.....
  6. Happy Birthday Liz from Dave...and may you have many more to come!
  7. Hi Mick - Thanks for adding the video to the Kinks "Have A Cuppa Tea". The album came out in 1971 and we the last release on their RCA contract.....It's a brilliant piece of work in my opinion. As subtle as Steven Stills song "For What It's Worth". No it doesn' t rock, but it really kicks A$$ from start to finish. Two other great Kinks albums are "Low Budget" and "Misfits".....Live Life......and A Gallon Of Gas!
  8. The last winter dragged on and on - spring never came until late and the summer started later than usual. In my youth, we had Indian Summers and playing football (American) on our front lawn well into October.....snow around November 24th to December 10th.....always snow for Christmas in the northeast of New York State. The ground didn't freeze until December. The snow back then was snow and not slush...and right after a big snowfall - the bone chilling winds came out of the north-west....gusting to 50 MPH....causing drifting snow - and it stayed cold until spring's thaw.
  9. Hello Bubblewrap - yes, the one and only Leslie West - my favorite since 1969....his solo Mountain album - now on CD. Blind Man - Blood Of The Sun - Long Red - Because You Are My Friend......Wheels On Fire.....
  10. Have A Cuppa Tea - The Kinks - From their Muswell Hillbillies Album - it's the cure for everything English.
  11. I had to laugh reading your post. You see at our house everything has to be where it is....there's no other option. It's the only thing that we don't fight about. The remote control for the "Telly" as you call it - is another story...that's why I'm sitting here writing this message - killing time until she goes to sleep!
  12. He was famous in America, well respected, and always right to the point. You had to pay attention and learn. There was no fluff or filler in his interviews, and the time flew by. In later life,he looked older than his years in my opinion....like 84 and not 74......either way, the man was pure wisdom and a pleasure to watch. Who will ever forget his head on interview with Richard Nixon!
  13. Welcome Steed - you're in good hands with this group - glad to have you here.
  14. Thank You IMP - you have the story correct - and Mike was also the only real musician of the group.....although Peter Tork was a close friend of Steven Stills. Should I admit that my favorite Monkeys album is "Headquaters" which I have on CD - or that their Greatest Hits still hold up well after all these years. Last Train To Clarksville - Pleasent Valley Sunday and I'm Not Your Stepping Stone!
  15. katyjay - you don't know how right you are!
  16. The trouble with irony is, some people just don't get it.
  17. My advice for killing bees and other insects, before they get you first is a simple solution if you're a non smoker. I used to use Starting Spray, used to start your car on cold winter days....it will explode, so please be careful - but when sprayed at insects it puts them to sleep on the spot. So, end your fear - best used out-of-doors - not in the house.
  18. Many people forget the blues when the sun shines. "Please Send Me Someone To Love" - "I've Got News For You" - Ray Charles.........and try this one out - "Train Kept A Rolling" Bull Moose Jackson, and "Train Kept A Rolling" by Imelda May..........for the elders on this site, I offer - "If I Didn't Care" The Ink Spots.......does anyone remember this song by the Ohio Express? "Down At Lulu's" - buble-gum at its best.....or Tommy Roe - "Jam Up Jelly Tight" ......ok "Young Man Blues". Out of the black and into the blues!
  19. Hello Michael, There's a movie from 1981 called - "Southern Comfort" and the entire soundtrack was done by Ry Cooder.....I have the movie on dvd, and for me it's excellent acting and story line.....Booth Powers is one of the main stars. Check it out if you haven't seen it already.
  20. Hello basfordred - I love most music, but then again I do have ones that just dam-well rub me the wrong way - Springsteen for one, Little Feat for another, Abba....John Couger Melloncamp is another (except Paper and Fire)......Mashall Tucker Band (except Can't You See)....Joplin as in Janis "Kozmic Blues" album - Leonard Cohen - Dylan singing.......but I can handle Neil Young's voice somehow.......Tie your mother down Queen and their album Play The Game is their best as is the song Stone Cold Crazy.......John Sebastian at Woodstock (sucks) - Paul Butterfield's Blues Band at Woodstock (sucks)...... Joni Mitchell -(not my cup of tea) nor is Buffy Saint Marie.....yet Joan Baez is a true talent, but not for me either. Roxy Music, nothing in my collection by them......Dire Straits first album I really like.....Tom Petty's first album I like, and The Cars first album is fantastic.......Aldo Nova I really like - Boston's first album....Van Halen's first album.......The Romantics (What I Like About You) is perfect. Mr. Gallagher - you said it all .... I never saw him in person, only on video - dvd. The audience was with him when he walked on stage, all he had to do was play and be himself....nothing more. I know nothing about his personal life....his likes or dislikes - so maybe you could fill me in. His brother handeled things, and I've heard nothing bad about him - he's active in his brothers memory events and products. I do have the Rory BBC Sessions - and most of his other recordings.....my first Rory album was Photo Finish.....got a very late start I know - then I had the 1974 Irish Tour album. He was a loner....liked to read, and play his guitar....and drink too much apparently....and was moody according to his brother. A good friend of mine did a tribute to Rory.....and I already know what you're thinking - why bother when you have all of Rory's recordings. My friends name is Richie Arndt and his album is Rorymania.....I love it to death......try it out sometime - when you feel like it. Your friend in music - Dave (spelling mistakes are always free).
  21. Hi Sheridan, Right you are, many of the greats in T.V. and Movie music. I didn't know about the last one on your list. Walter "Wally" Stott Born March 10, 1924 and Died January 14, 2009, age 84. English composer and conductor, born in Leeds, Yorkshire he played saxophone in dance bands including Geraldo's band. After undergoing a sex-change operation, he became Angela Morley and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. Then there's also - Walter Carlos Walter (known in the old days) - born Pawtucket, Rhode Island. He had a big interest in music and technology. At age ten, he composed his first piece and at 14 he built a small home computer. He assembled an electronic music studio and created his first electronic musical composition, that was manipulated with some tape recordings. The results of which became the famous "Switched On Bach". Walter had a sex change operation in 1972 thus becoming Wendy Carlos.
  22. Thanks for that information, that Methodist organ has the same pipes as our church organ has, how ironic is that? And to loppylugs - I'm once again listening to one of my favorite albums "Tarkus" by Emerson - Lake and Palmer - and you just might like to listen to "The Only Way" Hymn. Ah - Bach - Bouree!
  23. Hello Rob L. I just watched something on youtube that I really enjoyed - "The Musical Genius Extraordinary People". Please give it a look see and tell me what you think. Touching, simply touching and moving.
  24. To Loppylugs, When I was about ten years old, our Methodist Church went out and bought an organ from another church, so it was new to us and exciting at the time. To me it was nothing fancy, although it had a big selection of pipes and a giant keyboard. So when I watched Mr. Fox at work at his fantastic organ, it came across so brilliantly. I also laughed respectfully as he pushed buttons from one side to the other, while flipping switches in front of him as well. Although I personally could hear no change in tone. You could tell he knew what he was doing with ease. He was so proud...and what's wrong with church music I ask? By the way, Glenn Gould in an interview said, he never used the foot peddles....I know nothing about playing, but isn't that strange? Van Cliburn practced with the top down.