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  1. Thankyou to all for your best wishes. It means so much to Helen and I that we have so many good friends
  2. Many thanks to everyone here, I still have a long way to go but hopefully the Radio-Therapy will keep things at a manageable level. so again many thanks to all fch782c
  3. Good Evening all Its good to be back, I`ve not been ignoring anyone its just that I took ill in the middle of June and spent the next 5 weeks in hospital.. Not sure exactly what happened but it it wasn't pleasant, I didn't recognise anyone, not even my wife and children, they eventually let me go home this Tuesday Anyway how are things here at Nottstalgia
  4. One of my all time favourites was the late Dustin Gee whos partner I think was Les Dennis. An excellent double act lol
  5. Hi Paul if you have enough spare coax (aeriel cable) you could just use one of these. Argos catalogue No. 107-5120 see the link below it looks complicated but its not Aerial cable extension and splitter kit. if you need any more information just let me know as i have a spare aerial splitter but unfortunately I dont have any spare coax http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/1075120.htm
  6. Just my Humble opinion but. Total waste of coax. The accent is so fake and I would even go as far as to say embarrassing
  7. Something that brightened my day, Enjoy http://m.wimp.com/goatfriend/
  8. OCG7 REG'D 1955 Engine 197cc 3 BOJ REG'D 1968 Engine 875cc Can't seem to find any info on the other bond sorry
  9. Hi Catfan My Grandfather and myself both worked for Ruston Gas Turbines on the opposite side of the river in lincoln (although many years apart) and he would tell me about his times living in Lincoln. Im not sure how true this was but he told me that prior to the second world war busses would run through the Stone Bow. Have a great day its a beautiful place and those coffee shops on the footbridge smell incredible fch 782c
  10. Hi Catfan Please give my regards to the Stennibogi (Stonebow)
  11. Supposedly Spike Milligan would send telegrams to his wife informing her what he wanted for his lunch, even though he was in the same house at the same time but he had locked himself away in his study writing material
  12. Is there still a watering hole on Wilford Lane called the Maypole? I think it opened some time in the early 1960's not a bad boozer if memory serves. The lads from BICC Cables on the embankment and some of the machine Shop lads from ROF frequented this place. You couldnt move in there on Saturday afternoon.
  13. Hi Carni Really sorry to hear youve not been well, Paul has been in and out of hospital over the last couple of months recieving treatment for a brain tumour, so I know how worrying these times can be. We both really hope you start to feel much better soon Best Wishes Helen and Paul