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  1. Thanks, both. The location has been identified as Manvers Street, based on the flats. I think the location was the main thing.
  2. Folks, Does anyone know where this route went to/from? I'm guessing Huntingdon Street to Gedling, based on the scant information I have. This has been prompted by a "mystery photo" on Flickr. The photo is here:- https://flic.kr/p/2jCfHvp
  3. And that "cut the call-up" bridge at Toton Corner also had "Mods and Rockers" graffiti painted on it. A period piece! I'm amazed that English Heritage have not had it listed.
  4. >nothing west of the river Erewash was ever in Notts Yup - it's the rivers that are the convenient boundaries! They are a bit hard to move. That's why Notts stretches almost to Loughborough - north east of the Soar is all Nottinghamshire. I used to live in Sawley, and could just about visit three counties in an hour! I understand the issue with Long Eaton having a NG postcode was down to the sorting office being a sub-office of Beeston. Bizarrely, cross the M1 into Breaston, and you're into DE72. I suppose that a line has to be drawn somewhere. For me, born in Ainsley Estate, Radford, there was no way I wanted to be associated with Derby!
  5. Just found it and replied, thanks. Hah! I'm still the little kid of 4 sneaking out of his council house and going to watch steam trains at new bridge. However, I appear to be 54. r
  6. Thanks very much. Yes, I've seen the Clifton ones - I thought I saw one heading that roughly paralleled the railway past the former Freightliner depot at Beeston. area to mine, too many old collieries around that area, Newcastle and Bulwell are two that come to mind, plus Bestwood not that far away. Yes, I thought that Radford's workings wouldn't have been that big. However, it was active for many years.
  7. I think I posted this somewhere else on the forum, but can't remember where (born 1960..."gerrinonabit"). Has anyone got a map of the Radford pit workings superimposed on a map of the area? I've seen them for Wollaton and Clifton pits. I recall subsidence being felt at our house on Ainsley Estate.
  8. Hah! I'll mention this. It's amazing how these memories stick with us. Some random other names:- Paul Ganny, Aubrey Moult ("Aubrey Strawberry"), Alison Maddocks. I moved away aged 4, in 1965, so these really are dim memories.
  9. Does anyone have a map of where the workings from Radford pit ran in relation to the surface? I've seen some for Clifton and Wollaton. Some of the Clifton workings stretched almost to Beeston. My parents told me that there was an time when their house at Ainsley Estate shook with subsidence. Radford pit site was levelled by around 1964, as I remember playing on it as a little'un.
  10. Jean is my sister, now living near Long Eaton. Gloria lives in East Anglia, and the two are still in contact!
  11. An amazing thread. I was born at 2 Vale Crescent North in 1960, and one of the photos above shows the house, and even the window of the room in which I was born. I moved away to Sawley, aged four, in 1965, but the whole local area is deeply etched in my mind. The smell of raw tobacco takes me straight back to St Peters Street and Hartley Road! I wandered far and wide, much to my family's concern, even getting to the laundry on Canterbury Road, near the Player's Bonded Store on Ilkeston Road. I'd seen the chimney and wanted to know what it was attached to. And I used to play on the waste ground now occupied by Beechdale Baths. I used to love going to the library at the end of Beechdale Road, as my mum used to borrow the small "Thomas The Tank Engine " books and read them to me. We went through the whole set. Names from the estate are Tomlinson (next door to us, The Goviers), Pugsley (soot from chimney sweeping dumped in the back garden), Smith (a family opposite our house with several members all working at Players, walking to work separately, in line, six feet apart). Gloria Morley (a friend of my sister, Jean). Paul Ganney. Mrs Parkes. Alison Maddocks. Aubrey Moult. The beer-off was "Wilsons" as far as I recall. The Co-Op should be a listed building for it's design alone! Bill Allen, father of MP Graham Allen, was a cousin of my mum's, and lived not far up Beechdale Road. Graham's mum described him as "bright red" in his political views. His grandma, "Auntie Maud", use to drink a quart of Shipstone's Nut Brown every night, bought home in a reusable bottle having been drawn at a local beer-off. I went back a few years ago and took some photos. http://www.flickr.com/photos/point_and_click/2265053203/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/point_and_click/2265047945/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/point_and_click/2265047943/in/photostream/ r