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  1. As I said Ann, I didn't even know we had relatives until I started checking ancestry. You have already given me names I had never heard of. Thank you. I will try to check with my sister who is 86 to see if any of these ring a bell. I have no doubt you are correct.
  2. annswabeyAnn, I was into family history heavy for a while but then got side tracked. I have traced my MOORE line back to a Samuel Moor 1681? marrying marrying Elizabeth Mee 1684. My father,Daniel John Moore was born in Dekalbe, Illinois, June 8 th, 1893. His father John Moore and mother Ada Alexandra emigrated to the US earlier that year with their daughter Susannah. They came over on Etruria. They stuck it out for about 8 years and the story goes that John was a stubborn old cuss and would not wear ear muffs during the winters. He worked as a gardener so was outside a lot. He left for
  3. fch782cI had not seen this, thank you so much. I have not been as active in searching as I should but now I intend to get serious. I have a daughter in law that is "sure" she comes from lords and ladies while I know I come from poor sod busters. If I had time I might challenge her but for now, she's happy.
  4. Thank you all for the info. DavidW , you must have the memory of an elephant. It probably was me searching 13 years ago. You have it all OK except she did not marry George Moore, she married Daniel John Moore. They had 3 children, Edward, Iris and me George.
  5. I am searching for any offspring of Joseph Kirby who died in Nottingham about 1944. He had worked at the Danks stables for over 40 years. My mother Mae Kirby was his daughter and I know there were many siblings. One of the sons became the Mayor of Ilkeston and made all the papers when his car caught fire when he was on the way to visit the Queen. It wasn't until I started a little research into ancestry that I became aware that my mother had siblings, apparently there had been a bit of a dust up and she didn't speak to them again. To anyone out there related I would be glad to get some inf
  6. When I sold my Comet we bought a 1946 Hillman Minx. We never could afford to fill it up with petrol and it really was a piece of junk. At the time, 1959, my wife and I both worked at Rolls Royce at Gresham Rd. Derby and lived in a caravan at Shelton Lock, Chellaston. Good happy days, always broke but young and eager. Did stuff that was cheap, hiking, climbing in Derbyshire. Also was a member of the Long Eaton Operatic Society where I did Gilbert and Sullivan and had a "starring role" in Ruddigore. Somehow got the grease paint bug and when I came over joined an acting group in Indianapoli
  8. Isn't it a damn small world. As a kid I played with Georgie Wildy and I think my friend at BF married one of the girls, his name was Brian Hendey. There is a site about Beeston run by David Hallam that has school pictures that I sent him and he has posted. I am on it (I've changed a bit) so is George Wildy. I've never played solo 5's and 3's and haven't played the other for years but will give it shot given the chance. You talk of motor bikes, my last ride was a Vincent Comet. I would like it back now, not to ride as I have a dicky shoulder but just to look at. There is some chap on you
  9. What a fine welcome, thank you all! I've tried to explain what life was like in the war and growing up in the 50's to my daughter-in law and would love to take her and my son, (born a Yank) back in time to the old pubs. Alas, most changed or gone. However, if I can find one with a game of fives and threes going on I will get them to risk, (lose;-)) a few coins so they can get the feel of it. Many's the time my friend Nevil Clark and I would wander out to a country pub and skin the locals. We were in our twenties so the old boys thought we were easy pickings but we could play. One good s
  10. Hi, Will be visiting Beeston for the last time this June. Born and raised at 12 Denison St., came to the U.S. in 1960 first to Indiana then Penn. now retired in Florida. Will be bringing my eldest son, his wife and two grand children. Want to show them where I grew up although the house is gone and no plaque to show it, some of my old haunts, my local The Commercial. Schools gone but can show where it was. (walked to Beeston Fields, up hill both ways). Plan on going down Trent, see the canal boats. Snakey Wood, whatever is left of it. I hear that the tram lines have destroyed shopping