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  1. Thanks David. I've only just seen this message from Tuesday 9th Feb. I didn't know any of it as I've only recently started on this side of the family. Many thanks
  2. Fanny's (Frances) father was Joseph Smithurst. She was a widow when she married Oscar with the surname Hambleton. They married on 19/1/1884. David - I've been told about that attack on him before, it's very sad.
  3. I am looking for anyone who has this lady in their family tree who married my french 3 x great grandfather Oscar Cadet.
  4. Thanks the pictures are great and I don't know of any children.
  5. I must admit I made an assumption that it was the Frances (Fanny) Hambleton on the 1881 census that I was lookng for. I have her marriage certificate to Oscar so I know that her father's name is correct and she was named Hambleton and a widow when she married. Back to the drawing board then. Unfortunately I don't have any credits left on Find my past to look at the article about Oscar.
  6. This is my first post on the forum. I am trying to trace relatives of Fanny (Frances) Hambleton born Smithurst who was born 1843/44. Her first marriage was to Francis Hambleton and I am a decendent of her second marriage to a Frenchman called Oscar Cadet born 1842/43. Her father was Joseph Smithurst who in 1881 possible lived at 16 Peverill St, Nottingham - Does any one know this area? I have found Fanny married to Francis in 1881 in Fairfield, Derbyshire and that says she was born in Matlock. Fanny married Oscar on19/1/1884 in Radford, Nottingham again does anyone know this area?