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  1. Hmm - dunno if might be just a 'gel' thing or not but the fact is - all I remember about Shipstones beer is the Horses that were still used for delivering some of it! It was Shippo's wasn't it who kept the heavy horses for beer delivery around the centre of Nottingham? Crikey - the whole road used to shake when they were coming. Wonderful to see (well I thought so) but then it didn't remotely matter to me how fast the beer got to where it was going. Hard to imagine that most deliveries were done the same way once and it wasn't all that many years back either. I did partake of the odd Home Al
  2. I feel inclined to nail my colours to the mast here now Gels - I joined recently but hadn't really 'reported in' so to speak because I quite enjoy poking around the site and generally just lurking. I am yet another female, as fairly well indicated by the not very original username. Well nowt else wus on offer in me'ed as it'appened. Still, as long as there's a good few on us around interested in Nottingham 's okay intit? So shallusgerroverit nah 'n shurrupabartit? Sorry folks, just couldn't resist. ;>)
  3. Made me laugh that did! Yes, thank goodness, there have always been people willing to step in, and I've had a few attempts to 'help' wildlife go slightly off-course too (ouch, sorry, couldn't resist). You're not advised to move things in an ideal world but it isn't an ideal world is it and one does need to intervene sometimes? I don't think it was strictly correct to say you were not allowed to move the frogs and toads though as they aren't protected, apart from Natterjacks, as far as I know, and if you moved those you really would be in trouble - but then you'd have to find some first.
  4. I have since consulted my Brother who remembers that Lodge still standing - and yes, it was definitely after 1955! Big Brother also mentioned a problem concerning the annually squashed frogs (interesting what sort of things stick in a boy's mind!) and wondered who else remembers them? They used to try to get across Arnot Hill Road from the fields nearby apparently, get flattened by cars for their trouble, and when it rained the road got very slippery because there were so many of them. They would have been going that way long before there was a road and houses of course and not know it really
  5. Hi, me again, you are right on my old patch. Yup, there was a building of some description that would have been just inside where the top gate is. I got into mega-trouble aged about 9 when I went to that shop on the corner of Sandfield Road and Arnot hill, which used to be a sweets and iced lollies main supplier for local kids. I was told to return STRAIGHT home but I went across to the Park with a friend and we discovered the remains of what had been a substantial building lying around in the long grass. There were great big pieces of stone and pillars and we climbed all over them. We were
  6. Hello again, Well I now know considerably more than when I first started out. Yes, there very definitely was a big house there and it's fairly easy to find out when you know where to look isn't it? My own earlier attempts had resulted in zilch even though I had correctly guessed that if there was a large building there it might well have been called Arno Vale House. All I got when I Googled it at that time was a list of houses for sale on Arno Vale Road - and they were very nice too - but I couldn't afford them. So thanks for the replies which have given me the info I needed. I've alr
  7. Hello, Hope I can help, I recall an article in the Evening Post about the actor who played Boon noticing the fish in the rectangular ornamental pond at Newstead were in trouble - gasping at the surface for air. The Fire Service was called and they used their hoses to pump gallons of water into the pond, thereby saving the fish. It was one of those thundery, very close weather occasions, which does deplete the oxygen levels in lakes and ponds. I'm guessing if Boon was filmed there that they could have used the Newstead Lake at the front of the house and, f not there, then possibly Clumber P
  8. Hello, just testing with this first message. Not sure how this all works so I'll just say how I got here. I finally got around to taking some action yesterday on getting to the truth (or otherwise) of whether there was ever a large house on Arno Vale Road, around about where Whernside is? I was looking up old Ordnance maps and found one of the relevant area which seems to show a Lodge which led down a track to a much bigger (but unnamed on this map) property, with extensive grounds around it. Then I confess I got sidetracked by a reference to Daybrook House - so I looked up its history an