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  1. Hi colin,i am still working, but not srangling spanners anymore. Ihave just turned 62 so still a spring chicken,eh.still keep in touch with brian handley and tony peters(hoare). just heard that keith nichols (nick-nick)the one who lost his leg, has died suddenly in bovingdon, bit of a shock. dont get up to the old comrades at drill hall as much as i would like to,it is held on a wed night in the o/rs club room now. no barman, grahan retired and left, so have to drink cans, not the same as a good pint of mansfield. Hope you keep in touch on this means mate,glad you and chris are ok,my missus
  2. Hello mr H,it has been a long time,smaller world when you get on one of these things,how you keeping? what are you doing with yourself nowadays? Ian
  3. Hi there, my name is Ian Tivey,on the picture is my mother Beryle Eyre, she lived at 17 Elm Avenue, the big farmhouse at the end of the row with the bay window,her brother was Ken and their mother and father was Frank and Florence. Next door was my aunt and uncle, florences brother and sister in law,charlie and hilda Orridge. Hope this shines some light on who they where. Regards Ian