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  1. The worry here in Australia is that the Bush-fires have occurred in spring rather than at the end of a long hot Summer
  2. Skype is amazing back in August I was on the train from St Pancras chatting with a mate back in Australia using my IPAD, and was able to let him see the view from the train Free WIFI in 1st class
  3. I must admit when i saw the Banner I though Sir Cliff Richard had been born in Nottingham
  4. I remember we had a very nice Triumph Herald, it was two tone, a dark olive green with a lighter green, it had a sun roof, a walnut Dash and fitted carpets, posher than our Council House!!!
  5. My trip was fantastic, it was amazing how little had changed really, as regards the old buildings, I even got to sit in the Lord Mayors "Throne", caught up with a pal from school who i last saw in 1973 as a 15 year old ( do the maths) Gibbo lots of Deco stil in Nottingham, although I failed to find the black glass staircase in the old Co-Op, I visited the place but no one had a clue what I was talking about, its probably hidden behind a Gyprock wall
  6. I too want my plastic bags for throwing out rubbish, i resent having to buy plastic bin liners, the shops are just trying to get more money out of us
  7. Having a full English breakfast at pattiseriie Valerie in council house arcade free wifi so taking the opportunity to use skype and call mum in australia
  8. It has been a fantastic weeken in Nottingham, my 'Digs' have been perfect at the bottom of Hockley, everything within a few minutes walk, the highlight was a tour of Council House, what beautiful building, I was lucky to be the only person for the 10.30 tour so had the lovely Jill the tour guide, all to my self, turns out she had lived in Sydney AUstralia for 4 years, even got a pic taken of me sitting inthe Mayors throne!,,, must say Nottingham is a very dieffenbachia city to the one I left in 1974' and for the better, sadly the black boy hotel is missing but hopefully nothing else will be de
  9. So I'm here! The city looks lovely a nice vibe, a summer day with people dinning al fresco, will be catching up with aunts uncles & cousins on saturday, and a school friend from 40 years ago on Sunday, oh I'm doing the council house tour on Sunday, so if any nostalinauts, want to come along we could have a cuppa afterwards, it's a I free event starts 10.30
  10. All set to visit for the weekend Friday 19th August will be amazing to meet Aunts & Uncles, and cousins I havn't seen since 1974
  11. I Thought Richard may have been good, till someone remarked on "The Crusades" a bit politically Incorrect?
  12. Im booked on an east midlands train 19 august London to Nottingham looks like it involves a 20 minute bus ride into the Downtown area?
  13. A a kid i only remember a record shop half way down Clumber street
  14. Ran Conniff, Henry Mancini, Marty Paich, Frank Chacksfield, Frank de Vol, Nelson Riddle, Wally Stott (Who went on to become Angela Morley!!!!!!)
  15. Another one for anything that was obvious was "Yes well that sticks out like Chapel Hat Pegs"
  16. Terrible I know but Mam in the early 60's referred to anything that was a dark brown colour as being N****R Brown
  17. How "Do-Able" is a day trip on a coach from Nottingham to Chatsworth House?
  18. As Kids in the early 1960's the only time we were taken into a Pub was after Goose Fair, we all climbed up a steep embankment, not sure what the pub was called, but it had a sort of "Yard" with a bit of a bowling alley, and Dad always bought mum a "Tom Collins" we kids had Fanta, and a bag crisps each, with the little blue pack of salt in the bottom.
  19. My mum worked there part-time when i was a Kid must have been around 67? seem to remember was it the first centre to have late night trading as early as the 1960's not everyone had a car in those days so they were quite forward thinking
  20. yes I just remember Lunch Box as a kid, they showed a trailer for Doris Days "Move over Darling" ( The car wash Scene) it looked funny on a small grainy BW TV set, but when we saw it on the big screen in colour we started crying in fear!!!
  21. Awsome pics!! I remember as a Kid being on the upper deck with my mum and dad amongst the smokers!, not surprising i was always feeling sick on the Bus, wonderful pictures of Broadmarsh, does anyone have pics of the Cafe there it was Round shaped with lots of glass very 1930's looking?
  22. Where can you get a steak and kidney Pud, with suet pastry????????????