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  1. Gem

    My Bike rides

    There wasn't one BK trying to post pictures of rest of house, will try again later.
  2. Gem

    My Bike rides

    The Skellington family have a a new chandelier kindly donated by their friends.
  3. Gem

    Faith In The Lord.

    That's one post that made me smile.....if only.
  4. Gem

    How's your day?

    Great news that you're released from the clinic Brew, get on with your life and enjoy yourself.
  5. Gem

    Photos to cheer us up

    I must have been on a more polite site.
  6. Gem

    Photos to cheer us up

    Will not pass on your remark Rog, they will definitely not be impressed.
  7. Gem

    Photos to cheer us up

    Certain people in my house were not impressed when I asked if it reminded them of anyone.
  8. Gem

    How's your day?

    Tell them to read a proper map not use satnav, probably got lost the last three times but won't admit it.
  9. Gem

    Garden Centres

    They are actually a very useful gardening tool Margie, easy when you are repotting small plants. I won't tell mum how good they are or she will be buying any odd little gardening implement she can find.
  10. Gem

    Garden Centres

    I no longer have a garden so make do with window boxes and pots. My mum has bought me some gardening gloves with plastic tips so I can dig in the pots without using a trowel. I would so love eBay to go away she buys some rubbish.
  11. Gem

    Happy Birthday

    A friend of mine has not had a birthday for a number of years she has a celebration day, we all know that she reaches her "milestone" this year. I think we shall have to design a special poster that doesn't mention her age.
  12. Gem

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday David remember it's only a number.... enjoy your day.
  13. I only use Facebook for miniatures so all the group's interact with are members only, I don't get requests for anything. I couldn't stand being bombarded by people I didn't know, Nostalgia suits me fine chat to anyone your all like friends.
  14. Page on Facebook ......learn something new everyday.