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  1. Gem

    All Kinds of Everything.

    No !!!! in my case I was lead astray by Nottingham natives who told naive (cough) students that it wasn't very strong.
  2. Gem

    All Kinds of Everything.

    That drink was lethal, as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts was back home by 8.30 the first (and last time) I ever touched it.
  3. Nonna, I am so sorry that your diagnosis is not good but from reading your posts you have a lovely husband and family who will take care of you and keep your spirits up. Take care of yourself and when I mentioned spirits ' a G&T comes to mind' . Gem
  4. Gem

    Royal baby

    My friends newest granddaughter has been named Queenie her two year old brother struggles with her name and calls her wee wee. Parents sometimes don't think things through.
  5. I used to enjoy a drink afternoons in the garden or while watching TV but since losing Alan it has no appeal. Maybe thinking that drinking on your own could be a slippery road, my tipple is and always has been 'Mothers Ruin'. Am I being silly who knows.
  6. Gem

    Photos to cheer us up

    Most of us can remember playing in a back lane like this.
  7. Gem


    Always late but always make it. Happy birthday Carni eat lots of cake x
  8. Not my ailment .. my aunty collapsed last week and became unconscious but our wonderful ambulance service got to us quickly. As she is 96 we panicked but they got her to hospital where she stayed for 5 days, today we are in Harrogate for the flower show only difference is she is in a wheelchair and happy to be here. You don't always get a happy ending when people are old but she's a stubborn old b....r and is going nowhere.
  9. Gem

    My Bike rides

    There wasn't one BK trying to post pictures of rest of house, will try again later.
  10. Gem

    My Bike rides

    The Skellington family have a a new chandelier kindly donated by their friends.
  11. Gem

    How's your day?

    Great news that you're released from the clinic Brew, get on with your life and enjoy yourself.
  12. Gem

    Photos to cheer us up

    I must have been on a more polite site.
  13. Gem

    Photos to cheer us up

    Will not pass on your remark Rog, they will definitely not be impressed.
  14. Gem

    Photos to cheer us up

    Certain people in my house were not impressed when I asked if it reminded them of anyone.