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  1. Plains Road Primary

    Very smart Margie, I have been looking through my photos and up to now they will stay where they are. My guides uniform was exactly the same as yours but dark blue with light tie, we had days away but never camp those that are Brownies/Guides today would probably think we were boring. There is a Facebook page for guides in my area at the time I was there so will have a look see if there are any of my group.
  2. Plains Road Primary

    I found this today in a box belonging to my late cousin she was 5 years older than me, when i first saw thought it was a blouse but its a folded dress.
  3. How's your day?

    Thanks Catfan, my memory of it was a lot nicer, i put Tudor Court in google search and found a picture nearer my memory. We are visiting friends " no relatives" in a few weeks who live at Mapperly Park so a visit could be on my list.
  4. How's your day?

    Catfan, have just been told by hubby (know all) that i didn't take this picture, i remembered it from a vist to Bullwell and looked online and this is what i found. Evidently we passed the building on our way to somewhere but it stuck in my mind, tried to describe it later to family nobody knew what i was talking about. Probably 10 years ago and then it seemed to be nicer than this pic. Gem
  5. Plains Road Primary

    As soon as read your post Margie i remembered the name. As a Brownie i was a Sprite and in Guides a Swan stayed in that group and same as yourself became a Patrol Leader, i am going through old photos as they maybe some when i was Brownie/Guide. They will be carefully scrutinised before posting as the uniforms were not flattering.
  6. How's your day?

    Catfan i'm sure that you will be able to identify this image and tell me about it, was taken a number of years ago. It caught my intrest as it looked old. timber style building.
  7. Plains Road Primary

    Like you Margie I was a Brownie then Guide, when I read your post a very odd thought popped in. As a Brownie we had to tie our tie at the back in a special knot "right over left and under left over right and under" did you do the same or was just my group.
  8. How's your day?

    My mums saying is "a smile costs nothing" if someone on the bus smiles i return it and say hello you ok today. Some people will start a conversation others won't, i find that once you have had a chat the next time you see them they treat you like a friend. I will speak to anybody who speaks to me, as Ben says you maybe the only person they speak to that day.
  9. How's your day?

    DJ that's not very nice, no mouse traps but a new member of our family keeps trying to sit on the little Pom.
  10. Were you born at home

    Margie......thank you.
  11. Were you born at home

    Mum delivered him !!! the ambulance arrived 10 minutes after he was born. Mum had also phoned my doctor who arrived same time as medics, they wanted to take me to hospital but doctor said no need he would look after me. Son's first night was in a wicker clothes basket as I had nothing at mums for him.
  12. Were you born at home

    I was born at home in the front bedroom of the house I live in now. My son was also born at home same bedroom as myself, my husband was way so I went to stay with mum. He was not supposed to be a home birth but he decided to make an early entrance.
  13. How's your day?

    Oh dear is right he should have blue bands in his hair lol. The tiny pomeranium has what is called a lion cut heavy round its face short over back.
  14. How's your day?

    h,ttps://][/url] Picked these two up this afternoon Ben and Silas thought it was their dinner. They belong to my daughter i would'nt have them gift wrapped, winge to much.
  15. How's your day?

    Loppy took your advice and looked up Georgia Bulldogs, he has the attributes of the breed in body/head and short legs. He is very loving and obedient, to lazy to be anything else. The last dog we owned was a Johnson American bulldog, we bought her from a recommeded breeder that we found on their site, took her to training class as advised. They are called the nanny dog and in our grandaughters case so true, she followed her everywhere including bath time and the toilet the only place she was't allowed was in her bed. No bad dogs only bad owners. Gem