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  1. Gem


    We are on same wavelength today my two also had chicken, Mum picks one up for them with her shopping. On one occasion when out for a meal she ordered a chicken to go i got nothing, least i know where i am in the pecking order....bottom.
  2. Gem

    The Variety Club, Radford

    My sincere condolences RR your happy memories will help through the bad times. Gem
  3. Loppy, Alan always used to say you go to the doctor with one thing and come out with another four !!!!!!
  4. Gem

    How's your day?

    Definately not RR notice they have doors once finished doors stay closed. The light wood one is not mine going to use picture as a guide.
  5. Gem

    How's your day?

    i bought the beautiful dark wood cabinet from a local antique centre my aim is to turn it into a display cabinet similar to the one beside it. I can but dream ...
  6. Gem

    How's your day?

    Wishing you well Loppy do as the doctor orders, if you need stress relief go to your lads, a cuddle from them will work wonders.
  7. Gem

    How's your day?

    PP. your mousetraps may catch the mice your cats can't but......who snuggles up to you for a cuddle tells you its hungry and follows you around because they love you. Not a mousetrap !!! no contest..
  8. Gem

    how many guests !

    Have to think about the latter.
  9. Gem

    how many guests !

    I never log out.............should i ?
  10. Gem

    Chimney Sweeps

    Don't even think about cutting off his head, i have not yet met our liberty bodice lothario. Maybe one day.
  11. Gem


    Hello Eileen, i loved reading your post, i adopted a retired greyhound a few months ago as company for Silas. Silas is the laziest english bulldog it takes him all his time to move from chair to chair, my idea was that an energetic greyhound would encourage him to move a little more. How wrong can you be....the only thing of interest to them both is finding the best place to sleep and trying to avoid going out. Masie is the most loving little girl and i would recommend anyone wanting a companion to consider a greyhound. Gem
  12. Gem

    How's your day?

    Loppy. Masie is also very fast and would go very well with Bailey, many times i have shut her in a room not realising she was in there. Tommorow the family who are renting my house are coming to see which of my furniture they would like me to leave, i had thought dark glasses may hide my black eyes but my friend said you either have a dirty mark on your face or you are starting to bruise. So before any one looks embarressed i will say "the dog did it" that should be a conversation starter.
  13. Gem

    How's your day?

    Lizzie, Loppy and Jill thank you for you good wishes, am taking pain killers so they are helping. Its good that neither dog bothers about going out my neighbours grandson is going to take them out for their walk after school. I don't mind the cast its the black eyes that make me look as if i have been in a fight, i collided with the hall table as i fell. Thank you Nonna, got a text from my son saying if you'r to mean to put lights on buy a torch.........such a caring child.
  14. Gem

    How's your day?

    My day has been a bit of a disaster so i will offer this bit of advice...........if you have a black dog and dark carpets in the passage always put the light on !!!!!!. After 5 hours in A&E and a plaster cast on my wrist my house will now resemble Blackpool illuminations, the dog is fine.
  15. SG i was diagnosed in exactly the same way as yourself having the same symptons, also googled it.........i followed advice on what/what not to eat took the tablets which have decreased in strength over time. Diagnosed in February at my last appointment 2weeks ago was told my thyroid had returned to normal and to return in 6 monthes for tests to check my levels. I hope you soon start to feel better and more like your normal self. Gem