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  1. Things you don't see anymore

    Willow, do you mean Black Imps, you could hide the tin in your pocket and sneak one in while in class.
  2. Keyrings

    I'm very boring I have only three keys one for front door/back gate/back door.
  3. Speak Nottinghameze

    Hubby rarely uses words or phrases from Nottingham he's been here 40 years plus, duck slips out occasionally but the one that causes the most laughter is going to "are arase" not sure about the spelling.
  4. Christmas Memories

    I now know what happened, dad picked me up rushed upstairs saying Santa's gone to toilet so mums helping him out so he won't be late. Worked at the time, now of course it wouldn't work as the bathroom was next to my bedroom. Lovely memories.
  5. Toys and comics

    Milly Molly Mandy anyone else remember her.
  6. How's your day?

    Fly, took Ben to cenotaph so pleased i did, there were three other guide dogs there he was well behaved slight upset when bugles went. Pleased to see the young ones there all very smart and proud. Two of hubby's mates missing this year makes it a little more sad for him, god bless them all.
  7. How's your day?

    On hindsight if I hadn't been so shocked at his question I may have made a very unladylike reply. Hubby is putting his regimental badge on his coat with a poppy.
  8. How's your day?

    Earlier this evening was visiting my mum as usual took Ben with me, as I was leaving someone said you won't be taking the dog with you in the morning. I was but now i am thinking am i right to take him, my thinking is he is a guide dog and needs to go anywhere. Surely no one will be upset at a guide dog at the Cenotaph his new owner may be a wounded veteran, any advice will be welcome. The reasoning of the person who asked was that he's not properly trained.
  9. How's your day?

    Carni, i wear a silk poppy on remembrance day that i have had for 8 years, two weeks before i wear a metal pin. I send a donation each year direct to the appeal and ignore the nasty looks from poppy sellers when i walk past. I don't have time for the poppy jewellry you can buy in stores or online how much of the sales goes to the legion not a lot. Poppy sales will drop due to the fact that the younger generation have no interest in their past.
  10. Catfan's Blog.

    Nowhere better than your own bed.
  11. I read an article today about a sixth former sent home for inapropriate clothing, teacher (male) did not say why it was inapropriate. It brought to mind when my grandaughter was at school skirts had to be below the knee and could be measured at any time. I dropped her off to walk to school with her friends and watched them all roll their skirts over till short. Evidently this was done going to school and again when going home stopped then getting into trouble wonder, if its still done today.
  12. Christmas Memories

    Love this thread brings back so many memories, the little post office set with envelopes/stamps/coins and the stamping pad cut out paper dolls to many to mention. Keep them coming girls i'm sure we must have lots more.
  13. Christmas Memories

    I remember a christmas when i was 6/7 coming downstairs on christmas eve to see my mum filling a pillowcase, all i can remember is sitting on the stairs crying. I must ask mum if she remembers and what she said to shut me up, her long term memory is very good so i may find out.
  14. How's your day?

    My day has been odd by any standards, had a call from my sister in law regarding her daughters wedding, It's been called off as his "wife" saw her hen party pictures and a picture of her intended. said all the right things as hubby refused to speak to her. Putting down the phone I admit I laughed "hysterically" sorry I know its bitchy but they have rarely bothered to give me the time of day so to be invited to the wedding was unusual. I am usually a nice person but we all slip sometime if they come on Ns I will be screwed as the saying goes.
  15. Catfan's Blog.

    That's great to hear you'r back on the mend keep up the good work, soon be your usual charming self and looking after MrsC as she's looked after you,