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  1. Gem

    How's your day?

    Was chatting this afternoon with a group of people when someone mentioned that her mother had lost her purse with a lot of money inside. I said that when my mum and aunt went out they had usually about £20 in cash and £100 available on bank card, i have always stressed if somebody tries to take your bag let them they won't get much. Someone said that was terrible and i should not limit them to the amount of money they can spend as it is their money, they can buy anything they want when they want. Other people agreed with her (not my friends) now i am wondering if i am wrong and i should not limit their money, i have never thought of it in this way before. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.
  2. Or maybe laughs at you ........
  3. Gem

    Anybody had a 'result' lately ?

    Thanks again CF, was able to book near enough to my required dates and Silas will be a welcome guest. Gem
  4. Gem

    Anybody had a 'result' lately ?

    Catfan, nothing to do with topic .....a while ago you gave me the name of a lovely hotel in Skegness, i can't either find it or remember it. Mum has said she would like to visit so again i would appreciate your help. Gem.
  5. Gem

    Come On England !!!

    When i was looking for a new car a while ago three garages treated me as if i was unable to understand the most basic information regarding the cars i was interested in. One even asked me if i had a younger member of my family who could possibly help me understand the more technical details, if i had said what thought proably been arrested. I ended up going back to Sunderland to a dealer that we have used before and bought a BMW 3 series lovely motor lovely service. Any other ladies on here had same problem.
  6. Gem

    How's your day?

    Tomorrow i am flying to Northern Ireland with my daughter in law to spend a few days with her family. They live in a small town about 20mins from Belfast, hopefully this lovely weather will last. On my last visit we stayed in Belfast and went to the Titanic and Crumlin Road Goal both very interesting this time i hope to see more galleries and exhibitions.
  7. Gem

    How's your day?

    Already ordered on your recomendation CF, looking forward to reading it. Also bought two on London.
  8. Gem

    How's your day?

    Mmmmmmmm I know what I would be dead heading .........said very tongue in cheek CF lol
  9. Gem

    How's your day?

    Catfan ......on ebay i have found a copy of the book for 2.80 free post a bargain i think. The company is called Baham Books they have a large selection of books reasonable prices and free post if you read a lot worth a look.
  10. Gem

    How's your day?

    Found this book in a charity shop called Northumberland and Durham the sinister side, looking through it they have another publication called Nottingham the sinister side. Then i saw that it was published in Bullwell has anyone read it.
  11. Gem

    How's your day?

    She did Lizze made a fuss over it had it in cupboard, thats Mum for you.
  12. Gem

    How's your day?

    Today was Mums official birthday so we went to a hotel in Durham who do an authentic victorian high tea. It was something special with fruit cake covered with candied fruits huge fruit scones and lots of small cakes and sandwiches, a huge candelabra in the middle of the table with tea urn on the side. It was a ladies day only, my youngest grandaughter was missing so a video was sent to her. Each year it seems to get harder to find something different maybe next year when she will be 102 she might just want to stay home.
  13. Gem

    How's your day?

    Tried that Ian, she said no......saving up for her old age.
  14. Gem

    How's your day?

    We had a great day at Newcastle Race Course for Mums birthday, lovely meal and the sun kept shining, so pleased i opted for a big hat. As usual i lost money both Mum and Aunt won money, i shall have to start and pick my horses their way......its very technical "thats a nice name or i once knew somebody who had a pet called that". They have done it the same way for years used to drive Dad crazy, he would study form check if the going was good then still lose.