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  1. Gem

    All Kinds of Everything.

    This has been following us around for over 40years can not ever remember it being used.
  2. Gem

    All Kinds of Everything.

    When reading through the posts i often come across things that are of interest to my Mum and Aunty. One that we talked about was rug making, my aunt made many in her time often made from old material she called them proggy mats. I decided to order 2 kits of small rugs they were delivered yesterday and started today, we decided that they would only work 2 hours a day so not to strain their eyes. I shall refrain from some comments in case they think cycling/hill walking or home brew could be next on their list.
  3. Gem

    Did you do a stupid thing

    When i am working i usually pull my hair into a bun then put the pen/pencil into said bun so i don't lose it. You can probably guess where this is going, i am looking everywhere for my pen and never find it till it falls on the floor. At the moment i am looking for a pair of scissors that have been missing for 4 days i know that when i buy a new pair tommorow they will turn up.
  4. Gem

    How's your day?

    Have changed back thanks CT, the glare from the white screen was a step to far for the old eyes even with the tinted lens.
  5. Gem

    How's your day?

    I have got a blue banner and rest is so white it hurts you'r eyes, is this a permanent thing.
  6. Margie you and i seem to have had the same childish hobbies, did you also fold paper into squares cut shapes and make your own dollies.
  7. Gem

    Where is This?

    WHAT is going on, this forum is fast losing the reson for which it was memories of childhood, schooldays, the place we lived and worked. No wonder we are losing old members and not attracting new ones, to those popping in for a look will not stay long. I am not pointing the finger at anyone as those of you making the above comments are some of my favourite posters. So come on....lets get back to our brilliant best and gossip. Gem
  8. Gem


    I also think that you should complain Carni, when doing so make the point (as plantfit has said) that some people are allergic to laytex.
  9. Gem

    All Kinds of Everything.

    On a night out not long after moving to Nottingham we went into town, we were told we must try the barley wine. A few of us had never tasted it before, it turned out to be a very short night one minute we were ok the next on our way home rather the worse for wear. I can honestly say it was my first and last night out on barley wine, it turned out i had 4 bottles (and i remember they were small bottles) so i was either a lightweight in the drinking scales or it was rocket fuel.
  10. Gem

    Whatever happened to......?

    NBL is a man with a lot of information on a lot of subjects who does not mind sharing. I would like to see him back .....without his advice there would have been one little guide dog puppy who may not have made the grade.
  11. When I lived in Gateshead the Metro Centre was 10mins away and Newcastle 5mins, so I used to like to walk around and see and feel the items I wanted to buy. Now that I live in a small village with Whitby as my nearest town and I have taken to on-line shopping, I go to Guisborough every two weeks for my food shop, there is a co-op in the village but it is expensive and not a lot of choice. I love where I live but it does have its drawbacks. I have said before Mum loves online shopping, both of them are Christmas shopping before all the bargains have gone ..........
  12. Gem

    How's your day?

    Nonna having read your post it does make me wonder if there is more "out there" then a sceptic like myself will acknowledge. All of those things that happened to you can not be put down to coincidence.
  13. Gem

    How's your day?

    Jill i am not a believer in the afterlife and have never felt anyone around me, it must be a lovely feeling to have. My son says he has felt his dad near and it gives him comfort, so maybe my daughter in law has a point.
  14. Gem

    How's your day?

    Its an odd thing nonna i have had it in my sitting room since May and noticed nothing, wonder how many others are the same.
  15. Gem

    How's your day?

    Its the latest airwick diffuser, its not a light that shines the top of the diffuser lights up when it sprays.