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  1. You Couldn't Make this Up !

    My daughter had good O Level results and we thought she would stay at school, came in announced she had a job apprentice florist. Opened her first shop at 22. My son said he was going to university to study engineering came in on his 18t birthday and had joined the army. No wonder my hair went grey early - proud of what they have become.
  2. How's your day?

    Visit to wetherspoons this morning took our Ben to socialise which he did big style. Couple with little girl sat at the table near us she made a bee line for Ben and asked to cuddle him, no problem more people he meets the better. Noticed Ben was missing from beside my feet quick look around no sign, couple at next table waved and pointed he was in pushchair covered with blanket proud as you like. Little girl was upset when I removed him most of pub customers found it funny, he need lots more work.
  3. How's your day?

    Started badly but great finish, hubby decided to open up our basement which has been bricked up since 1937 according to mum. from inside old door is also covered up. With help from two of his mates took them nearly 3 hours, our house was built in 1860 and made to last. There was no lighting but from torches i have found a treasure trove of jars, bottles, furniture and heaven knows what else, also old range. Tomorrow hubby will try sort out lighting and my days will be spent living in the past. Utter bliss.
  4. Summer Holidays and Photos

    We geordies are renowned for our friendly attitude to everyone (football not included) when hubby met my grandfather for the first time he couldn't understand him. Granda was a pitman with an accent all his own , he never turned a corner he "coined" it. As every vistor will tell you we have some of the most beautiful coastline and castles in the world. As i married a basford lad we may be short of good lads up here. Fly being called a canny lad is a good thing - did you try the Brown Ale.
  5. pets?

    Jill an article in our local paper covers the death of the oldest recorded cat in the world aged 32. Found as a stray in poor condition aged about 5 shows what love can do.
  6. Community spirit

    I passed hubby didn't does that mean I can send him back to Basford. The amount of changes on Hyson Green he will probably get lost.
  7. Wetherspoons pubs

    Wetherspoons in Hexham, Northumberland is a beautiful art deco cinema. Sometimes wish spoons had a separate part for families, be nice to have lunch without unruly children running riot.
  8. I was watching a news programme today about Boris Johnson's visit to the Virgin Islands and standing behind him was my son !!!! He was only on view for seconds but so nice to see him so unexpectedly. I was a very proud mum, he wears his green beret with pride.
  9. Memory Aid!

    All women are good at this but wives have it off to a fine art.
  10. Things you can't stop yourself doing

    It makes you fat or so "they" say, i don't listen.
  11. I'm with Mrs C on this one, don't have salt and vinegar on my fish and chips either.
  12. Players Girls

    When i was accepted at Nottingham Uni asked them to help me find somewhere to live. They found us a flat in Radford seemed ok on paper so we accepted, bit of a shock when we arrived. It was directly in front of players factory and the first thing we noticed was the smell we had no choice than to move in. We were living next door to a muslim family who were nice but killed chickens in their backyard on Fridays. We stayed 3 months before moving to West Bridgeford sharing a house with a girl I met at uni. My friend had got a job at players and travelled back to radford as the wages were good.
  13. How's your day?

    Loppy remember the bulldog spirit (whatever that is) keep your chin up. Hopefully you will come out with little or no damage, thinking of you.
  14. My sons boots are always polished to perfection says thats the first thing he learnt when joining up. His first instructor used to say if your boots don't shine nor do you. On leave he lives in trainers.
  15. Good Advice

    Should be include within marriage service.