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  1. I am a great fan of M&S meals and if someone else hadn't been doing Xmas lunch i would have followed your example.
  2. Hello everyone....I post very rarely but check in often . I have left my home in the middle of nowhere 'Muggleswick' it's in co. Durham so I can guarantee being with my family for Christmas. I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a healthy new year .
  3. We will definitely visit Wollaton Hall it will have changed a lot since my last visit. Happy Anniversary
  4. It's been a lot of years and i remember lots of shops, however i am sure there will be a shopping outlet somewhere ?. Gem Decided not to take car into city centre.
  5. Thank you Mary we will definitely try the the pubs you mention and check out the painting option. We are heading into town but think we are going to be disappointed regarding a shopping spree. Gem
  6. Finally on my way to visit Nottingham, it was a rather last minute decision. Couldn't decide on where to stay either in town or in one of the surrounding villages, we finally decided on Rainworth Lodge on Blidworth Lane which i assume is in Blidworth?. I use sat nav my friend insists on a map ...she is not a fan of gadgets. If there are any special events over next few days would appreciate any information. Gem
  7. I have tried many times to make corned beef hotpot but it never tastes as good as my grandma made. I am going to try Oztalgian's recipe with the baked beans.
  8. Thank you's true that if you can't find what you are looking for someone on nostalgia can. I will definitely look at dates for the workhouse, i was watching a programme that covered it's past and it was very interesting. It's a shame about the castle it's been many years since my last visit where i had my photo taken with Robin Hood. Is there something at Edwinstowe that is worth a visit ?. The information about the museum at York was appreciated, my usual visits to York are shopping orientated. Gem
  9. Hi again...i only seem to pop up when I want something. My friend and myself are visiting Nottingham when weather improves and would like advice on museums to visit, saw one on TV that had victorian undertakers and hearses. Being odd that's the type of places we are looking to visit I'm looking forward to re-visiting the castle any ideas would be appreciated. Gem. Is the workhouse still open to visit.
  10. Mrs B, could it have been aloe Vera . Gem
  11. In my early teens the was a chemist in Newcastle known to locals as 'dirty dicks' the shop being there since 1890s. Started life to help those who were to poor to afford to the doctor, my grandfather who was losing his hair went for ..his words.. a bottle of jollop he was convinced it worked, Gramma said he might as well have rubbed rum into his scalp. He had a revolting cream to stop you biting your nails and it worked. It got its nickname for a treatment handed out to itinerant navvies and seaman.....another theory was if a female went in she had been naughty the night before. Gem
  12. At least your not snowed in the middle of nowhere is great in the summer but the winter has come as a culture shock. My neighbours all 3 of them told me to stock a large freezer and large cupboard plus WiFi is most awkward and works well in some of house best late at night. Anyway going to wish you all a very merry Christmas in case i either i freeze or WiFi gives up. When i can will send a pic of my home so you can envy me or think I'm crackers. Gem
  13. No Margie your faculties are as sharp as ever, when Alan died i lost interest but now have started again. Internet signal is a bit iffey so I tend to use it through the night.
  14. Thank you Margie I have logged in many times but never felt i had much to say. I am still living in the North East but now in a very small village called Mugglswick, i was left the property as the only relative of my dad's brother whom i had never met. Google it and you will see what the back of beyond looks like....but the greyhounds and i love it.
  15. Willow's mention of the Old Vic and Cross Keys seems to fit the bill and time scale was 50+ years ago.