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  1. Thank you Nonna, I can't imagine how hard it must be not being able to be with your Mum you can see her but not give the cuddles that make the visit special. Hopefully we will be able to go to Ladies Day I have changed our booking so fingers crossed. Mum puts her longevity to being pickled in gin-her words not mine, she forgets to mention her bedtime whiskey. I passed on your good wishes, thank you. Gem
  2. The virus has curtailed our usual birthday celebrations Mum is a 103 today and we are normally in the north east for the racing, we have done this for nearly 20 years. Her friends have made her day as special as they can and we will celebrate when we can. Her response was if i can't get my hair done I'm going nowhere. Stay safe everyone and be careful if you venture out.
  3. We could put a like as it all turned out the end!!!
  4. Beekay, you are a very talented young man, personally am worse than a child and can't even paint inside the lines. Is painting something you have done all your life or a talent you discovered as you got older. Gem
  5. I came across this topic while browsing through the night have looked at the first one mentioned by Brew. I have years of 'clutter' to me it's essential to others it's boxes of paper. Thanks for the links. Gem
  6. Gem


    Nonna Its hard enough coping with the situation your mum is in without the added stress of not being given information on how she is. The hardest part must be not being able to give her a cuddle to reassure her that you are there, keeping pushing and demanding information there is no excuse for keeping silent. My two are driving me crazy but they are with me, when I go into their room in the mornings they now say don't ask us how we are ...we are talking. Bless them i think.
  7. Gem


    Thanks to lockdown we have a new friend.. the Hermes delivery driver!!!! Take care stay safe
  8. Gem


    We stood outside tonight like many others to show our appreciation for front line services and everything was quiet. I am waiting to see if anyone decides to come and stay in their holiday home, we are all staying in and abiding by the rules so if they do I will report them!!!! Here we are an aging population and that's how we want to stay...aging and marinating. Stay safe. Gem, mum and auntie.
  9. Gem


    Thank you Jill, hope this will make you smile.... two questions from my oldies, can you panic buy Jamesons and why on earth are people bulk buying toilet roll.
  10. Gem


    Thank you Jill, hope this will make you smile.... two questions from my oldies, can you panic buy Jamesons and why on earth are people bulk buying toilet roll.
  11. Gem


    I have not posted for sometime but have popped back to say to you all take very good care of yourselves, live your life as you think best. Maybe when everything is back to normality have a huge meet up xxxxx Gem, Mum and Aunty
  12. I followed your advice Margie, comfy chair and an absolutely rubbish film the only problem was I fell asleep in the chair!!!!. I did get a good night's sleep so thank you.
  13. Could this be an age thing, some nights even though i am tired my mind refuses to let me sleep !!!
  14. Mum and auntie insist on seeing the new year in with a glass of sherry has to be Bristol Cream, they have a small glass each then it's put away. I buy a new bottle every year. After a number of years it has occurred to me that maybe it lasts more than a year!! Ben maybe you can answer that one, not that I am implying you are a secret sherry drinker.
  15. Happiness health and prosperity to you all......may you always have wood for your fire and food for your table. Gem Mary and Ellen aka mum and auntie.