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  1. I love to read but it has to be a 'real' book I can't get any pleasure from staring at a screen. I was encouraged from a very young age to read, a visit to the library was a treat for me. My grandmother used to say I would read the label from a jam jar !!!.
  2. Brew, definitely more in hope than expectation.
  3. The loss of a pet can be traumatic all of us who have lost a friend will be feeling your pain. A few extra cuddles from your other dog will hopefully give you some comfort.
  4. Why is it that most councils think it's a good idea to demolish beautiful old buildings and replace them with grotesque buildings which then lie empty for years. Newcastle in particular seems to follow this trait then these buildings in turn are demolished to build..........yes you guessed it student accommodation !!
  5. Not been reading many posts lately....but what happened to the "new teacher" who seems to have disappeared !.
  6. Finished ones I think Beekay, might get ideas for my pieces, they are dolls house scale so you can't really get a lot of detail on them. Saying that I have see some lovely work in 12th scale from America.
  7. Beekay, thank you for offering to send your pictures I have sent you my email. I have some small pieces of brass one of which I have tried to paint 'disaster' but will keep trying. Gem
  8. Unfortunately Nonna it's true I am a terrible general cook, I can make lovely pastry but it stops there. I will use oat flour instead of spelt and large biscuits or they will be swallowed whole.
  9. Thank you Nonna all copied and a list of ingredients made, Mum says she hopes they turn out better than my usual offerings.
  10. Nonna, I would appreciate the recipe my greyhound is a fussy eater I think homemade biscuits would be perfect. Hope you don't mind me asking. Gem
  11. Unless I have black lines to colour in I am a rubbish artist, like to see the pictures of your barge wear Beekay.
  12. Sorry should have said only use the peanut butter that is made for dogs, it is low in salt and fat.
  13. This is hot weather treat for your dog but only if they like peanut butter, put in a tray freeze it cut into pieces give them to your "babies" helps cool them down. Apologies if you knew already but it's new to me.
  14. Tut tut FLY was thinking of asking Mum but don't think I'll bother now.
  15. Makes you wonder how they knew that fur coat wearers didn't wear knickers ?