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  1. How's your day?

    Need a little help please, went yesterday to look at the Jeep Compas, the salesman treated me like a child and reeled off facts and figures. Basically is it a decent motor it will be used country more than town, i drive a Landrover discovery but maybe need something smaller. When i spoke to my son he said " ask your mates on the Nottingham thing you go on" so i have.
  2. Things you don't see anymore

    Can't see any pockets......
  3. Things you don't see anymore

    Don't forget the little pocket for your hankie.
  4. Things you don't see anymore

    Anyone remember playing with 'chucks' small squares of coloured wood which you threw in the air and caught on the back of your hand.
  5. Things you don't see anymore

    I remember chalking a pattern on my top but I knelt on it to spin so the pattern rubbed off. I also used the skate and book but never on a steep hill, my cousin talked me into trying a big hill but I must turn right at the bottom of course I didn't. Broken anke and wrist the bank in question is the one in a previous picture, he had trouble sitting down while was spoilt LOL.
  6. How's your day?

    Don't worry loppy i once said i couldn't find any tiny rubber "bullets" how it got from buttons to bullets i will never know.
  7. How's your day?

    Ben was our second puppy but i think he will be the last, i now live in a small fishing village so there is no traffic or large shops all things a puppy needs as part of his training. Just have to take Silas out and about he likes out but not about, lazy little devil.
  8. How's your day?

    Everyone who was interested in my posts and made comments on Ben, he went last week to start on the hard work that makes a guide dog. The training we had given him was passed as excellent so he was ready to go, its hard to let him go when you have had him for 14months and he has been with you all the time. Miss him for many reasons.
  9. How's your day?

    7.30 early morning walk.
  10. How's your day?

    Maybe time to hand the job over to MrsC...........I have got an old cut throat razor that belonged to my Grandfather sharpen it up be as good as new.
  11. How's your day?

    Its like the song "i'm to young to feel this dam old". Lilo Lil had been to the vet after some fool had left a fish hook on the rocks.
  12. How's your day?

    Nonna, that is not my dog she has just returned from the vet my friend sent pic, will try and upload mine, senior citizen moment LOL
  13. Things that pee you off

    At the minute i am peeved.... at the antics of rent an idiot who are at Alder Hay hospital, i have every sympath for the parents but their supporters seem to forget about all the other sick children. The noise and upheavel they are causing affects staff visitors and most of all the children, the staff devote themselves to caring for all the patients and do not deserve the bad press from so called "friends of Alfie". Its only my opinion sorry if it offends anyone.
  14. Post Image Gone?

    I had wondered is it possible we may save to many pictures, like Margie just a thought.