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  1. That's a big step up from egg chips and gravy........ which by the way was disgusting.
  2. I have nothing planned for today's lunch so I will serve egg chips and gravy. Maybe putting the gravy in a separate bowl to dip the chips in or is that cheating, if my next post comes from a hospital bed.....I shall find you and extract retribution.
  3. I have had my first vaccination and had no problems but I wonder if the hundreds of idiots who visited my small village over the last two days even know there is a pandemic. Wandering around mainly in groups no masks and gormless expressions, on a day where we would like to go for a walk common sense tells us stay home. Do people think that they won't/can't catch anything so it's life as usual will lockdow ever end. Stay safe all and take care.
  4. Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful messages, especially those about how you coped with the loss of your own mother. Your kindness when Alan died prompted my aunt to say we are like a long lost family getting to know each other knowing we will probably never meet. I hope that this year can be better that the last...Gem
  5. Because of the lovely messages you have sent asking about mum I am heartbroken to tell you that she passed away 30th December being with her at the end gives some comfort. With her death being so close to my auntie I was devastated the last year's that we lived together will always hold lovely memories. She enjoyed Christmas and spoke to family through zoom, due to her age and recent fall the doctor said she was unable to find the energy to go on. Take care
  6. Thank you all for your lovely message I appreciate them very much. Mum had a fall because as she now admits she wouldn't wait 5 minutes. Broken shoulder, wrist and hip she is at home and now doing as she is told. I have help from my daughter in law who has moved in with us for 6 weeks she is a nurse so mum will do as she says. Merry Christmas to you all. Gem
  7. Hello everyone, I am wishing you all the happiest Christmas that you can have and the hope for a better 2021. The reason for this early message is that mum is poorly and my days are mixed up. I didn't want to forget as I have had lots of support from you all since I lost Alan, which I have appreciated very much. Gem xx
  8. Thank you both, Mum was amazed and delighted, she now wants to send her friends one. So keep a lookout you're on her list. Meg
  9. Have done Beekay she said I don't know anyone with that name !!! So try explaing social media so someone born in 1917, she sends her best wishes to you and your family. She is good at shopping on line but gets stuck when it comes to paying, if she didn't have such a good memory for what she buys I might sometimes forget to pay.
  10. Reminds me of Mum, she sits in a rocking chair with glasses perched on the end of her nose.... sorry Mum
  11. Definitely not Beekay even i don't live there anymore.
  12. If your council is like the one who runs Newcastle it won't be them.
  13. It was the same in Newcastle it seems people think it's not real ...either that or they are just THICK
  14. There is a fault with my idea...they would probably eat them on way home.
  15. You won't need to tread grapes they come ready bottled. We are again split by the beck, how you can put a small village into two tiers is incomprehensible. A small bridge stops us from going for a drink or fish and chips could I send the dogs over with a note...
  16. You could always move to the Yorkshire coast, nice quiet village.
  17. How about Cushie and Butter after a tyneside fish seller Cushie Butterfield.. The song goes...she's a big lass and a bonnie lass and she likes her beer!!!
  18. Those of us who take all the precautions fall to the carelessness/stupidity of others. Take care of yourselves Carni and think of all the cake shops you can visit when your out and about again.
  19. You might not be the brightest Brew but I think you will be one of the opinion and I'm entitled to it
  20. Do you not realise how upsetting your remarks can be to a person who has lost a family member. Has been unable to be by their side holding them at the end watching them fighting for breath. Your ignorance is unsurpassed
  21. Brew, I haven't seen my son since March when he was on leave neither he or i would consider sneaking anywhere. The same applies to my granddaughter's so I am annoyed when I see students happily roaming the streets with complete disregard for everyone else.
  22. I agree with Stavertongirl regarding students they way they are behaving all over the country. They cannot seriously think they are immune unless they think alcohol kills the virus, if they can't follow the rules where they are living send them home. See if they behave the same in the place where their families live.
  23. To people who complain about about restrictions caused by the tier system try living where I am. One side of the village is tier one other side is tier two and one side has pub's and shops other side nothing I leave you to decide which side I live on.
  24. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments all passed on to Mum. I put nothing on regarding aunties death all I could think about was Mum, they were both widowed within the same year and had done everything together since. As Jill said their resilience is amazing, today regardless of weather we are off to Whitby for fish and chips. Through the night the joke pages even the rather 'mucky' ones thank you all for reminding me how strangers can help xx
  25. Mum and I have today finished our 14 days of isolation we were told we had been near to someone with the virus. I was worried how we would cope with losing my aunt so recently. Mum embraced it as if we were under seige she sent me into our spare room told me what to bring out, so we have put photos in albums some very old, baked using old bero recipes and completed jigsaws. Now we can go out again I realise just how much I can still learn from her so if any of you have to isolate look upon it as a time to reconnect and like us learn a bit more about your family.