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  1. I followed your advice Margie, comfy chair and an absolutely rubbish film the only problem was I fell asleep in the chair!!!!. I did get a good night's sleep so thank you.
  2. Could this be an age thing, some nights even though i am tired my mind refuses to let me sleep !!!
  3. Mum and auntie insist on seeing the new year in with a glass of sherry has to be Bristol Cream, they have a small glass each then it's put away. I buy a new bottle every year. After a number of years it has occurred to me that maybe it lasts more than a year!! Ben maybe you can answer that one, not that I am implying you are a secret sherry drinker.
  4. Happiness health and prosperity to you all......may you always have wood for your fire and food for your table. Gem Mary and Ellen aka mum and auntie.
  5. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and spend it with those you love most. Gem, mum and auntie x
  6. Keep your chin up Beekay... and any other bits they ask you to !
  7. After two weeks in hospital my mum is coming home today, if you are looked after as well as she was you will be OK.
  8. Happy birthday Jill I wonder who will be spoilt more yourself or your cats, one treat for you and one for your 'babies'.
  9. DJ you and I are rarely in agreement but in the case of roast beef.... I make an exception.
  10. The taking over of Yates Wine Lodges by the Slug and Lettuce must be country wide, the one in Newcastle has changed sometime in the last 2 months. The name is rather off putting, there is one in York which is decorated twenties style rather posh !!!!
  11. In the sixties was there a pub in the city centre which had a "music hall" downstairs. I was chatting on line with my friend who is a Nottingham native and he said I was imagining it. Whether I am right or wrong I am sure someone on here will know.
  12. SG I am so sorry I can understand how you feel no matter what we say nothing will take away the pain you are feeling. I know from experience that Kai will be confused the extra cuddles you give him will be returned to you and you will take comfort from each other. You are in my thoughts. Gem
  13. SG when I have same problem I use the tasty bites treats, they are quite soft so tablets push in. It usually takes 4 treats as like you I have to break them into small pieces. Won't work for everyone hoping Wolf soon back to normal.
  14. Taken this morning at a remembrance service in Saltwell Park.All looking proud wearing their purple poppies.
  15. Gem


    One of the benefits of living on a steep bank is .... parents to lazy to walk their children up it.
  16. Lovely to see you posting again Nonna and enjoying walks with your grandsons. Just let everyone spoil you that's the best medicine to help you get well.
  17. Thanks Sue, there are still a few heads in flower so will wait I admit my ignorance as I cut away into the old wood last time. In some places it's grows thickly others straggly, doing it properly this year should stop that.
  18. In case anyone thinks I did wrong in removing the lavender from a wood it was being sold along with other plants to raise funds.
  19. I planted a small lavender bush about 5 years ago it now takes up the whole side of a wall, two years ago I cut it back thinking to thin it down but it just came back thicker than ever. Can the roots do any damage to the wall as in weaken the stone work, love the smell so I don't want to dig it up. The plant came from a local wood does that make it stronger that a plant from a garden center you will by now realise I am not much of a gardener.
  20. Back home after two days in Whitby for the Goth festival, a lovely atmosphere and some fantastic costumes. We don't dress up our only concession to the occasion is to wear black, not very adventurous. Maybe next year we might push the boat out and wear a hat something along the lines of a Victorian mourning bonnet.
  21. When younger I used to dip liquorice into icing sugar, when I got older changed to sherbet. Can't stand the stuff now.
  22. I was not a frequent truant and it was usually missing a last lesson, pop out of side gate and into Saltwell Park. My mistake was messing around falling into park lake and breaking my wrist I had had a good imagination but nothing I could come up with was remotely plausible. In later years used to preach to those in my care that playing truant was unacceptable. Just thought we really weren't that bright we were very noticeable being the only ones in a school uniform....
  23. People say that when you research your family tree unexpected things can pop up, and I have found one. Helping my aunt's brother in law I came across details of her wedding and saw she was born in 1920 - but she has always said 1922, I shall check and if she is wrong I have another 100 birthday to organise. You couldn't make it up anyone else come across anything odd when going through their family tree.