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  1. Mum and Auntie love talking movies when we go away they are all recorded, we are back home for a while and I could roll on the floor in pain but not with laughter.
  2. Your time has definitely not been been wasted CT, you found the only photos going of Palm Street and they helped pinpoint Palm Villas. I love looking at the old photos even though I am not Nottingham born keep going 'youth' sorry I pinched that.
  3. I refuse to answer RR I don't want to be talked about ......
  4. I have been gifted a Venus flytrap with no instructions, until someone actually told me what it was I was going to transplant it into my bee garden. Bee garden means large patch of weeds according to my family, which is what it's supposed to be.
  5. I have been looking at Llangollen but can't find out if it is 'hilly' it seems a lovely place but we need to be on the flat as much as possible. I have booked a break in Whitehaven (thank you Ben) lots of nice places near to it. Thank you all for advice and ideas, as soon as the sun comes out they are on the move I tell them I'm getting old but they don't listen.
  6. That is a definite no no, I think two ladies with a combined age of 199 years are best kept on dry land but I must admit for myself I like the idea. Ben, Workington would never have popped into mind but maybe Whitehaven could be a nice place, will have a look at their tourist information site. As long as they don't ask to cross the desert on a camel I will consider most things.
  7. Has anyone advice on a place to visit in Wales preferably flat and if possible antique shops. When the weather is nice mum and aunty get the wanderlust they fancied Ireland so I suggested Wales, advice on other places you have visited also welcome. Gem
  8. SG was enjoying reading your post not a fan of spiders myself but when I came to the part where the dog wandered in .....I burst out laughing made my day. Unfortunately nobody else around so my two think I'm crazy.
  9. We have just spent 10 days on Holy Island so peaceful and quiet, I can recommend a visit if you need to recharge your batteries. To all of you feeling unwell I hope your feeling better soon, to the rest of you who are fit make sure you stay that way.
  10. It's a bugger in the summer as well....
  11. I like the pace of life here 'quiet meandering' well most days, my aunt has lived here since 1948 when she married a local fisherman. It's very commercialised now more homes owned by outsiders than locals, we live on Cow Bar bank which being very steep puts a lot of people off visiting us but I shall be happy to spend my time here.
  12. Sorry CT she can't help you there, she was born in Gateshead and has lived here until recently when she moved to Staithes. Like most older people her long term memory is very good, both her and my aunty have been a great help to me with their stories when I worked with dementia patients.
  13. Mums birthday has come round again and as usual she wanted to go to Newcastle races to watch the Northumberland Plate, for for the first time in a number of years she picked the winner ....Who dares wins. This year we stayed in the hospitality marquee as outside was just to hot even with a big hat on, so her 102 birthday has been a lovely day who knows next year we may go somewhere different.
  14. Made very interesting reading Michael some of the sayings I have have not come across before, they would make interesting questions in a pub quiz.
  15. Near Morpeth very small hamlet called Bog Houses.
  16. Hello again ! I must admit I missed you all so decided to look in on you all only to find I had never actually logged off and left. Anyway I am surprised and pleased to see we are sort of back to how it used to be, mouth ulcers/odd beatles/where to go and other odd topics. Like Lizzie I am sorry some of you are under the weather take care of yourselves. Gem. Mouth ulcers....try toothpaste.
  17. Nonna, I am so sorry that your diagnosis is not good but from reading your posts you have a lovely husband and family who will take care of you and keep your spirits up. Take care of yourself and when I mentioned spirits ' a G&T comes to mind' . Gem
  18. My friends newest granddaughter has been named Queenie her two year old brother struggles with her name and calls her wee wee. Parents sometimes don't think things through.
  19. I used to enjoy a drink afternoons in the garden or while watching TV but since losing Alan it has no appeal. Maybe thinking that drinking on your own could be a slippery road, my tipple is and always has been 'Mothers Ruin'. Am I being silly who knows.
  20. Most of us can remember playing in a back lane like this.
  21. Always late but always make it. Happy birthday Carni eat lots of cake x
  22. Not my ailment .. my aunty collapsed last week and became unconscious but our wonderful ambulance service got to us quickly. As she is 96 we panicked but they got her to hospital where she stayed for 5 days, today we are in Harrogate for the flower show only difference is she is in a wheelchair and happy to be here. You don't always get a happy ending when people are old but she's a stubborn old b....r and is going nowhere.
  23. There wasn't one BK trying to post pictures of rest of house, will try again later.