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  1. The Skellington family have a a new chandelier kindly donated by their friends.
  2. Great news that you're released from the clinic Brew, get on with your life and enjoy yourself.
  3. I must have been on a more polite site.
  4. Will not pass on your remark Rog, they will definitely not be impressed.
  5. Certain people in my house were not impressed when I asked if it reminded them of anyone.
  6. Tell them to read a proper map not use satnav, probably got lost the last three times but won't admit it.
  7. They are actually a very useful gardening tool Margie, easy when you are repotting small plants. I won't tell mum how good they are or she will be buying any odd little gardening implement she can find.
  8. I no longer have a garden so make do with window boxes and pots. My mum has bought me some gardening gloves with plastic tips so I can dig in the pots without using a trowel. I would so love eBay to go away she buys some rubbish.
  9. A friend of mine has not had a birthday for a number of years she has a celebration day, we all know that she reaches her "milestone" this year. I think we shall have to design a special poster that doesn't mention her age.
  10. Happy birthday David remember it's only a number.... enjoy your day.
  11. I only use Facebook for miniatures so all the group's interact with are members only, I don't get requests for anything. I couldn't stand being bombarded by people I didn't know, Nostalgia suits me fine chat to anyone your all like friends.
  12. Page on Facebook ......learn something new everyday.
  13. The reply to that will be....mild/bitter or a bottle of Yates White Wine sir.
  14. Silas does not go out if it's raining/snowing/windy or hot he only goes out when HE wants to. Maisie is not fussy as long as the walk is not to long only time she wants to stay out is when there is snow, only thing they have in common is laziness/eating and finding best place to sleep.
  15. I had not realised they had left .....assumed maybe on holiday. Hounded out seems rather strong they were both well able to fight their corner.
  16. You said that you could make the stools smaller are these sizes to small ...2.5 h/4.5w and 3cms deep. This is 12th scale that I use in my dolls house if you could make in this size I would be a regular customer, I can see them in a lot of Victorian kitchens. You are a very talented artist a lot of miniaturists would love to have your pictures in their mini houses. Gem
  17. Beekay what size is the smallest stool it's beautiful, the detail in your butterflies makes you think they are made from feathers.
  18. BK if you ever feel like entering the world of dolls house miniature your painted wheelbarrow would be an instant best seller. There are many mini items that would benefit from your talent.
  19. Lost me with modeling software, thanks for your reply.
  20. 3d printer simple language for me, can it make anything that will scan am thinking of miniature furniture. I have had a look at the information on line which makes it look easy (ish) but will I need lots of extras to make it work. Gem
  21. He is leaving Staithes tomorrow so we are meeting for lunch is it ok to show him your post. Gem
  22. On Friday I was chatting to an American couple in the pub and he said that as a young man he worked at Boulby before emigrating. I mentioned that i knew of someone that had also worked there, he worked there early sixties and was known as big red he stood at over 6ft with a red beard. I never asked how long he worked there but if you had crossed paths I think you would have remembered. He still had his beard but no longer red, when I read your post I though what an odd coincidence.
  23. I always seem to be late offering birthday wishes enjoy what is left of your day Margie.
  24. I would like to add to Nonna's post about unpicking stitches, it's even worse when you frame your work hang it on the wall......then notice a spot where you have missed stitches.
  25. I think it's time you found yourself a hobby, please don't say you already have one and this is it. Said very much in jest DJ. Gem